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Hip Hipnotist
10th September 2015, 21:04
This guy is...


A man set to become the world’s first head transplant patient has scheduled the procedure for December 2017.

Valery Spiridonov, 30, was diagnosed with a genetic muscle-wasting condition called Werdnig-Hoffmann disease, and volunteered for the procedure despite the risks involved, Central European News (CEN) reported.

“When I realized that I could participate in something really big and important, I had no doubt left in my mind and started to work in this direction,” Spiridonov, a Russian computer scientist, told CEN. “The only thing I feel is the sense of pleasant impatience, like I have been preparing for something important all my life and it is starting to happen.”

Dr. Sergio Canavero, an Italian neurosurgeon, will perform the procedure on Spiridonov. The procedure is expected to last up to 36 hours, and it will require Spiridonov’s head be cooled as well as the donor’s body to extend the period during which the cells can survive without oxygen, CEN reported.

“According to Canavero’s calculations, if everything goes to plan, two years is the time frame needed to verify all scientific calculations and plan the procedure’s details,” Spiridonov told CEN. “It isn’t a race. No doubt, the surgery will be done once the doctor and the experts are 99 percent sure of its success.”

Spiridonov joked that first thing he plans to do after the procedure is go on a vacation.

“But on a serious note, this operation is aimed at restoring independence of severely disabled people. Once I get it back I’ll see what the life of a healthier person looks like,” he said.



I'm thinkin' I'd just 'cash in my chips' and move on into the next dimension -- or where ever. :sun:

10th September 2015, 23:59
Cool, but it does rather beg the question ..... Is it a head transplant or rather a body transplant ? If the body is referred to as "the donor's body", then presumably it's the latter.

Anyway, assuming they can actually perform the operation and assuming he survives, the biggest challenge will be to prevent him rejecting the new body ! OR - will it be to prevent the body rejecting the head ?

I'd be fascinated to see whether he manifests his old disease in the new body, also to see what personality changes he undergoes. Perhaps his head will manifest the illnesses of the body's donor. Whatever happens, I think some changes in Western medical thinking will be required.

Good luck to him.