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11th September 2015, 00:53

Here are the opening lines...

"Sunscreen and Low-fat Diet: A Recipe for Disaster
1. Introduction

Just about everyone in America is convinced of two well-established tenets for how to live a long and healthy life:

-- Eat a low-fat diet,
-- Avoid the damaging rays of the sun

My goal in this essay is to convince you that these two tenets, taken together, are extremely bad medical advice, and that the consequences of our government's success in selling this well-intended but misguided recommendation to the American public are devastating and long-lasting, particularly to our nation's children.

In fact, I have now formed a mental profile of the prototypical mother of an autistic child: she would be a woman who is extremely conscientious about avoiding foods that are high in fat content, she would be very vigilant to protect herself from the harmful rays of the sun whenever she ventures outside, and she would be very careful to stay pencil thin and to keep herself physically fit. In short, to most Americans, she would be the epitomy of good health."

11th September 2015, 00:59
Please give us at least a few words of summary in the OP.

11th September 2015, 04:06
Does that help Tesseract?:blushing:

11th September 2015, 15:09
spending a little time under the early morning sun is a very healing and rejuvenating practice. It's unfortunate that some believe everything they read.

But a link between sunscreen, low fat diet and autism? that is very interesting!

11th September 2015, 17:01
Proper, unprocessed and raw fatty acids provide adequate protection from the Sun's rays. And yes the "experts" are constantly trying to distance us from the healing energy of our Sun. Scare tactics to lead us away, then poison us with sunscreen and low fat belief mantras. All contrived BS!

Just one of many subjects where we should do the opposite of what convention declares.

11th September 2015, 17:28
I have consumed virgin coconut oil for close to 21 years now, have very fair skin, don't wear sunscreen and have not had a sunburn (despite being out in the sun daily biking or running) in all those years.

12th September 2015, 01:48
My first impression from the title of the thread.....Who would ingest sun-screen?

12th September 2015, 01:57
I was experiencing more achey pain and figured, you know, getting old….
My neurologist checked my vit D levels and found them significantly lower then expected, below 'normal' and strangely low for a summer value. I don't use sunscreen, eat whatever I want, but don't sunbathe either.
Started vitamin D3 oral drops and three weeks later, nerve pain gone! Three months later, still gone.
MS, and autoimmune diseases linked to low vitamin D, and have both in the family.
Lesson learned, this white female in a northern climate will take this throughout the year from now on.

12th September 2015, 21:15
Dear Heartsong: I love the picture of your behatted pussy cat. I also own a Tiger and have never regretted giving him a home.