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11th September 2015, 01:05
lately there are significant occurrences that indicates that humanity is undergoing an accelerated adjustments. There have been studies and most of us will agree that small sustainable communities is the way forward.
Many of us here wanted to go off grid to have nothing to do with the fake world. If the Hippies can do it why cant we? Although most of them are driven by poverty to to go off grid it seems that they have more freedom and have a better life quality than those who live in the cities. I myself have always wanted to create an offgrid community that is why I am trying to learn from those who have been there. Any contributions is much appreciated. Here are some of the materials I come about.

"The village was founded in 1971, at the height of the Hippie movement when several hundreds squatters ranging from Hippies, anarchist and artists took over an abandoned military barracks in the hopes of creating their own utopia. They tore down the fences and began building inside the barracks. Now lead by an independent government. Cristiana-an 84 acre waterfront commune is home to over 900 residents free to pursue thier independent lifestyle. Cristiana is declared free town fostering free spirited culture where citizens paint walls, build their own homes and follow their own laws




11th September 2015, 01:31
Those f*cking hippies
They were right

:hippie: "Peace & Love Bro"

11th September 2015, 01:53
You can find a lot of intentional communities at workaway.info (https://www.workaway.info/) and helpx.net (https://www.helpx.net/). Thepoosh.org (http://www.thepoosh.org/) is also a good place to go.

I've written more about this topic here (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?75893-11-Ways-Volunteering-Can-Change-Your-Life).

11th September 2015, 02:29
Where I live in Australia there are several communities ... some that have been around for more than 30 years! There is a big one called Bundagen which I believe has well over 100 dwellings. Everyone has there own small plot for house and garden and there is communal space with a hall and communal kitchen etc. Every Tuesday they open to the public and serve a beautiful cheap lunch ... I assume there must be roster of who cooks etc and that the money raised goes back into the community. There are many other smaller ones. The main complaint that I hear from people who live there is the amount of time that needs to go into meetings in order to maintain a successful working property ... but obviously it for most this is outweighed by the benefits of living in a shared community.

Here there have been laws put in place that make group ownership (multiple occupancy-- MO) of property easier, but unfortunately you still cannot get a mortgage for MOs so you have to have the money outright to get in. Also it is usually not easy to get into the established multiple occupancy properties as they are usually full.

11th September 2015, 03:10
You can find a lot of intentional communities at workaway.info (https://www.workaway.info/) and helpx.net (https://www.helpx.net/). Thepoosh.org (http://www.thepoosh.org/) is also a good place to go.

I've written more about this topic here (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?75893-11-Ways-Volunteering-Can-Change-Your-Life).

Been reading about the subject what I wanted is an offgrid sustainable community that can cater to travelers like you:Party:

11th September 2015, 15:03
self sustained living is the only thing that makes sense for my future.