View Full Version : How Consciousness is being raised

14th September 2015, 04:42
Forgive me if someone else has already raised this point.........but it would seem that humanity desperately needs to experience an expansion of consciousness to counter-balance the horrific takeover of mankind, now in the process of taking place. So when we see the destruction of yet another Middle Eastern country our hearts go out to the millions of displaced people now streaming in Europe....and it is this compassion - this mighty wave of compassion for these refugees that is helping to lift our collective consciousness. This destruction has back fired!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time we ordinary people are being able to show who we truly are! Compassionate, caring loving humans, and this is not what the PTB want - in fact it must be horrifying them to see so many wonderful people out on the streets demanding that our desperate homeless brethren be given shelter, food, and a means to eat/live. Our compassion that has being aired in every Western Country on TV night and day for the last week has managed to lift our collective awareness to a level not seen on mass before, and this is exactly what is needed to make us realise WHO WE REALLY ARE!!!!!! And just how mighty is our power for good! This is who we are and as we help these displaced people, through kindness, compassion, practical support, donations, positive thoughts and meditation we are lifting humanity to a new and wonderful level. I thank each refugee for his/her sacrifice and through this massive outpouring of love I know we are winning!

14th September 2015, 07:44
Zionism is the darkness manipulating the word stage, and this powerful dictatorship needs to be undone by the Jewish people themselves. Have they the courage to look deeply into what is happening in Israel?

14th September 2015, 12:55
Nettanyahu has signed w/the rogues of our government, bringing the nation karma, every time he in his madness, strikes innocent woman and children for more US Jewish real estate clients. They will pay to retire as close to Jerusalem as Nutty can get them. They were warned not to go to work on 911 also, and now Nutty is calling them home to "get them out the way of another plot against this country like they did Japan.

We have a severe "traitor problem" and I believe its time to focus, ask the Creator God if WE "can have them rounded up, to begin our future in peace yet." See them getting jailed after trial and sitting behind bars aging out. This is getting out of hand with all the displacement and death.