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14th September 2015, 23:16
On Sunday morning August 2 2015, the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, announced a national election for October 19. The extraordinarily long campaign time of 78 days was known to favour Tory parties. Harper, the leader of the Conservative Party, was initially asked to form government at 18.45 hours on January 24 2006. He was sworn in on February 6 2006 and is seeking his fourth consecutive election victory.

Stephen Harper, was born April 30 1959 in Toronto. The last time I reviewed him was before the May 2011 poll, where I thought he’d have too many planetary guns for the opposition. Powerful Pluto was forming the opportune trine angle to his Taurean Sun as Jupiter also moved through Taurus. Progressing Mars was also nicely trine to Harper’s communicative Mercury. He duly increased his vote.

Election 2015 is a complete reversal of 2011 for Stephen Harper. Now his progressed Sun is moving to oppose Saturn, implying past karma is coming to haunt and that his hard-line control will turn against him. Popularity planet Venus is also in a difficult sesquisquare to Saturn, further suggesting dwindling support.

Harper has called this election with the transiting Sun moving toward the opposition to his birth Sun. Although that may not perfect by October 19, it gives a good idea of the way the trend is heading. His solar arcs are also indicating positional change as groundbreaking Uranus throws a testing square to conservative Saturn and Saturn arcs to oppose Pluto. My observation is that Harper’s vote and office fall with it.

Harper’s original acceptance speech was one of the most pro monarchy ever recorded. In this way he parallels with the Australian conservative leader Tony Abbott, a renowned royalist. The horoscopes of both Harper and Abbott also feature fixed squares between the Sun and intransigent Uranus. It’s this contempt for advice and lack of co-operation, especially with the media, that threatens to bring both undone.

Another remarkable coincidence exists between the Australian and Canadian Prime Minister. Their dual nemeses are both born on the same day. Australian Liberal Malcolm Turnbull and Canada’s New Democrats leader Thomas Mulcair share the birthday of October 24 1954. And each will be hoping that October brings their opportunities to roost.

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