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17th September 2015, 20:26
FED's decision to keep the interest rate left unchanged caused an immediate obvious spike in the Gold price. The interesting thing is that someone might have known about this outcome as early as 6th of August and started buying gold then. Now, here comes the really tricky part: This gold price boost trend might last a pretty short period of time, because those who knew about this and took advantage of it, will want to exit sooner than everybody else, to collect their profits. This will make almost everybody else into losers. This is how I have found the stock market to work.

I continuously predict a weak market ahead, but not for a very long time. As I pointed out earlier, I still don't see any clear indications that this slowdown is similar to what we had in 2008. I think that if you time this weak period well, I think you can get pretty good returns.


17th September 2015, 21:00
the entire world economy is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme at best, an illusion. are u advocating trying to beat the crooks at the game they invented?

17th September 2015, 22:16
Better to invest in greentech and a nice arable place.

17th September 2015, 22:17
I found this info that seemed interesting. It's talks about buying gold, the CIA, and imminent market collapse. This gentleman claims he was brought in by the CIA to look into the vulnerabilities of the United States economy. Hope you find it relevant to your post.

17th September 2015, 22:21
Sorry I think I did not send the exact post I wanted. Lets try that again ! https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?p=gold+cia+colapes+of+dollar&ei=UTF-8&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-004

17th September 2015, 23:18
Strange, I wonder how a decision like this affects the price of metals, do you know why WhiteLove?

It litterally does spike at 2PM EST right when the fed made their announcement.

Also what exactly leads you to your prediction of weak markets ahead, but not for long and not a major crash?

18th September 2015, 00:47
If you look at the dollar you will see it was sold off beginning at 1:50 pm, 10 mins prior to the statement. This sell off was the reason gold went higher beginning a minute or so later. That's how the price of gold floats if you are looking at gold priced in US dollars.
The $64,000 question is why such a drastic move prior to the announcement? Someone leaked. And you used to go to jail for that, but not anymore.

18th September 2015, 02:13
Things went into weird mode today, not the kind of weird that we are used to (a kind of happy absurdity), but a more uncomfortable, uneasy weird. The FED turned its focus from jobs to inflation. That's a little disconcerting (for those wanting to see a rate rise) because there's a significant chance that inflation could stay very low for months and months to come. This is in part because energy prices don't look like rebounding too strongly (although, that is just my opinion). Also, there is a lot of inertia in industry, the raw materials that are being bought today for cheap won't be sold on as retail goods for months. In the mean time, its always possible jobs growth will slip backwards.

The Fed also humiliated itself by openly showing its enthralldom to the markets. The Fed, whether you like it or not, is meant to oversee the economy and lending, because the economy lacks the maturity to regulate itself. Today, the guardian withdrew as if the equity markets are the boss, with inflation being used as a cover. What had been a long, old standing certainty, disappeared. Let's say you're a bank with a load of debt assets that can't handle a rate rise, just flash crash the market a week before the next fed meeting to keep rates low. Kind of a dangerous paradigm, and this is why the Fed is not meant to be a slave to wall st. So the Fed has retired from its position of authority, and that leads to uncertainty at a very fundamental level. Uncertainty often leads to losses in markets, and I think that is what we will see. People were buying heavily the last 10 days or so because they thought this would happen, well what are the reasons to buy now? I'm holding puts on the broader market until this washes out one way or another.

18th September 2015, 02:32
Rickard's is a spook that thinks sixteen box cutters destroyed our freedoms and rights. USAWATCHDOG interviews He states this so umm he's a burn, out...

18th September 2015, 17:54
Now today the markets are down, I thought the fed not raising interest rates would have the opposite effect. :help:

19th September 2015, 00:35
Could QE have unwound the elites positions now? Maybe Elites have enough money and want interest on top of megaprofit just for fun?
Usury is evil and the markets are like a joe playing craps with a billionaire. Good for entertainment.