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19th September 2015, 22:10
The definition of doppelganger is?
Many different types of doppelganger have arisen in cultures around the world. A doppelganger may be an "evil twin," unknown to the original person, who causes mischief by confusing friends and relatives. In other cases, the double may be the result of a person being in two places at once, or even an individual's past or future self. Other times, the double is merely a look-alike, a second individual who shares a strong visual resemblance. The goals of the doppelganger often depend on the role it plays for the original person.

I have never seen my doppelganger but if I did he would probably
remind me of myself when I was in my 20s. A self centered
arsehole lol. anyway I thought this would be a fun thread.

19th September 2015, 23:14
No I haven't seen her but years ago I was told about her. She lives in Odessa, TX.

19th September 2015, 23:16
This reminds me on Burt Goldman's Quantum Jumping series. He named the multiple existence of oneself in other universes a "doppelganger".
The concept is that one exists in other universes each with any possible ability one would ever like to achieve.
Other than that, "Doppelgänger" is actually a German word meaning a "double" - one of the many words that made it into the English language too. :p

19th September 2015, 23:18
No I haven't seen her but years ago I was told about her. She lives in Odessa, TX.

Someone saw mine years ago, too, I found out.

19th September 2015, 23:26
When I was younger many people would come up to me & say what were you doing in such and such a place? Or why were you stuck up I said hi and you ignored me! When I asked them where this happened and when they said where, I'd say I wasn't there.

One time my boyfriend & I were driving down a highway. There was another truck that pulled up beside us & waved us to pull over. We thought maybe we had a low tire or something, so we pulled over. My boyfriend got out & walked back to see what was the matter. They thought we were another couple they knew. They couldn't believe we weren't them. They said we BOTH looked exactly like them. They drove away shaking their heads.

Another time I was in a nearby town, and I was sure I saw my sister in a restaurant. It looked exactly like her. I thought she was having an affair as she was sitting with another guy. I must have made her wonder as I kept staring at her. When I asked her if she had been in that town, she laughed & said she hadn't been there for years.

Sometimes when this happens I think parallel worlds overlap sort of like Fringe.

20th September 2015, 05:03
There was a time in my life that people were constantly coming up to me and speaking to me as if we knew one another. They seemed confused when I admitted I had no idea who they were. That always made me wonder who the mystery girl who looked like me was, but I never met her or saw her. She may have simply been a similar looking girl. I always say "I just have one of those faces" haha.

20th September 2015, 05:10
No, but I saw someone else's today. So interesting.

20th September 2015, 05:38
No, but I saw someone else's today. So interesting.

Who's doppelganger did u see? I saw Bill Ryan's doppelganger
at a gas station and it freaked me out! lol

20th September 2015, 08:49
This is a fun and interesting topic.
When I was in highschool there were two girls that looked similar to me and I was often asked if they were my sisters or cousins. A couple of times I was confused with them on the street. But one of this 2 girls was VERY similar to me, so most of the people thought she was my twin, even though she was one year younger.
And I have to admit that they were right, we were very similar (but not identical of course).
Although it was strange, she seemed a nice person and I tried to talk to her couple of times but I think she didn't like me much and never wanted to talk with me more than a few words if necessary. More than one person mentioned to me that also our personalities were similar so I was curious but we never got to know each other.

When I was 24 I moved alone to Germany (no family or friends with me,etc) and got my first appartment in a small city.
There something strange started to happen: when i started going grocery shopping at the little stores near home the people would look at me very surprised and ask me right away if I had a sister.
I would say "yes I have a sister that lives in another continent" kind of laughing, but then they would say things like "No, I mean do you have a twin sister or a sister that looks a lot like you who has been here before?" Then I would explain that i don't.
And I got all kinds of reactions: Some people apologized, others seemed surprised at my statement, others looked like they didn't believe me, some other people would just ask me anyway if she was doing ok, "because she's been gone for long" and others looked kind of freaked out and took distance from me, like literally standing purposefully 3 meters from you when they were next to you seconds ago, and give me a weird look)
But nobody wanted to tell anything about this girl who apparently looked so much like me, so I know nothing about this. Probably the people who stood away from me thought I was crazy, kind of having several personalities or just being an a**hole, IDK.
There was also a lot of superstitious people in that city.
Those first weeks I was kinda freaking out , but it didn't last long. People stoped asking that after a month or so.

20th September 2015, 09:30
Me and my sister used to look like twins when we was growing up so we always got confused for one another and someone said they thought they saw me down the beach and I wasn't there so I assumed they meant my sister so I asked my sister was she at the beach and she said she also wasn't at the beach, so must have been someone who looked like both of us lmao xx Either a doppleganger or my parents have not told me about something lol x

20th September 2015, 14:41
Seems like there are few in the city. The last few months I was asked by 3 different people (who are not connected to me or each other other than giving or receiving lectures).
a student told me saw 'me' several times when she was grocery shopping. I don't even know where this place is. She was sure she saw me and she seemed more puzzled when I told her it wasn't me and I don't know the shop/place. She was like:'Are you sure?'
One of them (DG) seems to have my name too - so the next one was surprised I didn't recognize her 'we know each other' - 'uhm, no, I don't know you'. 'Ok, then I know your sister' (puzzled) 'I don't have a sister'. (frowning, more puzzled).

In my twenties people often told me I am familiar to them and where they saw me. I moved there like a month ago from many miles away and didn't know the places.

20th September 2015, 14:49
No, but I saw someone else's today. So interesting.

Who's doppelganger did u see? I saw Bill Ryan's doppelganger
at a gas station and it freaked me out! lol

Someone on this forum! I won't say who but he walked right past me yesterday at a country fair and I was stunned.

Bill Ryan
20th September 2015, 15:00
I saw Bill Ryan's doppelganger
at a gas station and it freaked me out! lol

Well, he seems to exist! :bigsmile:

Many years ago, my mother encountered my exact double at a supermarket checkout, in Canada. (I was on the other side of the Atlantic at the time.) He looked like me, spoke like me, and even had the same things in his cart as I would have bought.

My mother was so stunned, she could not say a word — and just stared in astonishment. She later said that one of her greatest regrets was that she never started a conversation. :)

20th September 2015, 17:15
The most uncanny near twin I ever saw was of my friend Justin. I saw a kid who looked just like him, walked like him, talked like him etc. It was unreal. This was in a gym...and my small group of friends took to calling him 'Bizarro'..which refers to Superman's evil metallic twin, for those that don't know.

Over the years I've seen lots of Bizarros - Bizarro matt, bizarro willy, bizarro jay etc. But never a bizarro mike. It's become a running joke amongst my friends....who can find Bizarro Mike first. I've never seen anyone who looks anything like me, save my brother. I don't say that to indicate some kind of specialness..I've just never seen it. I'm sure he's out there somewhere...

20th September 2015, 19:01
I had heard from several people who often in the area where I lived thought they saw me then when really close there was a difference. Some even said something to him but then realized it wasn't me. My sister saw who she thought was me walk by her and look at her. She walked up behind him and went to slap him on the back for ignoring his sister when as he turned she realized it wasn't me. But...................
Several years ago I was in an amusement park with my family and a few people said they saw someone like me. We were standing in an area talking when I asked which direction and then proceeded to walk that way. It was like slow motion. I saw the hair, which at the time was distinctly me. I had long hair and sported a short beard and mustache at the time. Like I said, it was like slow motion as I turned toward him and he to myself. We both just stopped and looked like time froze for a moment, then it was like I was punched in the chest. I was shaky, queezy as I stepped back to clear my head and he was lost in the crowd. I was shaky for a while and still a little as I think about it. The odd thing to me is I have seen some very strange things in life whether they were in this realm or another I don't know, just some weird stuff. But this actually had an extreme effect on me for a while and now that I think about it, it has carried with me.
Since then, I will get the odd comment but not like before. It's as if he kind of, well, disappeared...

30th September 2015, 14:49
How interesting! My mother called me a few months ago (she is in a different country than me) and claimed that she saw not only my doppelganger, but her own. She didn't get a chance to speak to the one that looked like me, but she did say that hers had a very negative energy, and scared her a bit, even though they never exchanged words. My mother kept using the word "clone", and I know that for her, she does not believe that clones have a soul or organic consciousness. The overlapping parallel universe theory seems very interesting though! That, or Mother Nature is just allowing similar "templates" to resurface. It wouldn't surprise me that throughout the existence of tigers, for example, at least two have shared the exact same stripes. Nature has an interesting way of balancing herself. I bet that for every unique looking person on the planet, there are others who look the same.

1st October 2015, 08:34
there seem to be some sites like this that try to connect look a likes over the internet. good luck.

funny, first your dream thread reminded me of twin peaks, cause of the black goo and now i also connect the doppelgangers to it.

1st October 2015, 11:30
I love this doppelgänger talk...so interesting.

Okay, I witnessed my cousin and Her doppelgänger meet! It was a trip. For years, every summer my cousin and I would encounter people on the streets and the beach come up to us asking her how she was and were calling her Jill. Her name is Colette. People would call across the street, "hey Jill!"..we were kids too like 10,11,12.

Then finally we met Jill. She was her exact twin!! Red hair, freckles, same hair cut, same blue eyes, and even the same bathing suit! They (we) became friends and hung out every summer after, but man that was crazy.

I have had one more than one occasion a Down syndrome person come up to me and hug me and tell me they me love me. Which I was very happy to receive but they were also calling me Amanda. Lol. So I think I have a doppelgänger that works with Down syndrome kids. Those were some of the best hugs I ever got though, your loss Amanda! :P

1st October 2015, 12:38
There are 36 different genetic facial types.

That is it. Just 36. Only 36.

We each have our own derivation of one of those basic 36 types. A genetic mishmash thereof, modified, or... purified to essence of the basic type.

For example, that all Europeans are based on a total of what was it..7 different mothers? That the world total of all originating mothers....is probably quite near that total of 36 different facial types.

The connection, is that this is a holographic world/universe and thus geometrically originated in resonance patterns.

Astrology is based on such considerations. It is capable of describing physicality in the predictive sense of potential, exactly as that of quantum weighting, and outside of time, exactly as that of quantum weighting.

There are 36 different decans or Decantes of astrology (http://www.horoscopeswithin.com/decans.php).

Whether the decans are specifically relevant to the given facial type, is not illustrated. But the connectivity in atomic systems to geometrical aspects is well established.

As above, so below.

This universe is based on fundamental systems of phase locked resonance patterns based on geometric alignment in those given systems.

That this would emerge in a pattern of potential but still be given to drift toward repetition, locked resonance and stability... is entirely realistic and predictable.

too much freedom, and the system falls into chaos and no coherence means no chance for life (reflective intelligence capable of change) to emerge.

Too much stabilized order (resonance locked patterns in completeness), means no chaos whosoever and thus a geometrically locked pattern that is dead with no chance for self reflective and changing/mutable life to emerge.

Intelligence, life, change, etc, is a delicate balance between the two.

Thus, this place....this quantum derivative of the two interlocked 2D fields, in resonance and emergence, where the differential between the particles in emergence is the fundamental of the derivative quantified space.

In this space based on differentials, order and chaos can emerge and thus life and change can emerge, and intelligence can develop.

Time is the result of the requisite chaos in this emergent space, and life could not exist without it. And it is indeed a variable, in all ways one might imagine.

2nd October 2015, 23:50
I don't know if this counts as a doppelganger, but my ex swore that he saw me standing by our bedroom window looking out and when he asked what I was doing awake at that early hour, he saw that my body was laying in bed and it stirred, while the other by the window disappeared. He was spooked for days.

3rd October 2015, 11:52
No I have never seen mine but I must have several because in three different places I’ve lived I’ve had multiple people come up, insist they know me, get upset with me for “acting” like I don’t know them and go on and on about having had conversations, done things with me just moments or days before and asking don’t I remember, accusing me of playing some sort of joke on them or being just plain mean for denying it. It happened enough that people started suggesting maybe I had multiple personality disorder, that perhaps I met them when one of my alters was out and that’s why I didn’t remember it.

I asked a close friend is that what you really think? She said - Well no but what do you expect me to think I mean it’s a lot easier to believe that you’re just confused for some perfectly understandable reason than it is to believe that many people all with the same sort of delusion could be running around in one small place. I said – One small place! Come on it’s not like we’re living in Mayberry here I mean it's Seattle I bet there are a lot more nuts than you and I have ever met living here.

Finally it was decided for three months solid my friends would never leave me alone just in case not knowing about it I was a multiple so I wouldn’t come to any harm. However after about only three weeks so many people I didn’t know came up with stories about spending time with me that couldn’t possibly have happened because I was being babysat that they decided okay maybe it wasn’t such a small world after all and perhaps they had over reacted. LOL you think? I said yeah well either that or maybe it did happen but you just don't remember it because you're an alter too...

Anyhow though I’ve never met any of my supposed doubles I have seen my sons, they both have a look alike in town. I used to see them at a distance and think – Oh my son is here. But then when I would get close I would realize it was only just their double. However that doesn’t happen anymore because both of my sons who used to be heavy have lost considerable weight, unlike their doubles, who have remained stocky. Now I do a lot less working my way through a crowd to get next to my sons only to realize upon closer inspection – dang, foiled again!

When I told my sons about seeing their doubles they weren’t surprised because apparently a lot of people have told them similar stories. My oldest said he while he doesn’t know his double he knows of him because they attended the same school for a number of years however despite going to the same small school their paths never once actually crossed in all that time.

3rd October 2015, 18:01
There are 36 different genetic facial types.

That is it. Just 36. Only 36.

Well lets move this along.

If there are only 36 'looks' of physical form here then I must ask if these 'templates' are of a similar nature and their life experiences are also 'templated'?

From personal contemplation:

As I or this form walked today to the local shop, I was considering this thread. On leaving the establishment I strolled past a group of children who were in conversation regarding the genitalia of their opposite gender's peers!

As I walked past I noticed that one child (sorry but anyone less than 25 I consider an infant) was a remarkable refection of me at 14-16 years!

This became a thought.... if we have a limited number of 'looks' do we also have a limited number of 'life experiences'?

In other words ....... will the child I saw today grow to be me? Will he be 6'5" 15 stone, have no need for dentists nor doctors, did he also die at 7 of appendicitis?

Is it a vibration which we each gather life by life?

Bill Ryan
31st October 2015, 15:06
This was reported by the BBC today: (!)


Man finds his doppelganger sitting in his seat on a flight


A man has spoken of the "total weirdness" of encountering his doppelganger on a flight.

Neil Thomas Douglas boarded a flight on Thursday night and came face-to-face with his lookalike.

Mr Douglas, a photographer from Glasgow, said: "Everyone around us had a laugh, we took a selfie and that was it."

The selfie was posted on Twitter and has been retweeted thousands of times.

The photographer explained that when he boarded the Ryanair flight to Galway via London Stansted there was already someone sitting in his seat.

He said: "There was a dude already on my seat. When the guy looked up, I thought: 'He looks like me'."

But the pair were later to encounter a further coincidence when they checked into the same hotel in Galway.

Mr Douglas added: "Later that night, I went to the pub and again, there was my twin. Total weirdness. We had a laugh and a pint."


31st October 2015, 15:49
I was just thinking about doing a fun thread about this.....

Short vid on link....http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-34684114

'Do you look like me?': Finding my doppelganger

30 October 2015 Last updated at 21:07 GMT

How would you feel if you met a stranger that looks exactly like you?

Niamh Geaney from Dublin in Ireland is on a quest to find seven people who look like her.

So far, she has found not only one, but two doppelgangers.

She told the BBC how she found them.

Read more

Man finds his doppelganger sitting in his seat on a flight


================================================== =
================================================== =
================================================== =

Niamh meets her second Twin Stranger...In Italy!


Niamh meets her second Twin Stranger...In Italy!

31st October 2015, 15:57
Niamh - Meeting my doppelgänger


Published on 14 Apr 2015

After only two weeks into the competition I went to meet my first
Twin Stranger who I found through the power of social media.

We are still have two weeks to find our Doppelgängers, so if you
know anyone else that looks like Harry, Terence or Niamh please
do get in contact.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Twin-S...


Can A Stranger Look Exactly Like Me?


Published on 7 Mar 2014

There are 7 billion people on the planet, making it fairly likely that someone,
somewhere looks exactly like you! Is there a science behind Doppelgangers?
Laci is here to discuss what happens in the brain when we see someone that
looks identical to you.

Read More:
Doppelgngers Began as a Part of German Folklore
"Doppelgänger in German literally means "double-goer" and was used to describe
an apparition-like duplicate of a living person, not to be confused with the ghost
of a deceased person."

31st October 2015, 16:02
Amusing sketch....

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Talk About Their Rivalry


Published on 22 May 2014

Jimmy sits down with Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, Chad Smith,
to clear the air before an epic drum-off that ends in a performance of "Don't Fear
the Reaper" with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Will is drumming for: http://www.cancerforcollege.org/
Chad is drumming for: http://www.littlekidsrock.org/

29th November 2015, 04:20
I saw my wife's in a city 13 miles from where we live. She was driving a car, and my wife doesn't drive.

I also was mistaken for mine when I went to a small fast food place by my house. The girl at the counter told me "the usual?", and when I looked at her, she could see that I didn't know what she was talking about. She apologized and took my order.

Warlock :wizard: