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Leon Kovalyov
22nd September 2015, 00:29
Greetings good people, I would like to share with all of you a path away from trans-humanism and back to nature, which the Ruiner spoke of. It was communicated through a series of books called the Ringing Cedars. Ancient Vedic knowledge preserved and written about in a series of 9 books translated from Russian into English.

These books have inspired hundreds of villages all across Russian and other countries...of people coming together and forming kin domains and their spaces of love.

These are similar to eco-villages but different/not communal in a sense, but like homesteading which was occurring in united states in the 19th century. There is magic in these books, which will spark a flame that will not be put out.
So much knowledge preserved from rearing children to aliens, to growing food, to teleportation, to finding out who we are and who our ancestors were....
I cried, laughed and have not been the same ever since. Truly the best I have seen. I hope you all take the time to

You may find these at the following location and I on occassion I have also seen them at some Barnes and Nobles stores. There are excerpts of some chapters online as well.

OneLove, Leon

22nd September 2015, 16:57
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22nd September 2015, 18:11
You can download the books for free here: http://www.rivendellvillage.org/bibliotheek.htm#Anastasia

Leon Kovalyov
23rd September 2015, 15:22
Even better, thank you so much Toppy. This website is a great resource. Love the Elven touch!