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27th November 2010, 17:27
Hello everyone,

More and more people are wondering where to live to escape the future upheavals.
No one can say what is the best place for living, but one can surely indicate the places where one should not live in the near future.
Those unsafe places are all the areas around the nuclear power reactors.
It is said within certain esoteric circles that the nuclear science is a forbidden science. Keep in mind the numerous warnings and the messages coming from benevolent ETs and the frequent visits of UFO over the nuclear sites all around the world along the years since 1947.
It's said that the nuclear tests in the deserts of New Mexico, Nevada, Sahara, in China, in Russia, in India, in Pakistan and in the atolls of French Polynesia have ripped the space-time, with all the possible undesirable consequences. We might add the catastrophic events like Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.. and Tchernobyl in 1986.
The nuclear science is a terrible danger and is far to be under the control of our humanity and of our technology.
So, no need to be a clairvoyant to guess that the nuclear plants will disappear beneath the surface of the earth and will be covered by the sea one day in the future.
We don't know when, but that day will come.

If you plan to emigrate or if you are interrogative concerning your own home place... take a look to the maps of power reactor locations in the world.

Don't trust too much the "pseudo" insiders, just trust your intuition, and use your power of discernment. We're living urgent times.

My best regards.

27th November 2010, 17:57
I'll live wherever I live, regardless of safety. I'll not be shepherded anywhere by fear. I might well die, but I'll die defiant :D


27th November 2010, 17:58
I hear North Dakota is doing well. One of the few states that isn't bankrupt (and not coincidentally with its own state bank).

13th March 2011, 19:25
Hello to all,
Please read carefully the thread I posted the 27th November and watch the website I mentioned.
The civil nuclear energy is potentially more dangerous than nuclear weapons.
What is happening in Japan is a warning to all ... and this is the beginning.
Best regards,

13th March 2011, 19:32
Well, thats a bugger as I live not 15 miles from one, was de-comitioned 8 years ago but now as I am told is fully working again. Winfrith....

13th March 2011, 19:32
well if you consider the stretching area when only one nuclear plant fails ... I wonder if one can figure out a safe location considering
all winds, all plants etc.


13th March 2011, 19:48
And how many Rads can the human body take before sickness falls??

Lost Soul
13th March 2011, 20:43
There's one practically in my back yard. Oh well, where I am is not survivable anyway.