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25th September 2015, 08:08
are they real? People have NDE's that they go to hell and meet Satan or really scary beings. How can this be explained when Dolores Cannon and Michael Newton and countless amount of Phycics say there is no hell when you die.

It contradicts what they say. I think the NDExperiencers are more reliable then the above wouldn't you think. If you lived a bad life of murder and against god do you go to hell or not? Or is there no hell. How can they be explained if you say there is no hell?

25th September 2015, 08:57
Yes, its a fascinating subject. There seem to be no hard and fast rules as to who gets the bad experiences and who gets the positive ones. People who have behaved badly and/or committed suicide can get positive near-death experiences, and people who think they did ok might get hellish ones. Im not sure about anything anymore.

25th September 2015, 09:32
Manipulative entities can show you anything during a near death experience. It doesn't mean christianity is true and you either go to hell or go to heaven with the god of abraham when you die, just because people truly have experiences where they visit hell. These beings that try to trick you when you die are the same that created christianity and many other belief systems.

25th September 2015, 09:58
Yeah, Desrknelf has a point.

The Demiurge and his legions of Archons are behind all beliefs, regardless of whether their messages are positive or negative, but the ultimate truth is that there is no infinite punishment for finite transgressions committed in this world.

This world was meant to be a temporary one, and it is that way by their design.

25th September 2015, 10:17
What ever!!! people survive NDE so any visit to "hell" is very temporary and happens that you might choose love rather than fear
Psychologists will say that there are only two emotions--fear or love.

The sages say that your thoughts, just prior to death, are important, as they take you to your destination, which is mind based, in that it is temporary and you created it . (Through your belief system)

If you have been enlightened in this lifetime then that's different--you know you are not the body and in fact eternal.
You never are separate from Creator/Source/ God, what ever name you choose for your own divinity.
The enlightened experience that you are "One without a second" separation is the illusion.

The unenlightened are set to reincarnate so the heaven or hell experience is exactly that, an experience---you can experience heaven or hell here too.
So it would seem that time spent on earth is a leaning situation for the evolution of consciousness.
Earth being a University of consciousness --if you get your "enlightenment diploma" Lol then you don't have to come back here.

Every moment you are faced with choice, basically to pick love or fear--forgive or hate, comfort or reject, accept or judge and so on.
If you spend a lifetime with negative thoughts then it would be no surprise if your "heaven" is not a happy place.
"In my Fathers house are many mansions"

To be clear. you, through your thoughts, and action are responsible for the outcome here and in the hereafter---It is not down to any thing exterior--no evil bad guy waiting to get you. They may well exist but you don't have to be tempted by what they seem to offer.


25th September 2015, 10:36
Hi AMystic3434 nice post.
I just posted a realted subject that you might like to view:


Hope it helps fill some boxes :)

25th September 2015, 13:31
are they real? People have NDE's that they go to hell and meet Satan or really scary beings. How can this be explained when Dolores Cannon and Michael Newton and countless amount of Phycics say there is no hell when you die.
maybe physicist are the wrong people to ask since hell might not be a physical place, or is simply located in another dimension.
and maybe people expect and therefore create their own hell after death.

i always find trainee's posts in regards to the afterlife reassuring: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?74897-I-Look-Forward-to-My-Death&p=880161#post880161
my intuition believes him.

25th September 2015, 14:51
To many, living a life of ultimate perfection after death, would be hell...

If beer and whiskey were served in hell, many would chose that destination first... :pound:

25th September 2015, 22:55
If god created everything, including service to self or service to others, why even need Hell? As I understand it, he created us all, gave us free will and loved us unconditionally. However, for those who prefer their own choices, to those given, he or she created Hell, eternal, infernal damnation, no parole, no mercy.. Seems a little harsh to me. Even us, we offer leniency for a punishment served, we can forgive, we can be compassionate, for those who we love...

I call BS on the whole thing. Why did the almighty and omnipotent god need to perform a blood sacrifice of his ONLY begotten son, for OUR sins, before we were born and for those still yet to come? Bearing in mind that he created us, so technically any sins so called are fruits of his work.. To whom was he trying to appease with the sacrifice of his only son? Surely he could have just forgiven us all in a sweep of his godly hand, why all the drama?

Either he docent exist, isn't what we think he is, or is too far removed from his creation to even care.. Maybe thats why he created Hell! Whatever.. I say, don't forget to sin this week as much as possible, otherwise Jesus died for nothing......... N

26th September 2015, 00:20
Anyone can end up in a type of hell, it depends on your state of consciousness and beliefs and it is always self imposed. You don't have to be bad, just feel that your bad, feeling guilty or ashamed.

Hell is one big fat lie. If you end up there, you feel you are doomed to be there forever. That's the nature of hell, it has a feeling of foreverness and that it's hopeless and you're stuck there. Don't believe it.

If you ever find yourself there, no matter what it feels like, no matter how bad you believe you are, no matter what you did or neglected to do, just call out for help. Something/someone will come to take you out immediately.

26th September 2015, 01:00
Planets like Earths are the true hells of the universe IMO. Undeveloped and/or infiltrated worlds is where hell exists in my view. Gaza = hell for example. War = Hell.

All that said it is my view hell is ultimately a state of mind, just like paradise. Not a place, but a state of mind. Any experience after death would be temporary IMO, so even that would not really be hell as christians interpret it...

Also I'd like to note technology can create any virtual NDE experience as well, so add that into the mix of trying to figure out the whole phenomenon.

Lost N Found
26th September 2015, 02:05
Gee not sure about the hell thing. but have NDE's a few times in life here. First time was on a Destroyer in Vietnam. Was standing on the main deck next to the guard rail at edge of deck. Turned around and fell face first onto the steel deck. How fortunate. Friends told me that is what happened. Well was shoved into another dimension and remember so vivid that I was with my parents and walking through a screen door, proceeded to talk with my mom. All I can remember at this time but when someone slapped me and told me to get up it was like Who are you and I did not want to leave the place I was in.

Two times recently. First let me explain, I am a type 1 diabetic. I remember taking a shot of insulin, Wrong stuff, going into eat a snack and then waking up and seeing a bunch of strang people around me. I asked who they were and why they were there. They told me they were paramedics. Geez, I was totally gone into another world until they brought me back. Black black black at that time. The next time was absolutely different. I had a dream about reaching through a hole in front of me and touching an energy and wanting to just go through and be there. I told my soul mate about it the next day and she cried. She knew what I was talking about but was afraid that I was going to step through. I told her that I would not do that without her. About 2 weeks later. I blacked out again from not paying attention to the insulin I took and getting some food to cover it. This was not the wrong insulin but it was just I waited to long to get carbs into my system. Well long story short. I did step through that hole into the energy and that is where I was living. When the paramedics brought me back I was pissed at them and proceeded to ask who the hell they were and where was my soul mate. So I went to that pure energy land and then was pulled back. Crap, I want to be there.