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29th September 2015, 01:44
Hi everyone,
This video with Alex Collier on Jay Pee's radio post Mount Shasta. He talks about how he goes about day to day, his focus and thoughts. Its a little more personal than his other vids.



29th September 2015, 18:06
I do think it's great with radio, but I really miss those old authentic no compromise interviews when you get to read not only what the people are saying but also read the people while they are saying it. I miss that.

I miss Project Camelot in its old form with Bill and Kerry...

29th September 2015, 19:03
Lancet, thanks for your explanation of what makes this different from his other interviews.

I liked this interview because it begins discussion about forming a group comparison of their life experiences to help find any common themes.

This may answer a question that bothers me. Alex doesn't want to get into some of his history because this puts him in a negative frequency and he is trying to stay positive.

I have read of several people who seem to be punished into cooperation. An explanation of this would be helpful as it relates to sovereignty.

30th September 2015, 02:31
As far as I know, TPTB have really punished AC and his family, and he required surgery last year, but his finances were quite poor (still is). So he has been through a lot lately. I have seen quite a few of his interviews, and I like this one because he relates how he starts every day on a positive note, and tries to carry that vibration through out the whole day. Simple tips that everyone can follow. Imagine if everyone on PA did that every day, which I am sure they do :idea:... the effects can be tremendous, and beneficial.

Everyone who knows AC knows he has been through the worst, but he's still positive, and we can learn a few things from the great man himself.

Looking foward to his upcoming projects and collaborations.


1st October 2015, 15:19
It really bothers me that Alex receives no assistance from the Andromedans or any other positive ET race. I think the whole position of non-interference is a crock and irresponsible. In my view, it's a form of complicity. Supposedly, there is international law designed to prevent the abuse of cultures by negative ETs. However, no positive ETs seem to enforce these laws. I know I know... we have to save ourselves. But, it would be nice if positive ETs could at least even the playing field by restricting the negative ETs.

1st October 2015, 17:35
We are closer to Alex than they are. They're probably thinking how odd it is we don't look after him

1st October 2015, 17:47
Good point!

1st October 2015, 19:42
It is one of those things that is troubling. Also poor old Jorden Maxwell. And Project Avalon! I feel your pain norski and perhaps together in the broad sense we can make a little difference each... that's my plan ;) oops back on topic! <3