View Full Version : Strange V formation in clouds

29th September 2015, 09:02

This was apparently seen by many people at the time of the eclipse yesterday - fascinating! Apparently it could be a hole punch cloud. but it looks very geometrical to me ?

29th September 2015, 11:00
Interesting. Perhaps the V is just visible parts of chemtrails ongoing during the eclipse. I took the photos below with my wife's iphone when I noticed fresh chemtrails being sprayed just as the eclipse was beginning. I rarely see chemtrails at night around here. Somebody wanted to block either the visual or energetic part of this event.



Peace of Mind
29th September 2015, 15:27
Thanks for sharing, you may find these a bit more inspiring. https://youtu.be/wMvb_ZsrmMw

Oh, Is there a link or something you can provide us with that supports the claim of "many people" seeing this?

Thanks in advance


29th September 2015, 16:01
Great video 'Peace Of Mind', i have also seen very similar animal clouds. Though i didn't take pictures, i have seen like the same kindda
elephant, dolphin, birds etc., how similar !!!! wow

30th September 2015, 18:50
Apparently there is a Facebook page for the people of Anaheim Hills, but only approved members can access the page :( So no, sorry. . I was hoping someone here had actually seen this phenomenon, if it was real.