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1st October 2015, 00:44
Mars has flowing rivers of briny water, NASA satellite reveals...

People, haven't we learned anything from Ray Bradbury? That quiet, desolate world lures you in with just a trickle of water and before you know it your eyes and skin and bones change, you forget the old human languages, and finally you're moving into the deserted old cities on the mountantops, wondering where all those strange people from Earth went to...

All was water, quiet and deep, all was peace. He felt the steady, slow current drift him easily.

If I lie here long enough, he thought, the water will work and eat away my flesh until the bones show like coral. Just my skeleton left. And then the water can build on that skeleton--green things, deep-water things, red things, yellow things. Change. Change. Slow, deep, silent change. And isn't that what it is up there?

He saw the sky submerged above him, the sun made Martian by atmosphere and time and space.

Up there, a big river, he thought, a Martian river, all of us lying deep in it, in our pebble houses, in our sunken boulder houses, like crayfish hidden, and the water washing away our old bodies and lengthening the bones and--

He let himself drift up through the soft light.

from "Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed" Ray Bradbury ''The Martian Chronicles''

P.S. Ironically, right now, scientists don't know where this water is coming from...
I donít believe a goddamn thing the lientists of corporation called NASA tell us. As far as I see it, these Nassholes on stage here are paid script-readers used to perpetuate illusions and peddle myths imo.


1st October 2015, 04:27
I'm still wondering if Mars really does exist or if it is part illusion.

I'm sorry but I would not trust NASA to even tell me what day of the week it is.

Isn't that agency just a propaganda media puppet to entertain the gullible?
My stars how many lies must they tell, before most wake up and smell the coffee :facepalm:

1st October 2015, 06:22
One of my favourite sci-fi authors!

1st October 2015, 07:40
You can see Mars with a telescope xx I think people say they have military bunkers or something underground there xx They are only telling us now about this but they have known for a long long time xx

1st October 2015, 10:04
One of my favourite sci-fi authors!

I meant to say they're won't be another one like him. Through his books he convinced me that the truth was out there...

1st October 2015, 13:42

There is more fresh water underneath the surface of the earth, than there is on the surface. By multiples. This has recently been proven.

Oil, and other similar substances, is a creation of the earth's furnace. Straightforward alchemical distillation. The earth has HUGE proven reserves of subsurface oil, which the oil control powers don't want you to know about.

The same is true of Mars, in at least some form of extent that allows for human life to be established...and sustained on mars ---very very easily. The water is there, it is all subsurface.

And, most likely, very very likely....more of it than is required for a minimal millions of people to be established there, in a high tech system with extreme creature comforts, and sustainability.

For example, Rossi just received his US patent for his over unity heaters.


This means that heat mills, or high temperature furnaces and thus heat differential devices can be used to create energy and thus power extant human machinery, quite easily. So, we have the 'infinite' power source required to begin the process of permanent habitation of mars.

What I mean, is that 2000lbs, or one ton, metric or imperial weight, of materials delivered to mars, can provide INFINITE power for an opening gambit.

2000lbs worth of high technology execution of Rossi's devices (with back ups), would probably be capable of providing a megawatt or two of power on mars, for probably 100 years. Or more. (more time, more power). No need to resort to any form of nuclear power.

The science of the potential, is actually advancing faster than Elon musk's desired timeline for mars habitation.

To re-iterate...Most in science and space exploration think Elon's timeline is a bit too fast,and unlikely. Changes in science have a way of defeating those thoughts. Already, they are so well defeated that even Elon's timeline, now seems a little...slow.

One has to stay abreast of cutting edge developments in order to see this. Rossi's over unity heater as a USPTO granted patent, for one, changes the ground floor potentials, dramatically.

1st October 2015, 16:33
The secrets they keep, soon wont be secrets anymore... The genius minds at NASA forget they are watched very closely by off world humans far more advanced than they can comprehend ...everything on Earth was once on Mars, as Mars was our home before Earth... What Earth has Mars has ...silly humans think Earth is the only one to have storms , volcanoes, lightening, winter, trees, Quakes, space-quakes, water, etc ... Our scientists are so small minded and ego driven... They think no one else can access knowledge, and if it isn't taught from a professor at university it can't be true or possible, until THEY say so ... Lets poke fun at them- water can't possibly change form and travel elsewhere and change form can it ? Lol :blackwidow::cantina:

3rd October 2015, 13:55
I think that the best way forward would be to get an unbiased technical person to very carefully analyze the footage on Alternative Three starting at 48 minutes 34 seconds:


My understanding is that the footage was shot by an airplane drone. Now one can put forward a number of alternatives, 1. either the footage was shot on Earth plain and simple, and 2. either it was shot on Mars a few years into the time when bases started to be established, or 3. the footage was shot on Earth with data being fed in alluding to the real situation on Mars. The latter option would be selected in order to subconsciously acclimatize some individuals for eventual deployment on the Mars program. This besides option 1. and 2. being contiguous with the concept of showing sensitive issues in plain sight as is the normal occult ritual. Information collated five years ago tended to indicate three human bases with a population of around 100 in total. The situation at the least relatively recently appears to be that males outnumber females within the population.Hence the movie 'Mars Needs Moms' designed to create a sub-conscious desire for recruitment among eligible females. Really deep initiates may discover that it is possible to arrive on Mars via at least natural gate. This, as opposed to 'artificial' i.e non natural jump rooms. There are other issues associated with Mars. One of them is that the way in which humans perceive energies would be different. A case in point, if a working colleague on a crew with you has a desire to urinate you would feel it too. I suspect that Ben Bova's book Mars may not be too far off the mark. This because he is a) either channeling more or less correct information as he writes his books or, b) he approaches psychics and /or remote viewers before he writes. While I salute Dr Courtney Brown for his remote viewing work and his massive contribution to the school, I feel that he is being influenced so as not to disclose human activities on Mars. While the recently released movie The Martian is obviously a well devised distraction, it should be very carefully studied for clues to the truth which whether by accident or design have bleed through

6th October 2015, 04:05
Just went to the movie the Martian. That movie is either full of errors or full of lies(1). It is a great and very adventurous movie
but it frequently makes you go hmmm, I wonder what they didn't understand about ....

Storms on Mars, gravity same as here on earth, a launch vehicle with just a tarp over its nose etc. etc.
And then in the end they make sure to rub your noses in: "If anything can go wrong in space it will eventually ..."
yeah sure, but apart from Exploding Space shuttles we're to believe that not a single astronaut died during a
space mission. While Neil Arsmtrong wasn't capable of landing a test vehicle safe in earthly conditions everything
else went hunky dory ... :facepalm:

Edit (1): probably both ... :tongue1:

11th October 2015, 08:43
just went to see The Martian, anyone got idea what's hidden message or meaning that they trying to say? i came in with low expectation and watch out for the stuff in alternative but nothing popup. most recent movie i seen is Jurassic Park, some of the things popup but not with The Martian. i found this movie like cast away in Space(mars) and it was enjoyable good movie...

11th October 2015, 13:04
just went to see The Martian, anyone got idea what's hidden message or meaning that they trying to say? i came in with low expectation and watch out for the stuff in alternative but nothing popup. most recent movie i seen is Jurassic Park, some of the things popup but not with The Martian. i found this movie like cast away in Space(mars) and it was enjoyable good movie...

See my post just before yours. I think that the story line was exciting and adventurous. But there is a lot of conflicting content
with data so either they're lying or the movie is full of errors.

- According to NASA there is no protective magnetic field like here on earth.
- Gravity is a lot less. They showed it as more or less the same on earth.
- There's only a very thin low pressure atmosphere on Mars. Some time ago dust (that obstructed sunlight) was magically

blown of solar panels of a rover which resulted in a fortunate prolonged life of the rover. But there should be almost no
wind at all let alone storms. B.t.w. liquid water should also not be present on Mars because of the thin atmosphere and yet
they recently admitted that they found a form of liquid water flowing.

So what is it going to be ? Water/atmosphere yes or no ?

And they are contradicting themselves also in the final conclusion. They claim that in space potentially everything that can go wrong will turn against you.
And yet they show you how he escapes Mars in a flimsy stripped rocket.

I enjoyed however how they gave us a 'peek behind the screen' when they showed the geeky JPL guy
and how he was 'organized'. Also the wink at covert cooperation between countries was remarkable ...
Although the general public will probably not get the right message.

I'd say an exciting movie if you're not too critical about reality.