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1st October 2015, 12:18
I have to say this video is rather interesting. The dogs are clearly both watching something in the room and appear to be at least a little anxious...


1st October 2015, 13:28
Oh my god... that really freaked me out. Although I have to admit that I've never been great at dealing with footage or stories of spirits. Watched the Sixth Sense when I was 7 and it freaked me out so much it took me about 15 years to conjure up the courage to give it another go and realise it was actually a pretty good film haha. Can't obviously be 100% sure that this was genuine, but since the animals seem genuinely scared I'm leaning towards believing that it is.

I checked the uploader's channel and he actually has two more videos of poltergeist activity in his house.



I guess these two could've been faked a little bit easier, but again, I have to admit that they also look very convincing. Also because his dog, again, looks genuinely scared in the second video.

Very interesting indeed. Thank you MorningFox

1st October 2015, 13:53
The response of the animals really does give it authenticity. You can see both of them visually following something and both were fearful. If it was just the owner trying to get them to do that, they wouldn't be fearful. Good find.

1st October 2015, 17:55
I al ways wise people would place 2 cameras while trying to capture evidence.
One camera pointing at the other so you can see behind each camera!

Was very interesting but with out the 2 cameras :(

1st October 2015, 20:23
You know, one thing John Keel says is that poltergeists may be immature UTs (extra-dimensional beings).

1st October 2015, 20:33
The guy didn't answer any comments on his video channel. There's too much activity over three videos then nothing much. If he was calling out for help or sharing how he addressed it I'd be more ok. But I'm not sure on this one. Love the dogs. I have never had a ghostly paranormal encounter but some of my family have. Our dog at the time would not go in that house when it was dark very unusual, it was the only house she reacted to like that. But also the only haunted house. The dogs reaction in that video is great. If it was our dog, and a real noisy spirit there would be a race to get out and if not possible whimpering and shaking

1st October 2015, 20:36
I hope the guy isn't exploiting the innocence of his animals, and our trust in their innocence, to hoax a poltergeist video.

25th February 2017, 23:39
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26th February 2017, 06:40
been following this channel for a while the ghost types a message on the computer...


26th February 2017, 10:18
First off, I absolutely believe ghosts exist. I believe they are far more common and present than folks would like to think.
They especially like to show up when you are getting "busy" and partake of the energies generated.
Laugh all you want I'm serious though.
But I tell you what, it's a rare ghost that can perform telekinetic feats we associate with poltergeist activity, I've never seen it as an adult, and well, I've seen countless ghosts under what most would think are extraordinary circumstances. I do not doubt poltergeist activity but I attribute it to other factors such as portal zone activity and beings remotely affecting environments such as Skinwalker Ranch and the Bradshaw Ranch.
Folks will do quite a bit for youtube hits these days, they get paid as a result.
And poltergeist activity doesn't even require the high tech special effects that UFO videos entail.
As such I have a hard time believing most videos as presented.

27th February 2017, 09:42
I have to say this video is rather interesting. The dogs are clearly both watching something in the room and appear to be at least a little anxious...

From the dogs reaction I think the dogs are noting sensing an evil presence and also the fact that is in a white orb I think it is a good spirit.

If it was evil the dogs would, (see post #8 video @10.25):
- have the tail between their legs
- be acting nervous
- be wanting to be anywhere but here now, preferably under a bed somewhere or a corner
- be panting