View Full Version : Office puts chips under staff's skin

1st October 2015, 17:33
Of course it will show benefits until everyone has it


2nd October 2015, 00:32
Some people will choose to stay tapped into the matrix, I guess. Selective detachment?

2nd October 2015, 03:58
One consideration/ concern that comes to mind is this, :ohwell:

At first we see this as gaining a power that otherwise we might not normally have. Plus it appeals as part convenience, as well as ego and status.
However this "power" or status of ego is quite artificial, insofar as whoever issues the technology ultimately have control over that power.
If it is issued like a privilege, it can be revoked. :silent:

It would be more prudent to use ones own powers, rather than constantly rely on the State and its use of artificial power.

I have concerns for the welfare of Earth if those in power continue to hold that power, which the meek are unaware they have lost.:twitch: