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2nd October 2015, 14:33
Primates meet primate :

I love his expression at the end. You rarely see that mix of wonder, excitement, and joy on a person's face once they reach adulthood.

I'm no primatologist, but the presence of the silverback is likely why he kept his head down until the silverback was behind him, where there was no chance of making accidental eye contact.



2nd October 2015, 16:34
Such a beautiful moment.

2nd October 2015, 16:37
Thank you for that Gaia, so much beauty in this world :)

The look the Silver back daddy gave at the end there!
I read it as 'well! if all ya going to do is sit there, and not even say hi, were leave you to it then'.


BTW I'm sure he wanted to say hi

Just magic

2nd October 2015, 16:52
Such a beautiful moment.

This is proof of how we can peacefully live in a world with animals and reminds me so much not only these animals but all animals are a victim of humans, these gorillas sensed him. Humans should learn to be like this...

The original one:

This is in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, which is undoubtedly the best named park in equatorial Africa. It's also home to just about half of the existing mountain gorilla population somewhere around 350 gorillas, of around 800.


2nd October 2015, 19:14
the children -"Dad Dad Monkeys! Can we touch the grey haired monkey dad can we can we?"
the silver back moans - " well alright but I am staying real close in case"
the mom -"Erl its got the same color hair as you so soft but smells all fruity like"
the silver back - "alright you touched the monkey lets move along"

The first look back at the hated camera person before the encounter by the silver back was priceless almost like it though "did you get a good shot of my arse?" Ha!