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5th October 2015, 18:46
The Internet was packed with various scenarios of what would happen at the end of September, everything from financial collapse to things that would happen when the Pope visits the US. Now September is definitely over, so what we can do now is this: There was absolutely no truth to those end of September prophecies whatsoever. All of it was based on lie.

I really never expected anything to take place. But I'm a bit cautious about next year. There is too much stuff going on now that causes too much random risk. Obama did not do much and I expect that if Hillary becomes the next president it will continue in a similar fashion, meaning that there are dark powers successfully mobilizing behind the scenes. There is a build up of load taking place in the abcense of truth action which sets up really risky scenarios. Now, I do think higher intelligence is involved in all of this, so it's not black and white, but I predict major changes might come, we have already got news of floating water on Mars (which btw. did take place at the end of September, so it seems some positive stuff about September 2015 might have come true (I am not sure though anyone prediced floating water on Mars to become news in September 2015), not the negative stuff), so things are slowly beginning to open up.

So this is a time to stick together more so than ever. Be real, seek truth, become awake and surrender to unconditional love.

Page after page of lies (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=september+2015+doomsday)

5th October 2015, 18:59
Hi WhiteLove,

Shouldn't this have been posted in the What is going down in September? (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?84525-What-is-going-down-in-September) thread, maybe to close out the month?

Just wondering. :)

5th October 2015, 20:50
We’ll maybe we have to look into it, but I think two weeks from next Thursday is the next date available.:bigsmile: But whatever be your favourite Doom scenario,rest assured you will have plenty of time...

Michelle Marie
5th October 2015, 23:27
Consider that the response to the prophesies was massively inspired energy work and we were successful in moving that mountain of energy, or transmuting it with newly activated latent powers.

There are prayer groups, meditation groups (virtual in real time, or in person), and many other positive shift efforts happening. Responding with forgiveness and love, but declaring that enough is enough. No more. The veil HAS been lifted.

I'm not saying we are completely out of the woods, but I expect lots of positive news...knowing what we know now.

Love to ALL!

6th October 2015, 00:34
perhaps that's where few would like us to remain: jumping from date to date. good luck.

6th October 2015, 09:13
going to what I knew so far,like intuitively without giving much conscious thought. I will say that the PTB is not in total control and is losing control as more and more people increase in awareness. Their power lies in being discreet. I will continue to speak of the truth..... and ignore the fearporns

6th October 2015, 09:36
Looks to me like major harvesting of all that energy, both fear and hope,
was done by the Vatican, as the Pope's visit to the U.S. seems to have aided to consolidate their power.
Only by spreading the truth about their disgusting rituals of magic and tortures of the innocent can humanity stand a chance.

6th October 2015, 18:25
i take one thing from September: Puttin had enough.... weŽll see major info(9/11 and UFO stuff) pouring out of Russia. I believe he striked in two ways:
1-through BRICS (more and more countries are joining)
2- striking ISIS, thus Obama...
China is helping in a way putting down the dollar by devaluating their own currency... the elite is cracked.
I know this is a simple analysis, but what i will like to transmit is that TPTB are now TPUB (the powers that Used to be)
So not a bad month at all

BTW no lottery won around here... yet.