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6th October 2015, 14:52

In Javanese culture, one's name tells a story.

K681 The 681st King in a single family lineage.
H.M. His Majesty.
A1 Absolute one (single); Authority one (single).

SINO A code-name.

From Late Latin Sinae (“the Chinese”), from Arabic اَلصِّين (aṣ-ṣīn, “China, the Chinese”), from Sanskrit चीन (cina, “China”).
Source: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Sino-

AS Amerika Serikat (USA).

S”2” EsTwo: mata uang tunggal dunia (a single world currency).

Each country has the option to design and print their own national ESTWO currency, backed by gold. In addition, there will be an international ESTWO currency.

Since the gold collateral which backs each of these currencies has the same value, each of the ESTWO currencies will have the same value. One ESTWO is valued at 2.25 US dollars.

IR Engineer; also, dimensionally, Indonesia Raya (great).

SOEGIH (Sugih) adjective: Rich, Wealthy.

HARTO (harta) noun: property, treasure, holding, tenure

Translations of harta (from Indoneisan)
treasure - harta, kekayaan, harta benda, barang berharga, khazanah, uang
property - milik, kekayaan, harta, harta benda, tanah milik, sifat
holding - kepunyaan tanah, tanah milik, harta, harta benda, jumlah sero yg dipegang
wealth - kekayaan, harta, harta benda, kejayaan, perbendaharaan, jumlah besar
means - cara, sarana, alat, jalan, upaya, harta
substance - zat, bahan, isi pokok, hakekat, kekerasan, harta
tenure - masa jabatan, pemilikan, harta, harta benda, masa pemilikan, kedudukan tetap
things - harta, harta benda, alat-alat, peralatan
worth - nilai, harga, harta, harta benda

NOTO - arrangement, plan, map

Definitions of arrangement (partial)
the action, process, or result of arranging or being arranged.

synonyms: positioning, disposition, order, presentation, display, grouping, organization, alignment; preparations, plan(s), provision(s), planning, groundwork

plans or preparations for a future event.

a settlement of a dispute or claim.

NEGORO (negara) countries, nations

ST Sarjana Teknik (Scholar of Engineering); also Sultan but higher than Sultan - the highest Sultan.

6th October 2015, 18:03
I wish this made any sense to me, but it does not, IMHO. The logic of this man and his supposed quest to free the world of debt slavery just does not compute, in my brain at least. He apparently offered the governments of the world to accept his help to wipe their national debt, it seems he gave a deadline for this generosity that has now elapsed. According to his supporters, if the countries of the world CHOSE not to accept his gift, he will offer them the same cash after the deadline, but as a loan with interest. WHA BAM, the logic of this tail falls away.. He is offering more debt based solutions, through him rather than through the system of central banks...

Never mind his promise to give millions to each man, woman and dog, if he did, the value of said currency would be as the Deutschmark was to the germans after WW1.. It does not ad up, it sounds way, way too good to be true and is beyond unlikely to actually work, in fact, it can only work if the collective countries CHOOSE to turn their backs on the IMF, the UN and the entire planet's financial institutions and instead turn to Mr Sino for salvation.... The king is dead, long live the king....?... Nah, I call BS on the whole thing, smells like a honey trap to me.... N

PS. As for his titles, they would only impress someone who has none. Anyone who has any real understanding of titles of nobility, either dynastic or earned, knows that they only confer authority if said authority is accepted by most or all players involved, for example, HRH Queen Elizabeth, who's acumilated titles would fill this whole page. It does not seem to me that Mr Sino's titles are being accepted by anyone other than his supporters, again, it just gives me more BS goosebumps...

9th October 2015, 06:11
Nasu, thank you for your comments. There comes a time when we have to acknowledge that we don't know what we don't know. The cognitive dissonance that you and most others experience regarding Swissindo is very similar to the cognitive dissonance experienced by the vast majority of people when presented with most of the information ("conspiracy theories", etc.) discussed in this Project Avalon forum and in the alternative media.

Swissindo was created by agreement of 128 Royal Families, more than 500 years ago. Swissindo is recognised by all of those Royal Families because their combined assets were used to fund Swissindo. The purpose of Swissindo today remains the same as it was when Swissindo was created.

Mr. Soegih is the product of an seven-generation breeding program to produce a single progeny who has the DNA of all 128 Royal Families and who was always planned to be the single signatory controller of Swissindo - aka "M1". There has never been another M1 before and there will never be another.

Swissindo - and the assets controlled by Swissindo - have been recognised and reconfirmed multiple times by:

Secretaries General of the United Nations
Presidents of the World Bank Group
Presidents of the International Court of Justice
Presidents of the International Criminal Court
Managing Directors of the International Monetary Fund
Secretaries General of the Bank for International Settlements
Vice Presidents of the International Finance Corporation
Presidents of the Financial Action Task Force
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her predecessors
multiple Popes (the Vatican)
Chairpersons of the Board of Governors for the U.S. Federal Reserve System
Secretaries of the U.S. Department of Treasury
The Committee of 300
Presidents, Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers, Finance Ministers and Ambassadors to the United Nations of all nations that are member states of the United Nations
CEOs of every central bank and more than 880 banks globally

That you don't know this is partly by design - because it was a closely guarded secret until Mr. Soeghi decided to end the secrecy because of the refusal of all of the above to publicly acknowledge what they have known privately and have been obliged to keep secret in the past; and because many of those same people are collectively blocking the release of Swissindo funds (because the Cabal has infiltrated and corrupted most of the world's institutions) - and partly because you can't accept the truth when it is handed to you on a platter.

I don't blame you for that. I am habitually suspicious/skeptical too which is precisely why I chose to investigate much more deeply than most. Furthermore, since I joined the Swissindo Delegation, I have seen a lot more proof than is publicly available. Much of this information will be made public when it is safe to do so.