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28th November 2010, 16:48
Recently, I have been listening to what Lindsey Williams has had to say from Oct. 2010 on. I have decided to post a link from the Alex Jones show because it is the latest interview of Nov. 2010 and it is here where Lindsey reveals who Mr. X is. I haven't listened to the whole interview and I urge all who listen to this to go back and listen to his audio CD: "2010 Economics and Beyond" and/or his interviews with Reese.


First of all, I don't want to be alarmist, however, I believe the information Lindsey is giving has some fairly solid information and a time line attached to it that we all are well aware of. I'd be interested in hearing any and all feed-back -after we all have had a chance to assimilate what Lindsey has to say within the last 6 months of 2010.

28th November 2010, 16:57
I've been following Lindsey Williams and Alex Jones for a while and Lindsey's source ( Mr X ) droppen in right in it over the gulf oil mess. It's unlikely that Lindsey's chatter on the web would have gone unnoticed by the PTB. By the time they would have realised he was an exploitable asset, the information he was recieving would have become, at best, unreliable.

I'm not saying that none of the things he's listed as being on the event list will happen, I think many of them are obviously going to happen by the standard of anyone's observations, but he's clearly promoted himself to a position where his information is nothing like as crucial as it was a few years ago.

28th November 2010, 17:05
The latest interview was on the Nutrimedical report on 22/11/2010


28th November 2010, 17:52
I'm not really interested in hearing a status report concerning the self promotional aspect of Lindsey Williams as I am in hearing feed back about the information Mr. Williams is talking about. Lindsey Williams has spent his life giving us information, he is probably well aware of his own position. We all know it's more than probable Lindsey has been compromised but Mr. X was talking on his death bed.

That said, regardless of whether or not Lindsey is being used, Lindsey has been right on the mark concerning the cost of Crude Oil prices. Now, many of the things Lindsey mentions are actually coming to a head. I appreciate the fact that he's condensed it and put a bit of an urgency time stamp on it.

I also agree with Lindsey on his information concerning the Gulf. The Gulf is a toxic zone that will be damaged for years to come. The toxic waste has and will continue to travel up the East Coast with the Gulf Stream (where ever it goes). Of all the places to suffer from an oil spill on our coastline, an oil leak in the Gulf has been and is the most devistating blow. Let me rephrase that -as far as I'm concerned, it is. So, here we are.

I am curious as to why "supposedly" the Elite are afraid of an American Revolution? It seems to me they would love to see one. That's a very interesting statement, compromised or uncompromised.

28th November 2010, 18:32
I am curious as to why "supposedly" the Elite are afraid of an American Revolution? It seems to me they would love to see one. That's a very interesting statement, compromised or uncompromised.

I think that's a good part of my point.

I'm no longer able devour his info straight like I could over oil price thing a while ago. He certainly had a bad wobble when he was yelling that the oil pressure at the leak was impossible to cap.

The idea that the PTB are scared stiff about an American 'revolution' is worrying when it's Lyndsey Williams saying it but to be honest, my worries these days are more about large and infuencial numbers of people believing so much of the stuff that's going around these days. It seems as if it's suddenly become mainstream ( hence very suspect ) and that it's all going to get hoovered up into the corporate model just like what happened to the music scene in the 70s.

It's now the new cool to be a 'conspiracy theorist' and, as expected, this is the point where it all goes nuts and gets nobbled and reabsorbed back into the belly of the beast.

Where that leaves the truth and the real truth workers, I can only imagine, but if it's true the old model, it looks like a sidelining for them but not from the top levels withe the main body of the population still there in the middle as potential sleepers waiting to wake up, but with e main body of the population being split away from the real truth workers in a pseudo awaken that really only a fashion movement and as fickle as that and as fooled as that.


Yea, I'm worried. I'm worried we are about to get completely guzumped by a very loud noise field where it's impossible to tell the truth and have people hear it and process it carefully. The main body of the population, I suspect, is about to get bum rushed into a pre-packed supermarket version that, if they could, they'd have it made in China sold in $1/1 stores in the local mall. Very depressing, considering how much work a lot of people have put in so far.

28th November 2010, 18:53
Yup, I sure get your point on mainstreaming. However, I'm still concerned about the Williams info -as other politico-info I'm reading has the same outlook. The problem you speak of concerning mainstreaming seems to be a result of, and literally what to actually expect - as the ****e hits the fan.

Ultimately, what I get from Lindsey Williams is that it would be a good idea to prepare for the worst -now, if you already haven't done so because regardless of anything else, the price of crude oil is going up. But I really wonder about the American Revolution aspect of his message and with good reason. Why would the elite be worried about an American Revolution?

29th November 2010, 15:04
one interesting thing is on 5th of November the Dollar went up! (So remember remember the 5th of November)


29th November 2010, 17:04
Thank you, Norman and Mu. I don't believe everything anyone says but for some reason, the part about the elite being worried about an American Revolution is sticking with me as an important piece of information, compromised or not.

Further, there is more to hear from Mr. Willams than just the dabble that was covered on Alex Jones. I see no reason to put my own spin on it but I do suggest listening to it.


Lost Soul
18th December 2010, 01:47
Dec. 15 interview with Alex Jones. I wish Jones who quiet down and let Williams speak more. So, if you can tolerate it, here's the lastest from Pastor Williams.

Part 1 Dec. 15, interview (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_6eTTrxodQ)
Part 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VS1nS0C0Ef0)
Part 3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiFw79F6kCk)
Part 4 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6q1yV-4Q9k)
Part 5 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW0dz2Msemc)
Part 6 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YX3dYTaGys4&feature=related)
Part 7 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-5WtPlGGrw)
Part 8 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B3COHj4g3w)