View Full Version : "Refine your world of definition/judgment to harmonize your life", but is it true?

9th October 2015, 20:06
Darryl Anka who channels the ET being Bashar, claims that when you define - or put in a more strong term - when you judge beings and things that occur in your reality, either positively, neutrally or negatively you indirectly influence the higher self who takes part in the manifestation process. Because the higher self is at a state of unconditional love, the incoming judgments/definitions are in some way unconditionally reflected in the responding manifestations. He says: "Negative definition in, negative effect out. Positive definition in, positive effect out."

In other words, his message is that we need to become more aware of our world of judgment/definition and refine those in a way that is more in alignment with how we want things to be and who we are. If we for instance experience something that may or may not have been negatively intended because we don't know, then he says a positive definition/judgment of that situation will provide a positive effect out of it.

The only question is then, is this true?! What do you think?

9th October 2015, 22:55
The only question is then, is this true?! What do you think?

I'm positive that it is! Any other course would bring about a different reality, right?.. Thanks for posting this, at this time...x... N

Clear Light
10th October 2015, 00:37
Hmmm ... Positive or Negative from Who's point of view ?

Like Good / Bad, or Light / Dark, I'd say choosing between either Positive or Negative is still within Polarity Consciousness ... whereas taking the position of Unconditional Love 'transcends' the Dilemma altogether !

11th October 2015, 05:29
input = output