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12th October 2015, 19:57
Hello Everyone:
You are what you eat! ( Better would be We All Are What We Eat! )
Bob Becks zapper couldn't even fix this blood! Maybe it's time for this fellow and the rest of us to eat better because there's always room for improvement.
I have a live blood microscope and it's interesting to see how the blood changes and gets better when you eat an alkaline diet. I'm not saying fully alkaline but more of a well balanced diet can only make you feel better.
Enjoy Thanksgiving in Canada today and Thanksgiving everywhere else when it comes.


Chinese Man Eats So Much Fatty Food His Blood Turned Oily And Yellow
Yahoo NewsYahoo News Ė 7 hours ago - October 12 - 2015

A patient in China ate so much fatty food that he reportedly ended up with oily, yellow liquid in his blood.

Itís claimed that the man, who is in his 40s and called Liu, consumed an extremely oil-rich diet during recent holidays.

He visited hospital in Yichang, Hubei Province, after suffering crippling stomach pains, according to local media.

Doctors reportedly discovered that his triglyceride levels were several times higher than normal.

And itís alleged that, when they conducted a blood test, medics were shocked to see an oily yellow substance floating to the top of the test tube.

Liu was reportedly diagnosed with pancreatitis, which was believed to have been brought on by his high-fat, high-protein diet.

Experts at Yichang Peopleís Hospital told local media he was just one of an increasing number of patients diagnosed with acute pancreatitis to have been treated in recent years.

Most of whom, itís reported, had the disease because of an over-consumption of alcohol and overly fatty foods.

Liuís blood test was released by the hospital and published as a warning to other citizens, itís claimed.

13th October 2015, 14:59
I'll bet anything that he ate vile, rancid, over-processed fats. Raw, un-heated, un-processed fats are extremely healthful and would never cause a condition such as described.

13th October 2015, 15:40
I worked as a dialysis nurse for a long time. You could visually see the person's blood leaving the body and going through a dialyzer, which is a clear filtration cartridge to remove extra fluid, minerals and other impurities. Occasionally there would be patients that would leave a large amount of what looked like cooked chicken fat that collected in the end of the dialyzer. That means that this fat was literally circulating in the blood stream. It was incredibly gross to say the least. So I have no doubt that this is true and probably is more common then we would like to believe.