View Full Version : Darryl Robert Schoon: Moving Through The Maelstrom

13th October 2015, 03:24
Darryl Robert Schoon has changed from his usual three piece suit into a more native American Indian dress and hair for this intriguing discussion of what money is, who we are, who we really are, and how we might best understand, adapt, and move through, to the coming maelstrom, the collapse of the current monetary system.

In the brief words he provides for a Youtube description:

Understanding "money" is key to understanding the economic crisis. Understanding "who we are" is key to understanding how to deal with the crisis. Neither "money" or "who we are" are what they appear to be.
In the end, it's a wide ranging, rapidly moving, and quite positive view ... but the maelstrom will greatly alter the views most of us have of "how the world works" and of "who we are, in that world."

13th October 2015, 03:29
Three brief quotes, from the top of Darryl Robert Schoon's web page (http://www.drschoon.com/), which will give one a good, quick, sense, of where he's coming from:



God is light so lighten up.
- Darryl Robert Schoon