View Full Version : Kim Jong-un... is he for real?

15th October 2015, 21:39
I wonder if this guy is really bad or he is just bad because he does not conform to the corporate elite. Thus the US military has reason to step in to remove him from power to save his people from oppression

15th October 2015, 23:01
I think we need to judge leaders by their behavior rather than absolutist labels, such as "good" or "evil." Having said that, Kim Jong-un's history of oppressing and depriving his people is well-documented. North Koreans are not permitted to freely express views critical of their leadership and many are experiencing extreme hardship to the point of starvation. I am also wondering what you mean by his not conforming to the "corporate elite." Do you mean western or US "corporate elite.?" Certainly, it's a term with negative connotations, but I don't think it's really relevant when assessing a communist regime such as North Korea. As I understand it, the US government is primarily concerned with this country's nuclear program (it's potential negative and destabilizing impact on that region) and humanitarian concerns about the way North Koreans are being treated. I would question the idea that our military has any imminent plans to topple this regime despite our moral objections to it.

16th October 2015, 00:44
Libyan way- Ghadafi is oppressing the people
Iaq war- Sadam is oppressing the people
Afghan war- war on terror
pakistan war- war on terror

Basically you'll find one or both of the two reasons before captain america (us government) comes to the rescue.

I said it before and will say it again. American government is not american people. governments all over the world are accomplice of the elite in power except those who are taken down by the us government. Most gov though are unaware,dupe, as the abuses are pass as goodwill, vaccine, war on terror, (mis) education and the post popular american aid. We love our american brothers and sisters also our Muslim and christian brothers. It is only this bastards who is promoting this conflicts to advance their agenda. And please if you have a chance try to tell your military to stop being a puppet of The bastards in power. You dont have to tell them directly just tell them the truth whats really behind the open agenda. You have friends and families in the US military.