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21st October 2015, 22:48
Via Miles Johnston

"Something is Very Wrong with our Agriculture. Observer and writer Graham Harvey gives a vital heads up on the critical situation in the state of global agricultural practice since WW2. In essence our agriculture is rigged to kill us.

Recorded as part of the Humanity We Are Changing series of lectures of The Bases Project, at St John's Theatre on the Hill, Marlborough, Wiltshire, summer 2015" ...

About - Graham Harvey

Iíve been fascinated with agriculture ever since I took a holiday job on a farm near my home in Reading. It was a mixed farm, the sort that grew both food crops for people and grass for grazing cattle. Looking back it was a great system.Graham Harvey Because the milk and meat came from animals grazing pasture they contained all sorts of nutrients to protect human health. And when the pasture was ploughed up for wheat or oats, the soil was so fertile it would grow sizeable crops without the need for pesticides.

After a spell at university (I read agriculture, as you might guess) I took a job as a reporter on Farmers Weekly. Thatís when I started seeing the traditional mixed farm come under attack. In its place we now have animal factories and prairie-style wheat, guzzling oil and constantly buffeted by global commodity markets. Back in the 1980s I gave up full-time journalism to write scripts for The Archers. At least in this fictional world there were a few mixed farms left.

For the past 14 years Iíve been the showís Ďagricultural story editorí, a sort of farm minister for Ambridge. But itís time to get back to the real world. Modern high-input agriculture is wrecking our health, our rural communities and our planet. In my view thereís only one answer Ė Britainís forgotten treasure, family mixed farms. Real farms producing real food. Thatís if there are any left. Join me on my quest to find out.

Website: http://grahamsquest.co.uk/

Published on Oct 14, 2015


22nd October 2015, 07:50
It is wonderful that even in this large city I can still find organic food to eat.

23rd October 2015, 19:55
Thanks for the video!. The lecture is quite interesting but the presenter is incredibly awkward to listen to. The message is very important though so I forced myself to watch it. :)