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23rd October 2015, 15:30
Posted by Matt Kahn.The participation is free.
"There is no cost to participate in this live, interactive event".
http://www.globalonenesssummit.org/?inf_contact_key=660ff708b3ec37fbee85aa53b316d8eef bfb293cb2b9105de7e9b01cf1cba997

24th October 2015, 16:39

Desmond Tutu's speech is kicking butt RIGHT NOW. Just parenting this thread to make sure it's seen ♥

28th October 2015, 05:01
Tutu's speech and the following segment were so good, I made a thread of them here (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?86297-Global-Oneness-Sangha-as-the-next-Buddha).

In retrospect, I probably should have put it here. Perhaps the mods can change it if it is an important enough change to make.