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11th November 2015, 02:50




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11th November 2015, 14:11
Every 575.5 years, the plejaren say a huge destroyer comet passes by earth , depending on which side of the sun we are on, it causes great havoc to earth... It drags huge amounts of space debris behind it... Once in the distant past, it transplanted a planet, yes it is said this comet changed the positions of Mars and Venus... It caused the plagues of Egypt, and brought our moon here from another Universe , as the Plejarens ancestors left the dimension door open too long ... They feel responsible for earth because of this and other things... Read contact report #5 from the future of mankinds website ...

11th November 2015, 20:00
Ghostrider well moons from another Universe is a no . The Moon was produced from the rings of Earth as the Earth was produced from the rings of the Sun . As to the destroyer planet which one . Our solar system is a lot bigger than people think with a lot more big planets . We currently know of all the planets which revolve clockwise around the sun there are also planets which revolve counter clockwise to the Sun ( orbits vary to hundreds to thousands years ).

Did you know that we have one sun and one dead sun ( called black hole ) in our solar system

source Walter Russell :cocktail: