View Full Version : UFOs & Aliens coming to a theatre near you...

30th November 2010, 15:01
UFOs and Aliens have always been fair game for Hollywood but it seems that over the next few months we will have a plethora of new films to enjoy.

The recent Skyline is the first of this new wave along with Battle: Los Angeles 2011 and Cowboys & Aliens (seriously).

There are also 2 films which are either not made yet or in the very early stages and these are Apollo 18 and Area 51.

Maybe it is because we are getting ever closer to 2012 or just that Hollywood sees UFOs and Aliens as big business but either way it does suggest that in these hard financial times when a lot of projects are being cancelled through lack of funding there are still funds available for these kinds of movies.

30th November 2010, 16:54
There are at least 4 more title that you haven't mentioned that are coming out by summer. And of course the crown jewel, "The Event", which is a poorly written, badly produced an over-simplified version of the TRUTH. Something's definitely brewing.

30th November 2010, 17:49
and V... benevolent ETs or at least that's what everyone thought, that turn to conquer the world to take it over...

Starts January 2011

30th November 2010, 23:23
is it me or alot of them are starting talking about the start of 2011 ... till summer of it. is it a coincidence?