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28th November 2015, 22:56

29th November 2015, 00:01
Thanks for bringing a tear to my eyes. It is good to see the kind side of humans.

29th November 2015, 03:38
Love it!! thanks :)

29th November 2015, 05:54
Thanks for the thread ...

Man Saves Abandoned Baby Deer

"An injured fawn was abandoned by its mother and sibling. A kind-hearted man
took the baby deer into his home and saved its life."

Published on Nov 3, 2015


29th November 2015, 11:00
Lovely! But sad to think that it is seen as REMARKABLE, if only kindness were the norm :)

30th November 2015, 04:10
Now that is what I call a REAL MAN; also the animals need, give and feel love, as we know from our beloved pets.

30th November 2015, 17:00
Here's another good one ...

From William Henry

I love this video. To me, it illustrates our essential predicament. We are trapped in a box of our own making. We are all refugees from a land unknown to most. All we can hope for is the benevolent help from beings wiser than us who can provide a ladder to freedom.

3 Bear Cubs Rescued From Dumpster - Bear Ladder -
People Save Baby Bears from Dumpster in Woods

Published on Feb 23, 2013


30th November 2015, 22:22

30th November 2015, 22:54
My grandmother talked to a skunk one time who was caught in a live trap cage until she was able to open the door of the trap and the skunk left without spraying her. All because it sensed my grandmother was not a threat. I also have a friend who was in a 14 ft boat off costa rica one time going to the local village via the ocean riding along the shoreline when some sharks encircled the boat trying to find dinner. Bunch of dolphins came to her rescue and kicked the crap out of the sharks so she could be on her way :) . We all share this planet, animals , plants and us. Its called respect all across the board for all the right reasons :) and we help each other when appropriate.

16th October 2018, 09:38
A diver who made it her life’s work to remove hooks caught in sharks’ mouths.