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8th December 2015, 21:32
Hi guys,

Posting this interesting (my opinion at least) series of Spirit Science. As the title already reveals it's information about the universe and the sciences which reveal the governing of the spiritual world (and the material which is indivisible from it).

It's light, easy to digest and very informative. Hope you enjoy! It discovers a wide range of important topics and is pretty accurate! A good speed course in all kinds of spiritual related topics.

May you learn and evolve.



8th December 2015, 21:34
Yes! These are great! I have seen them all! Great info in a very creative presentation! Highly recommend!

9th December 2015, 01:18
Yes these are all very well done and super fun to watch. I got my 10 year old nephew watching them and it opened up a whole new world of wonder for him to question and think about. Just if anyone else decides to show their kids or any kid just be there with them so you can catch any unneeded stuff they might not understand.

I like the whole series, I don't agree with all their theories or methods but on the whole I think its harmless and informative. :)

9th December 2015, 01:44
ive seen young teenagers referring to that when i rave about the topic sometimes. im surprised how much of a common knowledge it is among them thanks to information presented in such form..

9th December 2015, 03:45
It's a wonderful show its sad tho that they moved on...

9th December 2015, 15:19
The information which is presented is ofcourse not in any sense complete and I have some other views as wel.

But it is very fun to watch and gives pretty deep stuff in a very light way and it is pretty accurate as well. I really like the geometry parts, which shows they really go into stuff which is even for the alternative community pretty unknown territory because it is a immensly vast subject. Geometry is really a place where science and spirituality meet. I am grasping this more and more and it blows my mind.

10th December 2015, 20:35
Love this series! it was a great tool in getting my children to understand the world in which they live. The cute little animations helped hold youngsters attention. Well worth watching, again and again.