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Clear Light
10th December 2015, 22:43
Ah, a very worthwhile hour spent of anybody's time IMHO ... even if you're not a Buddhist she (Tenzin Palmo) clearly illuminates the distinctions between our typical waking consciousness to that of one which has uncovered its true aware clarity and depth i.e our true / real nature (irrespective of a religious tradition or not) !


Quote : "... so that's what in Buddhist methods ... this is what it's all about : it's recognising who we are not ... in order to open ourselves to something so much greater than what we think we are"

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Note : Oh, so yes it's "Gradual Path" theory / practice (and 'I' was one who trod such a path) therefore if 'you' are of the "Sudden" school variety of Enlightenment you're probably not so interested eh ? LOL :bigsmile:

Clear Light
11th January 2016, 13:04
Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo - "The Nature of Mind" (5 mins)

I'm Paraphrasing : Stop identifying with the Known and start identifying with that which Knows ... it's so easy ...

Clear Light
11th January 2016, 13:22
Tenzin Palmo: The Nature of the Mind / Oneness (4 mins)

A quality video, IMO, from Tenzin Palmo elucidating on Oneness and the "nature" of our Mind :)

11th January 2016, 14:49
A tamed mind no longer has expectations.