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27th December 2015, 02:46

I always wondered why do many people think that a soul can not be destroyed (well i understand its not that simple but for a better understanding lets just say it that way)

Just think about it for a moment, the soul at its native level is wave-like just as any other structures in the universe (yes even the matter in our 3d world)
So what makes people to believe that a soul is capable to advance (which can be considered as a change in its complexity) but uncapable to de-structure itself?

I personally think that a soul can actually cease to exist if a certain amount of interal destruction occured in its wave-like-structure. Destructive interference can be actually so effective that a specific soul could no longer decode the same way as before, in this case we shall clearly state that the wave-like structure of the soul is so damaged (de-structured) that it can no longer maintain its previous state.

So, im just trying to think about this issue from a mathematical perspective, I would like to hear other people's opinion.

27th December 2015, 06:02
The plejaren say the soul located in the solar plexus is a temporary construct that goes away at death , the spirit is eternal and goes into the beyond , a different time-space/ energy field that surrounds any life bearing planet ...

27th December 2015, 06:15
I think its helpful to imagine that all mater is multidimensional. In our three dimensional reality we suffer pain and in the last thousands of years to avoid this was dominant. Our charakter is build in this way and overlapps the real soul. If you can find your soul which has nerly no narzism you can understand this philosophie

27th December 2015, 06:42
Souls are fickle. It's the Spirit, monad, that is everlasting.

27th December 2015, 11:52
Dear RTamas
Depends how you define soul.
My understanding is that there is only one soul and I am that.
I dont know this for sure but I know of those who do.
Its beyond measurement of any kind.
I suggest having a look at Tims thread linked below.



27th December 2015, 13:20
We are not 'Souls'... although we have one... but use of the word 'soul' has been so misinterpreted that it has become a term with many uses... so for general use the term 'soul' is probably sufficient, for most, to get the idea across that we are not the body.

A 'soul' represents the consciousness part of a Being... and a Being has three part to it... matter, consciousness(Soul) and energy(Spirit)... 3 of the few true absolutes in the Cosmos.

Despite the fact that those... who have learned off by heart, or studied Indian philosophies... believe that there is a state called formless... they are wrong, because they just have not yet been able to reach the causal state which allows us to perceive matter in the very realms which these gurus and supposed enlightened ones say they have reached... and have not been able to perceive matter. The problem is of cause that they have no real idea what matter is... they're looking for hard bodies, rocks and cars when matter in higher worlds is very different.

So... all beings... minerals, plants, animals, humans, super beings, planets... are monads(primordial atoms)... a term coined by Pythagoras which means individual and single life...

All humans are therefore an individual primordial atom which has over billions of years grown and expanded it's consciousness from potential to what each one of us is now... all done because of our own hard work and will and helped along by natural laws in the cosmos...

A truly remarkable piece of work and well done to everyone so far... there is however a long way to go.

With Love

27th December 2015, 13:28
Well, I would also apply my statement to spirits, because even a spirit is capable to decode information which is logically a highly complex structure. From this point it doesnt really matter if a certain spirit is wave-like in this dimension or not, because at the end it is a dynamic structure in its purest form so to speak.

Im quite familiar with the idea that we all came from one infinite consciousness, I just still can not wrap my head around this issue. I would really like to hear the Arcturians point of view about this :)

27th December 2015, 13:40
Im quite familiar with the idea that we all came from one infinite consciousness
We do not come from 'one infinite consciousness'... consciousness is not infinite... and consciousness did not create us...but it is correct that all share the one consciousness... but of course each monad is only conscious of the little bit of the one consciousness it has become aware of.

In other words the one consciousness is the collective consciousness of all beings in our Cosmos... and it is growing all the time... everything is not already out there... but much is out there discovered by those who have gone before us... to humans consciousness growth is an uncovering of reality and truth as we get enlightened by higher beings.


14th September 2016, 02:52
Infinity.... actually makes me mad. I don't know if it's just the word, or the implication!

I don't really think anything can "cease to exist" either, not really. To be quite honest I don't like the word exist very much either haha.

Assuming you're right, and the soul destabilizes, I'd imagine it'd be converted to something else or displaced somewhere else - but not destroyed in the harshest sense of the word. I've read a little about so-called "Bands" of spirits too, and it's interesting to consider if that is possible, that's where some could be going.