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5th January 2016, 21:13
I've done some digging!

In 1987 Darryl Anka released his first book "The New Metaphysics". This is an incredibly interesting book. In this book you can read the following:

"Recognize that your governments are aware of our existence. And, as we have said, taking back the responsibility for your own fears will allow your governments to be recognized as yourselves, and will allow them to serve you, rather than keep you in the dark about what you are telling you are too fearful to know. They are well aware of the idea of our spacecraft and are attempting to duplicate the technology. In your possession, upon your planet exist no fewer than 11 forms, variations, components, or whole craft from other civilizations, including the idea of what you call physiological bodies (many of which perished in the crashes of these craft) that allowed your civilization to retrieve them, to study them. These have been moved to many different locations."

Two years later, in November 1989, Bob Lazar appeared in a special interview with investigative reporter George Knapp on Las Vegas TV station KLAS to discuss his purported employment at "S4", a facility he claims exists near Area 51. In his interview with Knapp, Lazar said he encountered 9 flying saucers.
Source (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Lazar)

This is very interesting, because:

A) Both sources claim governments know about the ET presence
B) Both sources claim governments have captured ET crafts and are trying to duplicate the technology of the crafts

And here is the really interesting part:

In 1992, Stanton Friedman re-entered the scene with his own book Crash at Corona, co-authored with Don Berliner an author of books on space and aviation. Goldberg writes that Friedman too introduced new "witnesses", and that he added to the narrative by doubling the number of flying saucers to two, and the number of aliens to eight 2 of which were said to have survived and been taken into custody by the government.
Source (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roswell_UFO_incident)

In the book "The New Metaphysics" the mentioning of the number 11 includes also the bodies, so technically what that actually could mean is 9 crafts plus 2 bodies.

Since Bob Lazar did not say 11 crafts, he said 9 crafts, this indicates he might not have been aware of the book "The New Methaphysics" when it was released.

Furthermore, both in Stanton's book and in "The New Methaphysics" book it is claimed that many aliens perished in the event.

When you combine these three separate claims, they fit perfectly together. And that could be why it is all true.

Interestingly though, in "The New Methaphysics" it is said that the crafts and the bodies had been moved to many different locations, again this indicates it is not a fully replicated story by Bob Lazar. Bob Lazar claimed they were all at S4. Technically these could have been at various locations relative to the point in time each source was referring this to, because the exact time that each source is referring this to is unknown, could be very separate.

All of this indicates:

A) The information sources are unique/separate
B) The information sources tell the same thing and/or contribute to the same underlying story with bits and pieces among them that tie them together
C) A and B combined seems to form a "triangle of truth"

5th January 2016, 21:53
Related link here including diagrams of the alleged nine craft held at S4 as witnessed by Bob Lazar; these include craft looking remarkably like the one retrieved at Roswell (a flying v-winged ship), a possible Vril, Haunebu & Meier - types.


5th January 2016, 22:07
Related link here including diagrams of the alleged nine craft held at S4 as witnessed by Bob Lazar; these include craft looking remarkably like the one retrieved at Roswell (a flying v-winged ship), a possible Vril, Haunebu & Meier - types.


Cool! In the book "The New Methaphysics" there are some additional details claimed relating to the capturers of these crafts:

"Though we will find the idea of the attitude of the individuals who recovered the craft and the bodies somewhat I will say, distasteful, because of what they have allowed themselves to create as experimentation upon those forms, for their own understanding."

Exactly what this means I cannot say, but if you have an idea, please post.

In this book it is also stated that the craft operates by rotational mass creating a so called "Planar field" that creates 90 degrees perpendicular forces to itself that is manipulated by certain other types of rotational masses that in turn are done so 90 degrees to the planar rotation. This combination allows the craft to have its own gravitational field, it kind of becomes like a planet, carrying with it its own idea of its own time frame, its own inertia, its own gravity, and all the ideas of
its existence and location relative to space. In this way, the craft becomes isolated from all time-space.

So vision the UFO having mass rotating around the side of the disc and mass rotating around the craft from top to bottom or bottom to top, sitting inside of an electromagnetic toroid/bubble of energy. They claim this reaches a state in which it goes from third density reality to fourth density hyperspace reality and over there they are not bound to the physical time-space limitations of third density physical reality and hence can go whenever and wherever they want relative to third density physical reality. Yes, they claim they master time too, not only space... This is something I've always suspected because if you get that unlimited/untied from space, you should logically also become equally unlimited/untied from time.

When I read this information and more about how a UFO might operate, including things like the transformation from one type of gravitic dynamic tensor field into another, I realized based on all my current understanding about gravity it made perfect sense and is the best source of information I've found relating to how a UFO might operate.

I highly recommend you try to get this book, it is very very good! Over here (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/625397.The_New_Meta_Physics) it got 5/5 stars by 4 raters.

And why do I think this book contains so important information, that I also think is true. It is because "unconditional love" is made so important in the message, that's why, because that's also what I discovered in an OBE I had - that unconditional love is incredibly important and incredibly true in creation. A few examples from the book:

"You will be breathing a new atmosphere, which will be an extension of the clarity of your own consciousness, and it will be both crystalline and sweet, perfumed with the sweetness of your own unconditional love."

"Ecstasy is the functioning, the expressing, and the creating and the willingness to simply act as the total being you know yourself to be. It is the mechanism and the vibration of unconditional love which gives rise to all of creation."

"Unconditional love is the vibration that gives rise to the validity of all that has been created within creation."

And how about this definition of truth:

"Truth is a reflection of the purposes you have chosen to focus upon on any particular reality, and any ultimate truth is the product of all of the personal truths that exist within any one reality."

The book also contains very clear questions and clear answers, such as:

We understand that at one time, what appears to be Atlantis, used antigravity machines to enable us to build structures and travel freely without polluting the planet. Will you explain that method, and do we have that potential in the Earth's near future?

Yes, you do. Now, actually, you have recreated some of antigravity already, but because of the situation that you have created with your political structure, much of this information has been suppressed. You will find in your own research the exploration of the vibration of electromagnetism and light through crystalline
structures and conductors (and, also, experimenting with conductors) that are created to be rotational masses. These will be the directions that will allow you to recognize the ability to adjust the gravitic dynamic tensor field in ways that will give you what you have colloquially called antigravity.

5th January 2016, 22:47
:) Gravity is not what we are taught it is by conventional physics (and Einsteins theory on these things is not quite correct), Tesla on the other hand, had worked it out ... ;)

Yes, there are many ways to achieve the "flying saucer" method of propulsion - this goes right back to the ancient Indian Vimana's (which used a spinning "mercury" engine), the research and experiments done by the Germans starting back in the 1920's with the "Vrils", (and quite possibly up to now).

We have many different methods of "explosive" propulsion engines today: piston, radial, rotary, 2 & 4 stroke, turbines (jets and so on) - unfortunately they all burn (or explode) fuel to achieve it. (Implosion is better, explosion not good).

Then we may have some which work in an entirely different manner altogether; they "sail" on magnetic lines of force which exist everywhere - the craft itself is shaped in such a way to "work with nature" (just as the sails on a boat or the wings on a sailplane - and the materials used - are optimized for this); the "wind" in this case being the energy which exists everywhere. (The Roswell flying-wing shaped craft "apparently" had no visible engine or method of propulsion which could be recognised at the time).

You can even build your own model "lifter" from YouTube videos which duplicate some of the earlier work done by the likes of Townsend T Brown (and by earlier I mean almost a century ago!).

6th January 2016, 04:06
I believe bob, his truth causes him nothing but grief ... he gained nothing, fact of point he lost , and wished to this day he had been silent... he went so far as to make videos explaining the science learned by the back engineering in case they killed him , 5 vhs tapes are/available ...

6th January 2016, 09:45
Off topic, but I've tried to download The New Metaphysics & each time my pc picks up a virus :(, even from the actual Bashar site.

6th January 2016, 21:19
Hi Kirolak (and other interested readers).
Here's the text only version of the PDF of The New Metaphysics - virus free! :) - I'll leave it up here for a few weeks as it's stored in my folder (which is getting very full). Hopefully the Mods may be able to add it to Avalon's main library.

Enjoy! :)