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18th January 2016, 09:36
Dear Friends,

Before reading, if possible please listen to this wonderful piece by Enya. I find music is like a sixth sense, I find beautiful music like this really describes and encapsulates the world in such a way that really expresses the importance of reality.


Please take your time reading,

I wanted to start off by saying we have arrived at 2016 and the sad thing is we got this far and still nothing is really being done about our situation.

The alternative media is much bigger then the mainstream media now and knowing we have the numbers to stop this we still go on exposing the obvious, I'm finding this hard to watch, I mean this is whats so insane about it all now.

The mainstream of alternative media want to start thinking about the real change their making to the world, I stopped watching The Alex Jones Show years back now, it was like watching mainstream media only their exposing what the governments doing and yet they still go on reporting, and people go on watching. What!! We have the numbers now, why go on repeating, I find that quiet crazy my self.

I wonder why the cabal laughs. For us to take action is what they don't want, I personal think that the chemtrails play a major role in this, i suggest their there to stop us perceiving the possibilities of alternative thought. its really sad.
I mean you can prove to people who are asleep the obvious, yes fluoride in the water GMO's in the food and a lot of them subconsciously will ignore and forget what you've told them.

You know theres a real difference between having done a little research into what going on to actually stepping outside and coming to terms that this is a reality and its about time we faced this agenda right in the eye. No more complying, Us so called crazies are holding up our own slavery by our own repeating alternative media or saying what should be done with no one taking action What are we doing.

Bill Ryan had mentioned before about the counterculture, it is brilliant what he says.

The alternative interview circuit is just as incestuous. We have literally hundreds of radio shows in which the same people are interviewed over and over again. Little is actually accomplished. We feel as if we're busy, and sometimes feel good about ourselves, but most often we're just wheel-spinning. All we're doing, to a large extent, is occupying our time and PREVENTING ourselves from making any real difference.

Exactly, I mean look at it this way, how many more illuminati videos on youtube do we need, and yet the people watching them still go on watching them, come on were the ones holding up all this. It's just entertainment now, We know theirs an agenda.

Im finding were losing our social interaction on a real basic level.

In the movie Tomorrowland theres a wonderful speech that describes the state that humanity is in now, It describes how we all know whats going on here, yet still don't take the move.
Hollywood is really having ago with us here.


Max Igan and his Full Circle Project is absolutely brilliant. Its all about creating action groups and re-uniting as a people to exchange ideas, forming groups, and having that real communion together.

With all this been said i have started a global healing event on the Full Circle Project were thousands of people around the world can join.

If you haven't already signed up for the Full Circle Project i suggest you do so, its our best option so far.

Event Link: https://www.fullcircleproject.net/event/189/ Information on the Event.

Global Healing Is Here - The Beginning Starts Within (daily meditation)

Here is the proof:
Their was 39 studies made on mediation where 7000 people are meditating and the global rate of terrorism decreased by 72%,
corresponding decreases in crime, fatalities, violence and corresponding increases in health and the economy.
Its that the thoughts of violence were influenced to a very disproportionate level by thoughts of love, peace and harmony.
The people who were going through this meditative practice were reaching a state they called pure consciousness, which means that your mind is uplifted, you feel extremely blissful and extremely at peace and in that state of consciousness there appears to be some sought of radiant effect that goes through everyones mind on earth through the energetic sea which is made up of frequency and vibration. So that your emotional feeling is actually not just a private event, the way you feel in your mind and in your heart is influence by the world to such an extent that 3 out of 4 people world wide decided not to pick up that gun, not pick up that suitcase bomb, not to crash that plane or whatever it is they want to do to cause mayhem and chaos.

With that been said this is the evidence that the energetic sea can be effected by thoughts, we do have the power to change physical material, so lets gather as much people as possible around the world for a global mediation as a daily practice to speed up these truth vibrations.
I say its about time we started painting another picture.

We must remember that we are all one consciousness experiencing this world collectively so whats there to be afraid of, this is our last chance.

Use your own most comfortable way to come to a relaxed state of mind and pure consciousness. Having this mediation as a tool to bring the higher self to pure consciousness and having the intent to heal the planet from violence and especially its dark agenda.

If listening to binaural beats or 432Hz frequencies helps I find Sacred Acoustics are some of the best out there.

Mediation starts on the 22:30 PM 1st February 2016 AEDT
Meditation finishes on the 23:30 PM 1st December 2016 AEDT
If you personal can't make the full hour thats fine half an hour is enough, for those who can thats great, it's trying to make suitable times for people around the world.

Set times around the world are listed below:

Event Countdown:

18th January 2016, 12:00
More than happy to join in.I completely agree with the power of such events and thinking behind it.

18th January 2016, 12:20
This looks really interesting.

I must admit I've thought the same - how we seem stuck in a loop. Yes we're slowly 'waking-up' and observing the PTB's agenda as it unfolds but we don't do anything about it. I'm as much to blame of course! I patted myself on the back for this realisation and then went back to whatever it was that was occupying my time.

Thanks for giving me a nudge!

18th January 2016, 16:09
I will be more than happy to join in the meditation, however I feel we can do even more than that. In the work place, at home in our own families. I raise 3 children, and I raise all of them according to the cosmic laws. I am currently doing my thesis on my 5 year old and how he responds to the NET (New Earth Teacher) course. Self healing techniques, How to clean water and make food more nutrisious, how to communicate and heal anmals. They in turn show their friends who thinks its really cool and so interest grow in waking up spiritually. Theres so much we can do and I thank you for starting this. :flower:

19th January 2016, 01:21
I started listening to bi-natural beats about two years ago , it helped me have my first OBE ... recommend everyone give it a try ...

19th January 2016, 18:09
Moda, thank you for your post.

Yes, I do feel that there is change needed and until recetly I thought it all came down to taking personal responsibility for ones own life in every possible way, to learn about truth and the peeling of the union-like layers of deception, the joining togheter of people who are able to face truth and their willingness to take action. And still it is playing chess against a chess master who is on the winning hand. It seems we are nearing the end of the game by losing, checkmate. Lately I am wondering if there is anything we can do to beat the opponent at all. Humanity is divided in all possible ways and we are with our backs against the wall. It is just not possible to act as a team on this immense and sinister game of divide an conquer. The opponent is cleverly disguised in all levels and all directions. Mainstream and alternative media are both hijacked by this force. To find authentical information which is not designed to enforce the game is like searching for a needle in a haystack. I do not mean by this that the people who are bringing out certain kind of Dis-information are doing it on purpos., I mean that this information is highly indoctrinated and has lost it's integrity. It is polluted by the building up of falsities and normalities we encouter everyday. They are so close to us and part of our mental and emotion environment that we cannot see it for what it is. You see, this battle is going on for ages, for thousands of years. It is deeply embedded in our DNA and embodied in every fibre of our existence.

And still, it is based on a illusion.

It seems to me that playing the game only reinforces the strength of our opponent. He already tought out his moves and is ahead of us countless steps. He is the master of illusions. (with 'he' I mean 'the opponent force in general')

It seems to me that the only way of 'beating' our opponent is by leaving the game alltogheter. And by this I do not mean going to another planet or giving up on life. By this I mean to see the game as it is: to see the grant illusion and to transcend it all togheter. To see trough this mutant paradigm of money, new age, politics, science and religion: To see it for what it really is and stop re´nforcing it in every way. To play a game of duality you need to have at least two opposites,: a we and a them. If we stop playing it all togheter and start emobying our divine self, free from the illusionary chains of this synthetic duality, free from the illusion of death and free from it's deviant systems, there might be a chance. All other options seem to me to only re´nforce the game.

For this to do, I think one has to have two accurate mental maps. The map of the illusion, and the map of the emobied divine self which is free of all illusions. Without these two maps we are indeed lost. I think that should be the goal of learning, growing, integrating and transcending.

How to do this? Am I right or completely off in my estimations? I have no f*cking clue.

27th January 2016, 00:08
I hear you Moda, the warrior-side is starting to wake up.


Spotted Horses
30th January 2016, 02:15
I will be joining the meditation. This past year I have experienced a complete transformation in my life. I have been dancing the sacred circle daily with drumming chanting and dancing. I express m gratitude for the blessings in my life.
The result is that I truly live a blessed life. I personally have chosen to not participate in any media, I don't watch TV, I don't listen to the radio. I grow food, I collect my own medicine, I walk in the forest, share with my neighbors, I try to make eye contact with every person I encounter (it is amazing how hard some people try to avoid that!)
The fact is, everything is energy. EVERYTHING! We can stir this energy just as we make ripples in water when we touch it.

Spotted Horses
30th January 2016, 02:20
I will be more than happy to join in the meditation, however I feel we can do even more than that. In the work place, at home in our own families. I raise 3 children, and I raise all of them according to the cosmic laws. I am currently doing my thesis on my 5 year old and how he responds to the NET (New Earth Teacher) course. Self healing techniques, How to clean water and make food more nutrisious, how to communicate and heal anmals. They in turn show their friends who thinks its really cool and so interest grow in waking up spiritually. Theres so much we can do and I thank you for starting this. :flower:

I agree completely. We move the energy through drumming, singing, meditation and we affect change in the physical world by the choices we make with our food, medicine, children and our contact with others.