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Victoria Tintagel
3rd December 2010, 22:18
Hey Avaloneans, here's an opportunity to read about the busy bees at the Translation Project. I am part of the transcript-team and this Project is a group of very lovely dedicated people, making it possible to publish the Avalon and Camelot interviews with translations in many languages. Consider if your time is leaving you some space to participate in this project, it's possibly as much transforming for you as the membership here in the Project Avalon Forum. At least now you have a chance to know more about this team, that works in the background, but deserves an applause and each of them a red ribbon :) Blessed be, Dutchess Tint.

The Avalon Translation Project

A message to all members of The Avalon Translation Project


A Thanks-Giving turkey, apple-spice stuffing, sweet yams, mashed potatoes and cranberries (oh!—and let’s not forget the pies) will make any newsletter come in a little late this Fall, dusted with snow and all. So, to all our readers, here we come!

Project coordination

Fran, leader of the original Camelot Transcription Project (the Divine Cosmos Team), sent us --both Avalon and Camelot Teams-- the entire existing transcript list including both video and audio interviews of the Camelot Library material. Zoe (Camelot Team) will finish publishing all the video interviews transcripts on the Camelot site soon. Harry (Transcripts Team coordinator) has been helping Zoe with this and together with Miguel's help, will be adding the video interviews transcripts to the Reformatted Camelot Contents page. The busy bees!

Teams and members

Four new members have landed at the ATP this month: Sara Bisse is a new member to Bulgarian Team, Nela Ivanovic is a new member to Serbian/Croatian Team, Rie Ferguson is a new member to Japanese Team. And Stelu Harsan, who will probably join the Romanian Team soon. A warm welcome to you!

Many congratulations to Galina as the new Bulgarian Team coordinator!

Elias, the Persian Team coordinator, has recently posted their team's logo, the "Farvahar”: a symbol for Persian righteousness, according to his own description. Don’t be shy about contacting New Member Support Team for any questions you might have about the ATP. For “techy” questions contact Technical Support. Contact Video Subtitling Team or Transcripts Team for any related questions. Finally, ATP’s Project coordinators: Jean-Luc, Miguel, and Kiyomii are here to answer calls of distress.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the updated and revised 2nd edition of the Beginners' Guide. It contains helpful tips and answers to many questions.

NING platform and Avalon website

The long waited "Leo Zagami" interview transcript (Parts 1, 2, 3) will be published soon. It’s in its final review by Fran.

The General Reference Forum's section is featuring two discussions this month: “Workflow” and the "Blog Posts Publication Reference".


Some excellent new discussions are now on the site. Topics this month's include: “Somebody’s Watching Over Us”; “Discernment”; “Know Yourself”; “On Our Terms”; “United We Strike”; “The Eve of the Big Change of China”; “Meditation”; “Where Are You Now?”; “Be Like a Young tree That Flexes in the Wind”; “The Interview”; and “Food for Thoughts”—we are now at 27! Don’t be shy about adding your thoughts these days. You might just inspire a smile or bring a new angle to someone’s vision of things. Thank you all for participating in the discussions!

Last words...

Ceremony is the smoke of friendship.


See you soon @ NING!

This Newsletter was a collaboration between your Project Coordinators and Events and PR team. Please contact Rima if you'd wish to suggest any news of interest for the ATP community to be included in the next Newsletter.

Visit The Avalon Translation Project at: http://tintagel.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

3rd December 2010, 22:21
You always come up with kewl stuff to post, thank you so much

17th September 2014, 12:58
Hi. I was told that someone on Cobra's blog offered to help translate some of our writing.

If anyone can help, we'd appreciate it. This is our most vital article to date:


Here's an example translation page: