View Full Version : Type two diabetes caused by artificial sweeteners?

23rd January 2016, 17:40

This was a prog I saw on UK TV recently- quite shocking- as the control group on artificial sweeteners -their bodies were fooled it would seem !

26th January 2016, 18:50
Yes indeed. Aspartame is far worse than sugar with regard to cause & effect. Aspartame is far, far worse than anyone can imagine. No product has received more complaints to the FDA than any other, yet they continue to condone and support its use.

One of the world's leading proponents for the banning of Aspartame (she has since retired) travelled all over the world lecturing against its use. She always met tremendous resistance from various government health agencies. Once in Belgium she was prepared to testify. She had stacks and stacks of documentation, anticipating her day at the hearing set up by a province leader. A Japanese businessman, from the company who bought the rights to Aspartame, saw Dr. XXX outside the venue and boasted that his satchel full of cash would go much further than her stack of documentation.