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23rd January 2016, 20:29

23rd January 2016, 23:08
(edit: the video above has static image of an over unity type device, which is what led me to make this below post)

The Rossi cold fusion patent, which to be an issued process patent, must fully disclose it's total function well enough to be able to build a functioning one. That any given expert in the requisite fields can easily build a functional model from the patent issuance.

That the patent would be struck down if it cannot be built or it does not function.

Thus, a functional cold fusion patent, an over unity device, in the wild.

It is legal to build personal examples from the patent information. That is explicit in patent law---you can build personal models, working examples for patent investigation. You can bring legal suit against him for publishing a non functional patent. No one has yet to do so.

So, in effect, in the real world, here is a functional over unity free energy patent, that is easy to build....with a USPTO issued number.

You wanted world change.... well, then get your back into it.

The tools are on your doorstep, go outside and play with them.


small scale individual personal household power, no centralized power scheme.

About $1.5 us dollars for approx a year's worth of heat power, at about 3kw of energy. enough to run a generator, heat things, turbines, and so on.

To heat and power a poorly insulated 4 bedroom (2000sq ft) house in lets say Sweden or Finland, with powerful and cold winters. For about $5-6kUS up front (to build the devices), and about $20US of replenishment and maintenance per year.

Replenishment and maintenance with renewable 'non-environment damaging' resources. Ie, infinitely renewable, no environmental damage. It can't be weaponized, no radiation, etc all possible failure modes of the devices are non threatening in all ways. Except thermal, thermal overload can take place. it can get hot enough to break down...but that's all it does, then it cools off.

So go for it.