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30th January 2016, 00:05
Sean Stone with Oliver Janich

"How the refugee crisis in Germany is showing the cracks in the European union, and the decline of the West is illuminated with author and political activist Oliver Janich. Are the refugees being organized by government agencies like the CIA? Is this human crisis part of a two-fold attack on society, compounded with the economic crisis? And why are the governments of Europe so determined to underreport crime in the wake of the influx of people from the Middle East? An honest and direct conversation about it on Buzzsaw."

Oliver Janich is a German journalist and author as well as a politician, founder and former president of the Partei der Vernunft (Party of Reason). He is the author of THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.

Website: http://www.oliverjanich.de/

00:01 Welcoming Oliver Janich to Buzzsaw.
00:45 The German climate with refugees, from the ground.
02:23 Controlled demolition of Europe takes hold--with attention to Germany.
05:43 The interest in two massive crisis in Germany--both economical and refugees.
08:13 Organizing Arab gangs in Europe from abroad.
10:50 Muhammad Atta, the CIA, and manipulated conspirators.
12:40 Civil unrest and organized opposition.
15:34 Buried information, underreported crime, and the truth about refugee place in German society.
18:50 The certainty of a massive social clash in Europe, and the anarchist response to the crisis.
21:35 Turkey and a tricky game being played with NATO.
23:40 Can Islam overtake a Europe in decline?
25:05 Where to find more.
25:35 Thanks and goodbye.

Published on Jan 29, 2016


30th January 2016, 01:19

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30th January 2016, 06:00
This type of disregard for self and others demonstrates a behavior that is indicative of stark raving survival, trauma and or other triggered behavior??? I find it appalling that the seeming lack of appreciation of shelter, food and safety is displayed and find it hard to believe or comprehend that this could be cultural??

My privileged life leaves me baffled with how these video's are depicting some supposed immigrants ...........could this be true and if so, could it be the mindset of these people, cultural poverty and trauma, constant warring fallout and PTSD, primitive survival lifestyle, propaganda, provocateurs, century old patriarchal superiority where women as supposed to do the work or what???

It is disgusting if true and even more so if not IMHO!!

30th January 2016, 06:32
At least to not knowing (really) the where, why and what to the above videos conditional/situation ...

Then perhaps such refugee immigrant group behavior -
Should simply be considered for a fast track list for immediate deportation ?

I for one, don't believe we should put (view) all refugees into a one behavioral group category.

30th January 2016, 15:42

A very interesting analysis of what had happened in Europe, one that follows what I had thought the source of the 'refugees' were. Ie, a directed, controlled, drive and financed effort to drive people into thinking that they would be adopted by Europe. to make people move toward Europe.

And within that driven and financed plan, they could plant their agents of destruction and whatever given terrorism they might decide to commit.

These things like a sudden refugee migration, don't just happen out of the blue. someone has to plan it and create the impetus.

All the signs are there.

This is war. clandestine war. hidden war. dark war. Quiet war.

All done in this manner since approximately the end of WWII, as the elite types know that the world will not accept open full warfare..... so they drive it quietly.

In the case of the USA they took over the federal offices and drove wars from the president's office as the US federal system gives the president control over all foreign involvements (without restriction, without control, without any form of oversight). The CIA is the intelligence arm of the foreign involvement apparatus, and you hear the 'get them over there, so they don't come here' spiel coming from the the given federal offices, since after WWII.

Then.... the supra-national elitist corporate games mixed in. (Oligarchy --- in the direction and control of massive corporations and banks, etc)

The game at hand with the sudden migrant influx is like a terrorist wearing a chest strapping of 6 or 8 new born babies as body armour and camouflage, so you won't see or hear them, so you won't understand what is going on. That is the case, generally... if one is a member of the general public, that is manipulated and swayed by the games of media.

As more people reach higher levels of discernment and can begin to see what is going on, then the elitist games reach new levels of complexity and viciousness, as they have to 'up the ante' in order to get what they want.

They will always up the ante, to get what they want, as long as this grants them the ability to get what they want---done. The games will become more devious, more brutal, more shocking, more open, more complex, more convoluted, whatever it takes for them to achieve their objectives.

They will go this way until they are finally in full open warfare which is publicly witnessed and openly lived, if that is what it takes to achieve their objectives.

Those objectives are sacrosanct and will not be deserted or left behind, at any price that the public and people of the world (people local to you or remote) might pay.

So understand that this is what all this clandestine war is headed toward, and deal with it while you still can.

30th January 2016, 17:24
At what point do members of the various police forces and regular armies say 'enough' when they are requested to 'attack' their own citizens. Or has the carefully tailored pschometric selection process assured they only employ the order-followers?

30th January 2016, 18:06

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The above video is symptomatic of young men who are used to be waited on by their mothers.

30th January 2016, 18:36
Division, that's the thing I've seen a lot in Europe lately. Mission accomplished?

30th January 2016, 19:32
Before the union, there was division, division lines, the countries were autonomous within their own culture.
We now speak of European culture, but what is typical EU-food? Is there an EU-language? What's the traditional EU-dress? No one knows. So from division came an artificial unity and from unity comes division again. This is a current event with many many facets.

30th January 2016, 19:45
To the powers that be ...


Driven To Tears

The Police