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30th January 2016, 22:18
Revered by those in the alternative medicine community, Dr. Andrew Moulden disappeared from his anti vaccine platform and now there is suspicion he was murdered. Big Pharma hated his guts. He was brave, articulate and informative about the neurobiological implications of vaccines for years in Canada. Please watch his videos and see for yourself if he was a quack as the internet now professes. He was not in the eyes of many practitioners. His work precedes him. Google his many videos.

Here is an abominal description on a quack wikipedia.
Death and purported mental illness

On November 4th, 2013 Andrew Moulden died. [12] An individual reported to be his sister posted a Facebook message stating that "My brother was Bipolar and it was consuming his life. Drew committed suicide on Monday." [13]

p.s. I saw the FB note and it never said anything of the above. It was a sister who felt grieved not this.



30th January 2016, 22:51
Thanks buddy, I have always felt that vaccines are incredibly evil. To all: Stay away from that **** and if you hear somebody talking of vaccines: warn them!

30th January 2016, 23:33
Year ago I looked into Dr. Moulden's life. He was persecuted dreadfully by the system. I made notes, I watched him on video - he is from my area of the country (Toronto). He died of a "heart attack" at age 49, right after he had confided to someone that he was about to reveal his years of research into vaccines. I remember going to his website at the time. He was stopped from practising medicine, so being genius level, he went back to school and got a non-medical PhD. And gathered research. He had degrees as a BA, an MA, an MD, and a PhD. I watched him talk and discerned a huge caring heart-centered man.

The video quality of the many I watched were not good. When I began looking into his work I think he was still alive. I saw some home-made shaky videos of him visiting people in an apartment and helping them.

He did a series called "Tolerance Lost" in three volumes, amounting to several hours of you tube watching (each volume is about two hours long). I saved a lot of his videos in case they "erased" him on the internet, but I see in looking today that he has been picked up by anti-vaccination groups.

Here is a link about him: http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/dr-andrew-moulden-every-vaccine-produces-

Dr. Moulden wrote this: "What we have done to each other [with vaccines] has produced the most profound damage to humankind by humankind in the history of humanity."

It is good to look into the lives of those fearless enough to speak truth. It strengthens us to see examples in the lives of such people.

By the way, I offer this from my notes (without being able to cite reference, for this was for my own personal understanding). It is an example of how data is manipulated to confuse and mislead us on so many topics.

"About the time of the Sabin polio release, what had been formerly classified as polio had been reclassified as aseptic meningitis. At the same time, diagnosis of polio was changed from one day to TWO MONTHS.

"At 1962 congressional hearings on “Evaluation Standards of the American Public Health Ass.”, Dr. Bernard Greenberg (Head of Biostatistics) testified that there’d been a 50% increase in polio cases 1957-1958, and an 80% increase in 1959, that polio had increased (after the first national polio vaccinations in 1958) by 80,000 cases..."

4th February 2016, 18:24
Some of the framers of the Constitution wanted medical freedoms written in, but were over-ruled by majority who did not believe it would ever be an issue. Those advocates were very prescient. Look where we are now. Truly effective cures are mocked. Healers are ridiculed and killed. The Medical Mafia thrives because of lies. As a rabid proponent of natural remedies I have to fight off dark emotions and thoughts daily. It is hard to not hate these vile purveyors of poison, even harder to forgive.