View Full Version : Obama proposes $10.00 per barrel tax on oil

5th February 2016, 05:59
Just in, Obama wants to charge 10 dollars more per barrel of new taxes for the oil companies to pay but let's face it those charges will be paid at the gas pump by you and I. Sorry but they robbed social security from us and collected Billions in Highway taxes, gas taxes already and Obama care priced most of us out of the market and have to pay a fine. WTF! Sorry...I don't trust him and wants us all pay more...

Twisted Flames
5th February 2016, 12:12
Obama is trying to profit as much as he can before he gets out of office.

5th February 2016, 14:04
Well we just topped 19 trillion officially in the national debt for the country USA which by the way broke the record for the most spending ever by a president, in fact it broke the record of spending for the combined total of all the presidents combined from George Washington to Bush over 200 years of spending. Border guards are being told to look the other way so we have no borders. Hell why not do a $10.00 a barrel tax , he said he was going to fundamentally transform America, should have been fundamentally demolish America from within. I'm not saying the all the presidents prior were saints by any means but this leader knows nothing about hot dogs, apple pie or baseball . And only 8% of his administration has ever held a real job in the profit sector . Another words 92% of the people surrounding him have lived off of a system where the philosophy is government can spend YOUR money better than you can so lets just borrow and take more from the hard working American people . When you never worked for a living in a real job with real hard working people YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU DON'T KNOW. Better days are coming with the new elections and we will snap this country back , that's the American spirit alive and well!

5th February 2016, 18:03
I suspect Obama is going to spend his last year legacy building and preparing for his library... We the people really don't matter now... The great awakening is our saving grace, they can use old tricks but at least vast amounts of people see through it now...

5th February 2016, 18:48
...remember back in the 90s one Chinese citizen stood up against tyranny and for freedom in Tienanmen Square facing down a huge tank and keeping it from moving forward... we are waking them....people are aware of Obama and one day he will get his reward and yes maybe some citizens will have to die for our freedoms to wake the masses


6th February 2016, 06:45
Obama won't be happy until America looks like the south side of Chicago. .. he really should stay out of the business world and stick to making speeches. ..