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5th December 2010, 22:52
I posted this on another thread as a side topic...off topic actually...I should know better:p

Yemen, Gulf of Aden, population, just under 24 million, will, within a decade or thereabouts, run out of water.

They have all but exhausted their deep water wells and continue to drain them at a catastrophic rate....mostly due the introduction of 'commercial' growing of 'GAT' a chewable leaf that gives a euphoric/alert, yet relaxed high.



Farmers were growing grapes and other crops, mostly, but GAT (Khat, Qat) proved to yeild a much higher price and sadly, with a high price to pay in the future (no water). GAT trees require an enormous amount of water to grow, one of the thirstiest plants known.

Also, one of the more serious issues related to the 'chewing of GAT' (side effect) is the huge amount of water the chewer's require, further compounding the water issue.

Qat also eats into family budgets, aggravating poverty and leading to under-nutrition of children and others, experts say.

"Qat is the culprit," said Sahooly, at the Sanaa water authority office where he works as an adviser. "It is a dangerous crop that will lead us to disaster."

Government policies are also to blame. Diesel subsidies, due to cost the state $2 billion this year, indirectly encourage qat farmers, or well-owners like Tawwa, to pump more water.

24 million people, soon to be without water and seriously addicted to GAT will, without doubt, bring more issues to the Middle East. This has the potential to bring about civil war if not war in the outlaying region.


6th December 2010, 00:41
Ross, on another thread last Friday, I posted the recent Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory about "The Water Conspiracy".

Holly Spaulding, from Environmental Living, says that big corporations are taking water from the Great Lakes to sale, while other corporations are placing lithium and other anti-psychotic drugs in the water to make us docile. We are being neutered by hormone disrupters from the plastic bottles.

T-Bone Pickens has purchased thousands of acres of land in Texas in an effort to control water and make over a billion dollars in the next 30 years.

The Nestle corporation is secretly pumping approximately 90 million gallons of water per year from remote locations of the Great Lakes to take the water and sale to other countries.

Michael Dean, water industry lobbyist, was questioned by Jesse about the large profit to be made on water privatization. Where is the water going? Pleaded stupidity. The Bushes have also purchasee a lot of land in South America near a huge aquifer.

Is China taking our water and pumping it into their aquifers? Yes, it appears so. Water is being scrag-bagged to China, large bags full of water pulled by boats, to recharge their aquifers and stockpile this precious resource from our own water resource, weakening the U.S.

Should we bend over further? I can't believe these scumbags are selling our water to other countries.

6th December 2010, 01:59
Ross, on another thread last Friday, I posted the recent Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory about "The Water Conspiracy".




6th December 2010, 02:33
One more reason for a massive worldwide land reform, it is urgent and mandatory. It won't be things of a few southern countries anymore.

Namaste, Steven

Lost Soul
6th December 2010, 03:07
George Green warned us a while back. The most valuable natural resource is water. Gotta have it. No water, no life.

7th December 2010, 22:03
Blue Gold - World Water Wars 1/9


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a grim and real problem that faces most people on this planet and its getting worse