View Full Version : Black and white paternal twins. fascinating

23rd February 2016, 23:23
Wasn't sure where to post this so here it is for now.

I just thought this was absolutely fascinating and thought I'd share it.
A black and white couple had two sets of twins 7 years apart and they both came out with one black and one white.


Michael Moewes
24th February 2016, 02:23
This is amazing

24th February 2016, 07:25
They were FRATERNAL twins where two Ova were involved.

24th February 2016, 23:38
All the twins are not individually 'black' or 'white' but are mixed race. Two of them express their genetic heritage as having a dark skin and the others have a pale skin--- but they are all 'mixed race'--- (if there has to be a definition). I presume, but am not certain, that all of them could have dark or fair children.