View Full Version : 2016 Conspiracy websites in France

25th February 2016, 16:50
Conspiracy websites list in France 2016 :

No. 1 - rt.com
No. 61 - projectavalon.net (good place!)
N 1203 - vouloireagir.org


A Voice from the Mountains
26th February 2016, 21:45
This is getting attention because France has passed a law lately that would allow them to block access to websites they deem to be some kind of threat.

I have seen other lists compiled of sites that the French think might be threatened by this law. It's interesting that the top three in this list are all Russian news sites, one in English, one in French and one in Russian. 4th is a news source in Persian (from Iran I suppose), followed by Alex Jones' Infowars and then Before It's News.

All in all, this is really a list of some of the better places to get news and information, though there's tons of disinformation out there too and everybody likes to put their own spin on information.