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6th December 2010, 21:20
:horn: Hellooooo, Avalonians!

You have the finger.
You have the fingernail.
You have the fingernail clipping.

Barring accident, the finger remains with the body to the end.
Barring accident, the fingernail remains with the finger to the end.
Barring the occasional eccentric, the fingernal edges get clipped regularly to preserve the function and aesthetic of the finger.

Now, let's take our metaphor to Wikileaks.

Think of the finger as TMastardsTB.
Think of the fingernail as Wikileaks (e.g. the extension of TMTB that is to be retained).
Think of the fingernail clipping as those exposed by Wikileaks (e.g. the extension of TMTB that can be discarded without consequence).

To wit, the finger and fingernail will remain in place long after the edge of the fingernail gets clipped off. Does this help you better understand Wikileaks?


ps: In the real case, TMTB occupy the brain of the body. There's an extensive hierarchy in between the brain and the fingernail clippings (e.g. brain to arm to hand to finger to fingernail to fingernail clipping). So basically, anything the body doesn't need anymore is pushed into the part of the fingernail primed for clipping.

ps2: Pruning will occur to clean the edges; TMTB will retain their power and their royalty over the minionship; and the rest of us get to be bewitched with much ado about nothing. Our net gain ... distraction.

6th December 2010, 21:42
OK Zook to carry the finger metaphor further, what about the case where a finger is amputated.........................we know there are cases where the fingers have been reattached. And there have been reports that some people have even regrown fingers to replace lost DIGITS. The word digit is in itself very interesting in that it means human fingers used to alter and manipulate physical reality, and the numbers used to quantify our reality in ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS. Tracking back from the appendages to the brain and beyond, clearly something very persistently is holding the holographic reality in place. That something lies behind the human body/mind construct. TPTB have been at work for aeons manipulating the very fabric of human reality, but they have been successful only because they have engineered a way to entrain the human on the multiple levels that we exist on. Once we remove our consent however, their game is all over. In order to remove consent it is first necessary to see how the system works. This is why TRUTH is such an important element in our developing consciousness and awareness and why the LIE is so destructive - it splits us in such a way that we become enemies onto ourselves. Let us not forget that on the DNA level, lowly discarded fingernails carry valuable, replicable information. Anything that furthers the track-back to that place before the split (the LIE) occurred is very important at this juncture. Do you see what I mean?