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7th December 2010, 06:15

Since it is now well and truly into December and we are hurtling towards 2011 with so much happening around the world, I thought it would be an opportune time to start a thread about what we all believe 2011 will bring....

I'll start off :

I believe 2011 will bring about an increasing awareness of what is happening to the world around us. With the help of wikileaks (among others), official secrecy will be further chipped away, and the efforts of TPTW will become more desperate and thus see-through. People will really begin to see them for who they are.

Disclosure may or may not happen, but the odds IMHO are stacked in favour of a major disclosure event sometime next year.

2011 (as I have said before), IMHO, is a major year for things to get rolling for 2012. We have a lot of ground to cover if what is predicted for 2012 is to come to pass, and 2011 will be the year for that to happen. Expect a lot of movement from TPTW in that resepct.

I also believe next year is a big year for prayer. I believe if we all set our intent and transmit our intent through the use of prayer we can make 2011 and 2012 that much better and greatly assist mankind in the awakening process. To this extent, I would like to get as many of you as possible on-side to pray on a daily basis to set a clear intent for the coming conscious shift in mankind to occur in a much more harmonious and accellerated manner than TPTW have in mind and than we could ever imagine possible. (I know this part is verging on going into the spiritual/metaphysical area but I'm sure even those of you who are not openly religious understand and acknowledge the importance of prayer in our life and as a tool that can be used in the coming times.) The focussed intent of the many through prayer CAN and WILL perform miracles :) We owe it to humanity to at least give it a try during 20111...... After all, what do we honestly have to lose???

<takes a deep breath>

Whew! There. I'm done with my rant :lol:

Please post your thoughts.

Yours in love and light and wisdom

7th December 2010, 08:14
Yes, we will pray more, do more good towards others and towards a better future, we will increase our intention for the higher good, for all, we will build better communities, we will, as individuals better know ourselves and in the process, give that outwardly, we will learn to love more...and so much more towards something better...

However...I will predict this, in regards to the overall populations of this Earth:

2011 will bring more of the same b/s as did 2010/09/08 and so on...

This world of almost 7 Billion ppls, will continue to be run by self-serving genocidal maniacs with their on going agenda's for power, greed and control.

Remember this: 50% of the worlds wealth
is owned by 2% of the population...until this changes, there is little hope for a better world, for all.

Disclosure if it happens, will not come from a place of 'truth' because 'truth' has no part in the present 'system' of control and suppression. This system has been built on dis-info (lies); it will continue to be just that, dis-info. Sadly the word 'truth' has lost its meaning, if ever it meant anything in the first place?

2012 will be much the same and possibly worse, and, the masses of the world will be further removed from a better existence. Yes this a bleak outlook, and forgive me for my reluctance to be positive, but I'm calling a spade, a spade.

Until there is some kind of massive shift in consciousness, which means a massive amount of participant's who really want change for the better, the status quo will continue.


The One
7th December 2010, 08:58
Citizens are often seen frustrated with the ongoing political issues. There is no dearth to the situations where they feel their opinions/viewpoints can make a difference for them as well as for the society as a whole especially if tptb control almost everything. Although the Constitution of the United States confers that the government is of the people, by the people & for the people, and that it is completely accountable to its citizens, the same does not happen always. One has to contact the senators and the representatives to notify what is right and what is demanded.

Undoubtedly, effective communication plays a key role in bringing the desired changes especially when we are talking about tptb. When it comes to defending citizens rights and promoting the national interests, online political activists play a crucial role in effectively communicating the will of the people to the legislators and thus bringing about various social, political, economic, or environmental changes.

Let’s hope 2012 is the beginning.The belief that we can change is the key to change.

7th December 2010, 10:13
Humans and their politics are so not-the-main-subject any-more ;)

I see 2011 as the year that sees marked escalation of the kinds of climate anomalies that have been seen around the world these past few years.

An often overlooked moderator for the socio-political scene is the effect of extreme and unexpected climate.

Right now in the UK a small taster of empty shops, rising fuel prices, travel difficulties - the kinds of urban inconvenience I have written about in the past which one should be planning for. Right now for me in Australia its rain. Lots and lots of it :)

7th December 2010, 15:24
What will 2011 bring to us, or what will we bring to 2011 :)

7th December 2010, 16:00
Of course you know me, I can not talk about 2011 without talking about the Mayan ancient knowledge. Remember that we, human, are holder of ideas and concepts, we are vehicles of consciousness.

According to the mayan pyramid of evolution, the end of 2010 was supposed to be all about Ethic. Ethic overpassing Power, in the world, in the consciousness of all human beings, all. Including this human elite. Because yes, they are also affected by this wave of accelerated novelties in our awareness. I can feel their inner unease in some case. Corruption are at the center of any discussion all over the world, even the pope (representation of power) will have to answer the international tribunal. The medias are all covering one aspect in common; corruption. It doesn't mean justice will prevail, it means Ethic is overcoming power in all the consciousnesses.

2010 was also the balance in the masculine and feminine aspect of Creation. The balance of the left brain versus the right brain. The balance in the western and eastern geopolitical relationship. Concretly, Brazil elected the first brazilian woman as president. Asia is now definitly the new major player in geopolitic, but not only that. Latin American countries and Africa are also emerging.

What will bring 2011, more awarness like Jcocks said. Awarness about our individual and collective impact on our reality. Awarness that we do 'shape', not create, 'shape' the creative energy that forms reality. Awarness about the reality we live in in a massive and sublte way. I see a lot of turmoil from the people, of course. It could lead to some high tension zone. It is impossible to pinpoint exactly how it will manifest concretly, but one thing for sure, it will create drastical change.

After 2011, in my opinion, we will began to see progressivly 'ideas' like massive land reform, protection of the Earth's patrimony (water, forest, air), new economical ways, fundamental laws and Principles of Life will be put forward in conversation and decision, spirituality will overcome religion, pyramidal structure of governance will be questionned and replaced by more holistic (spherical) structure, open contact with ethical alien intelligent life, reform of the educational systems, reform of the healthcare systems, reform of the militaro industrial complexe to a more ethical body of research and project geared toward space exploration, it will be more difficult for secrety to be maintained. Just to name a few things, I could go on and on, but these are in my view, ideas that will be more popular in our consciousnesses.

These ideas will spread and certainly manifest one day or another. Not without opposition, not without mistakes. But certainly will emerge in reality taking global roots.

The future is magnificient, the way to go there is tumultuous. Simply keep going.

Namaste, Steven

7th December 2010, 18:56
Let’s hope 2012 is the beginning.The belief that we can change is the key to change.

Why hope anything? What does it do?


7th December 2010, 19:00
Hope for some, brings on actions of positive movement to something better in ones life, if you don't have hope you have nothing to work with.

7th December 2010, 19:53
For 2011 I intend to live each moment as positively and truthfully as I can. It is my profound belief that together we have created our world (whether consciously or unconsciously) and together, as we awaken to who and what we are, we can create a new and better world. Personal Ethos that emphasizes truthfulness, compassion, and good common sense is essential for our survival and our evolution.

I believe the Buddhist tradition holds that we should engage in an active life without being attached to the OUTCOMES of those actions! In other words we should live in the moment, applying our principles to each micro-second as our lives roll out. To the extent that we can consciously apply our deepest and highest values integrated seamlessly into our thoughts, words and deeds IN THE MOMENT, we will, I believe, be co-creating with others a better world. I ask you, will you join us?

THAT I SHOULD DO SO, in hopes that others will join me, is my New Year's resolution.

Victoria Tintagel
14th December 2010, 22:32
Hey Avaloneans, here's a beautiful inspiring speech, which I think suits this thread. I do hope it does :) Blessed be, Dutchess Tint.
Theme from the musical Time, a seventies musical! Sir Laurence Olivier voice and face


14th December 2010, 22:50
Why hope anything? What does it do?


It doesn't need to do anything....it exists as a necessary counterbalance to despair. Because despair exists, hope exists.

From the point of ultimate despair, one turns their face to the light...no matter how far distant...no matter how unlikely.

That is hope.

Victoria Tintagel
14th December 2010, 23:24
Hey Avaloneans, I believe 2011 will help us understand our creator abilities more, maybe out of necessity :) for survival, although I believe we're gonna be fine, really. When you awaken to your life's purpose, life is going to support you tremendously, that's my experience at least. It's what the first line in my signature refers to. Here are 2 great video presentations, about the power of thought and the creation of our own reality. By Jim Carryey G.A.T.E. Inaugural Event June 4 2009 Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment. This is my creation for this moment and I am creating myself asleep very soon now :) Blessed be, Dutchess Tint.



14th December 2010, 23:31

For you dear TINT...a Time for purpose under heaven.............I TIME TO HEAL :)

15th December 2010, 05:24
I'm hoping my pineal gland bursts open and dmt releases and a giant ray of white light bursts out of my head and I go out of body into a dimension......sigh........but I'm a dreamer LOL.

Regardless I think it will be a time of purpose and pressure and change and new beginnings for better or worse for every human. Start writing, and throwing your ideas out there and pushing it out onto the public and the senators and all the bull****. Start a blog. Do what you can. Create something beautiful for yourselves and in turn the ones naturally attracted will come. All in all, life is going to be ****in' intense. So get crazy and create a beautiful reality. If we build it.....they will come hahaha.

15th December 2010, 16:32
Why hope anything? What does it do?


It does a lot, at a subconscious level. Dr. Joseph Murphy, in his old book, 'the power of the subconscious mind' reveal that 'hope and faith' are at the very root of all the miracles.

I personally beleive that a miracle could be something normal and frequent in the future. Because the understanding of how consciousness works and affect the reality will be part of the human awareness.

Of course, Hope and Faith goes along with your beleif system, even for the non-beleivers :) If you choose that hope as no impact in your life, your hope will take the proportion you give it. And its impact in your life will have the same proportion accordingly.

Namaste, Steven

15th December 2010, 20:48
Ross, I would love to disagree with you...but something tells me you are right! unfortunately. Hello everyone, my first post here by the way, and so sorry is a bit negative.

But having said that, I admit to myself that I don't know everything and maybe, just maybe things has to change, at least at some point in the planet's life.

The control of the controllers is soooo powerful and it has been for sooooooo long that it is almost impossible to really and truly feel positive towards the future. Their control is in everything and it is every where, but again, maybe, just maybe there is a little tiny light at the end of the tunnel. I need that little hope because otherwise life becomes almost unbearable with all this madness.

15th December 2010, 23:33
What a great topic for your first post Bluegate! A most sincere welcome to you.

There are shadows all around you...they are all around us. When we work, as we walk along, as we ride the train, when we sleep. Shadows in your dreams. The shadows escalate, but they need the light to exist. Without the light there is no shadow and vica-versa. I am not perfect. For instance tears streamed down my face when George W. Bush was re-elected. I was tied into an outcome...but I didn't have to be! I CHOSE TO BE. And I can chose not to be.

So bless the shadows, they help you to see the light. Bless your enemies, they make you strong. Be thankful for the friction of your life, it helps you to grow.

Feeling positive doesn't have to be tied in to outcomes. You can feel positive and hopeful as they line you up to die....its not easy...its just a state that doesn't require an outcome. I don't ask anyone to do this, but I intend to leave this body with a smile on my face and carry that warmth into whatever is next. WHATEVER IS NEXT.

I would carry that warmth into nothing and let it blow away in the wind. How could I do anything else? Its what I am.

16th December 2010, 02:32
...So bless the shadows, they help you to see the light. Bless your enemies, they make you strong. Be thankful for the friction of your life, it helps you to grow...

Hiram, what you wrote is music to my ears. Anthony de Mello once wrote that among the three most difficult and meaningful things we could do, transforming darkness into light (hate into love, fear into faith) was the greatest of all.

I still think it is true. And you just showed me your view which I totally heart-fully share. Blessing is indeed powerful, of course without faith to sustain it, it is meaningless. I like the concept of faith, because it encompass both intention and awareness of something Greater. And true faith let free the Universe to choose its way.


Namaste, Steven

16th December 2010, 21:12
Why hope anything? What does it do?


Yea the tibetans have talked about transcending hope and fear. Both are useless and keep us from power.

belief that we can change isnt enough. Only 'knowing' is good enough. Why accept mere belief?

16th December 2010, 21:24
I sure hope i can kick on some wild super powers in 2011 to combat whatever new insanity is implemented.

"Hopefully", we can attain some kind of critical mass which will trigger some powerful child to influence all the bacteria to eat all the military metals. lol
I dont think anyone will save us. But by saving ourselves thru consciousness can make it appear as if something outside of us saved us, when it was just a reaction to all our good work.

17th December 2010, 02:44
yea i'm very interested as to what 2011 will manifest.... my goal this coming year is to meet a mermaid... i hear there's a lot in canada

Victoria Tintagel
17th December 2010, 13:21
Feeling positive doesn't have to be tied in to outcomes. You can feel positive and hopeful as they line you up to die....its not easy...its just a state that doesn't require an outcome. I don't ask anyone to do this, but I intend to leave this body with a smile on my face and carry that warmth into whatever is next. WHATEVER IS NEXT.

I would carry that warmth into nothing and let it blow away in the wind. How could I do anything else? Its what I am.

Thank you, Hiram, my heart is happy with your words. I believe this attitude is the most beneficial for us humans now, at this moment on planet Earth. Lady Gaia thrives on that energy, I am so very sure of this. Be happy for no reason. An example of that positive attitude without an outcome attached, and the most valuable experience of this year 2010, for me, has been a moment of deep grief, pain and suffering and still being able to experience unconditional love, within my heart, towards myself and the person who was, to me, the cause of this grief.

That discovery changed my life forever, cause it showed me that I am really the creator of my reality: the creator of my point of view. I found that everything is bearable and endurable in the light of unconditional love and I've learned that love is the greatest transformational power on Earth. And it's setting you free. In that moment I learned what Jesus must have felt, enduring the disbelief and actions of his tormentors, the temptation of the devil. He also said "Love your enemy" and I think I do know now, what that means. This is truly self- empowerment and one of the greatest Christmas presents we can give to ourselves, in the end of this year 2010.

So bless the shadows, they help you to see the light. Bless your enemies, they make you strong. Be thankful for the friction of your life, it helps you to grow.
Thank you, Hiram :) Blessed be, Dutchess Tint.

17th December 2010, 14:58
I'm hoping my pineal gland bursts open and dmt releases and a giant ray of white light bursts out of my head and I go out of body into a dimension......sigh........but I'm a dreamer LOL. quote from Decibellistics, lovely

We can dream, wish and pray whatever we like but nothing will change as long as money can pay the bill of our will... The damage has been done by inflating bailouts, derivates and other bubbles that likely sooner then later will burst. The rich will get poor, and the poor will get desperate so desperate they'll do whatever TPTB want; 'total control' and they'll get it; by consent or conquest as they have tought us. Laws and wars will be played as 'legal' and unless all mankind has their pineal glands burst open there is no hope other then to go out of body into a another dimension

noxon medem
17th December 2010, 14:58
2011, what will it bring?
My guess is :
Winter and Spring, and then
Summer and Autumn, and
many other thing ...


17th December 2010, 16:40
I believe 2011 will be a fantastical year for 2012 hype! I believe that there will be many more UFO sightings and some of those will be incredible, truthful or false flags, that is for each to decide. I believe that world will become and even more dangerous place as rouge countries such as Iran and N. Korea figure out what to do with their nuclear weapons. Countries in Western Europe and the USA will start to destabilize as they begin to realize they cannot sustain the social programs that they have been promoting for a long time. The tea party in the US and the students in the UK are only a glimpse of what is to come.

Disclosure is already happening and it will grow in 2011. More incredible information will be leaked out but full disclosure is probably another year or two away! More people around the globe will begin to realize that the Universe is full of life and we certainly are not alone! People will begin to realize that enlightenment or ascension (or whatever name you give to it) is a personal experience and not a collective experience that happens to us all at one time!

Global Warming, Global Cooling or Climate Change will be recognized by more people for what it is, a misguided attempt by the Powers That Be for global control. Can you only imagine that governments around the world want to tax people on the weather. More souls around the world will start to wake up to this fraud.

I believe that there will be huge break throughs in the development of clean free energy. I don't think the solutions will all happen in 2011 but we will start to see the tip of the iceberg emerge as people begin to figure this out! Can you only imagine how the world will change as OPEC becomes less relevant. The shift in geopolitical power and the impact on world finances will be astronomical! Painful for many but necessary for all!

There will be many more advances understanding the power of the mind and its capabilities. New discoveries will astonish us!

There will be more truth tellers and more hoaxers but we have to be guided by our own intuition. Even then some of will be taken for a ride but the truth will eventually emerge to us all! We must have confidence in ourselves as the real source of the truth. Only then will begin to see things clearly!

18th December 2010, 02:10
I think I can sum 2011 in three words : Amazing, dizzying, and huge.

Hold on to your hats, we're in for one heck of a ride!!

18th December 2010, 17:39
From what I grok out of current language usage on this forum and elsewhere:

Hope means I want/would like/desire without any concrete plans.

In other words, I wish upon a star or would like for x to happen but have nothing to base it on.

Thus, all hopes are false hopes and false promises (i.e. backed by nothing).

A language usage example:

I hope to get married someday. (speaker obviously does not have concrete plans to get married -- i.e. no spouse or proposal, etc.)
I would like to get married someday. (speaker is stating their preference, but not coloring their reality with a false belief)
I am planning to get married next Fall. (speaker obviously has concrete plans to get married -- i.e. spouse and proposal and is planning out details).

Planning a new start on hope is dangerous because it negates reality and causes a false premise.

If you don't have hope, you may have your eyes open (i.e. not deluding yourself to what reality is, rather than what you want it to be).

We don't need hope to avoid despair -- we just need to plan for things and keep our eyes open. We don't need to "sugar coat" these things internally -- that is how we all fell asleep in the first place.

Please note, I'm not saying don't dream or don't have big, wonderful plans. I'm just saying don't delude yourself. For me that is the language difference and the problem with hope.