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11th February 2010, 06:50
*******************Special Notice********************

Here is the Original Link to Nexus 2012 to connect this New thread....


We thank all that have participated and especially to Astralwalker for posting the Original Thread!!!

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Blessings All!!
Welcome to our new "home" at Avalon-2 !!
As our World moves into New Energies.....
.....So do we,here at Nexus!!!

Humanity is so beautiful.....just look into anyone's eyes and you
can see the universe reflected there!!

Let us welcome all that will bring Humanity together in
a Universal Heart Beat!!!
************************************************** ***

22nd February 2010, 16:00
May All find joy on their own special path back to Source.....
Each one of us is unique in it's song in the Universe...
Follow your heart's frequency to find your path as your heart is the guidance system of your higher self....

27th February 2010, 10:45

ALL is Good!!! JUST follow your heart!!!

Divine Feminine will rise within our hearts and will bring such beautiful compassion and joy!!!!

For a small example of the power of Divine Feminine......

Have you wondered why as a new baby is born....
.......the parents and nurses(they deliver babies 24/7) cry????
I heard from Burt Harding the reason is.....
The Divine Feminine is in large dose as the new born pops into the world......
It causes the greatest bliss of tender,compassionate sweetness.....
....all that are present feel it's divine effects.....
and are moved to tears of joy.....
This is also why babies are so loveable.....
they have the aura of divine feminine.....

When we feel that sweet,sweet sense of bliss....we know that we are close to divine joy and divine feminine.....

Blessings to ALL
In much love!!!

11th March 2010, 06:33
A welcome & Greetings from Palaiedes...............................


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16th March 2010, 02:27

I know this is one of Mudra's favorite threads,
Its also one of mine too.

Thank you Samarkis,

Blessings to you All !

frank samuel
16th March 2010, 05:39
Thank you Samarkis for this thread the heart is the resonator that can transform us all into the true souls that we all are.
Thank you also for the welcome, Avalon for me is my family my heart goes out to everyone with a warm embrace. As always my desire is to contribute in whatever way I can. You guys got your work cut out for you in reorganizing everything again. I'll keep everyone in my prayers tonight so that everything comes out better than expected. I am sure it will. Please excuse me for not posting much today I am a bit exhausted from today's activities with my children . Please know that you can count on me to help make this forum an incredible beautiful community.

Thank you all and good night

16th March 2010, 10:11
Blessings Majorion & Frank Samuel.....
We are all working to bring Humanity home smoothly and safely......
AND will recieve Divine assistance to do so!!!!

May love & joy be in your heartbeats always!!!!


16th March 2010, 10:30
Here is the Original Link to Nexus 2012 to connect this New thread....


We thank all that have participated and especially to Astralwalker for posting the Original Thread!!!

17th March 2010, 15:54
Seek the still, small voice within to open the universe before you.

As my sig states, every man and every woman is a star. Unique and shining before all creation, each on our own path through the cosmos, we but need to reconnect to our hearts and there we will remember who we are. It is also at this point we will discover our 'mission' or 'Will'. As such, this is our divine purpose, the reason why we came here at this time, whether to help others directly, or to benefit mankind in more general terms.

I have great hope for this renewed venture and hope that anything I post may be of benefit to someone, somewhere. If each and every one of us just helps one other to find themselves then AV2's job will have been well done. But lets not stop at one each... lets go for many... lets go for the world :)

P.S. where do you get all those great pictures and is it part of this threads protocol to put one up with each post? If so, I need to start searching ;)

17th March 2010, 20:21
Welcome fr66ajc!!
Anything uplifting,enlightening,makes hearts sing is welcome at this thread!!

The graphics are not protocol........however, i get most of them from photobucket.com(Make a free account there!) and the forum gives access to the img codes.....It is just my way of sending out a small picture of what's in my heart...........to hopefully uplift & inspire..........: )

Here is a GREAT clip on the importance,beauty, & strength of emotions!! Enjoy!



17th March 2010, 20:40
I think its pivotal, to at least mention, within the context of NEXUS meditation, and thanks to lightbeing and mudra for introducing to me...

The Solfeggio Frequencies:


Enjoy, and Bless you all !

18th March 2010, 02:07
I am pleased to see the Nexus thread continued on A2.. My gratitude towards those who worked so diligently to make the Nexus meditations a reality. I don't post frequently but I do check the posts on a regular basis and participate in the Saturday meditations whenever possible.

18th March 2010, 03:35
Thank you Majorion & Sunflower!!
I am sure Mudra will be joining us....She just needs a bit of time to do some of her healing work for others at the moment.....She has often said she'd stay until the Ascension...I am sure she will be with us here soon!!!

Much Light to you for adding to this thread!

19th March 2010, 17:00

Here Comes the Sun!!! May all Love Flow Freely!!!!!!
May the Beautiful Symphony of our Hearts Sound Loud & Clear!!
May Humanity rise to it's Glory!!

19th March 2010, 21:27
This is reposted from Avalon:


Nexus global and synchronized meditation of saturday the 20th of March 2010 at 8 Pm Gmt

The greatest achievement is selflessness.
The greatest worth is self-mastery.
The greatest quality is seeking to serve others.
The greatest precept is continual awareness.
The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything.
The greatest action is not conforming with the worlds ways.
The greatest magic is transmuting the passions.
The greatest generosity is non-attachment.
The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind.
The greatest patience is humility.
The greatest effort is not concerned with results.
The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go.
The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances.


One with You through the Heart

Love Always

21st March 2010, 05:20

Much Love & Light !!
May Humanity heal itself.................

THE eXchanger
21st March 2010, 05:26
Thanks for this awesome thread

22nd March 2010, 17:48
I used to run a Group over at PA1 back in the earlier days called the Mass Consciousness Coalition in which we would post a schedule so folks could do meditations across the globe simultaneously

I eventually dropped the ball, once the site went paid subscription, and never got it back up to date so it kinda fizzled

I am not sure that if I tried I would not drop that ball again being my online time has been sporadic as of late but I would defiantly be willing to join new group if one were to pop up!

this is the old MCC post keeping others up to date and a little info on it as well as background info


22nd March 2010, 18:47
Susan........Heretic............Much Welcome!!!

Just know Heretic, we have had synchronized meditations for over a year now here at Nexus..........Every wednesday & Saturday evenings at 8 pm YOUR local times..........www.healingexperiment.com has FREE meditation downloads for over 58 minutes with solfeggio frequencies.............
We also have Sacred Sites around the world listed there as well as over 100 people that will be doing synchronized meditation at those sites on May 22nd of this Year..........Pls feel free to add your info if you'd like to add a site and pls promote it here and other forums!!!

Here is a clip on Breathing.........
Thru the breathe, we bring Divine Energy unto the Earth!!!


Enjoy the clips to the side as well!!!

Much Light!!

23rd March 2010, 06:36


In Much Light !!!

24th March 2010, 05:48

Please Join The Nexus Global Meditation
On Wednesday, 8 PM GMT
Pls go to www.healingexperiment.com
to download meditation music (free)
Pls send healing energies for Humanity & Earth
at this time!!!
In Much Love & Light!!

24th March 2010, 08:01
Thank you for restarting this thread Samarkis!

I posted this on another thread started by Jan Rodrigo (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?406-Taking-back-control-of-or-weather!&p=2428#post2428).

I often look at the skies myself and envision clear skies. I'm not sure if it has much of an impact. As soon as I find some time on my hands I'll do-it-yourself a chembuster to amplify these intentions!

I don't know if it has been done before, but I was thinking to actually get our accumulated at/intention of clear chemfree skies in, let's say, one of the Nexus meditations. Maybe we can focus on one particular spot where we know tptwtb are spraying heavily and nonstop. Like that we can actually measure the result and get others still doubting to join forces!

Who wants to join?

It would be nice to get this organized. I'd like to think of a meditation with a focus not against chemtrails, since that might be feeding the dualistic antagonistic (in my opinion dominant, but less powerful) vibrations that we're already in... we don't need more of the same! In stead we could visualize a clear blue 'loving' sky, let's say, above London.

I contacted Nexus 2012 asking if they want to join and announce the theme and date on their website and hope to get a response soon. Maybe there are others who want to contact other global meditation websites which are open to the information about chemtrails.

So what do you guys think about this spiritual action?

Pz, 1love and chemfree sunlight!


24th March 2010, 20:44
hey everyone...my laptop has recently died so i don't have much access to a computer right now and i haven't been able to finish updating the site as i wanted to...i did add a daily countdown though so if people want to we can make this a daily event

i got your email and chemtrail busting sounds like a good idea to me...i don't really know which areas to focus on though?


Jan Rodrigo
25th March 2010, 01:21
hi there just whant to say a few things im not trying to change or put down any one just whant to put a few truths across i belivie and feel with all my heart this is correct all my love jan link below


THE eXchanger
25th March 2010, 01:56
Awesome thread :)http://www.exkavier.com/images/wsmotherearth.jpg

25th March 2010, 05:55
Dear DAkapacity, Jan Rodrigo, And Susan!!! So Glad you are here!!

In Regards to meditating / intending for clear,pure skies.........we can add that to this Saturday's Meditations.........8 pm your local time!!!
We will Intend/ Invision Pure Clear skies,air,waters,Earth that is transmuted to Healthy and life giving for all sentient beings on Earth !!!!!!!

Also, Alchemikey.....if someone can help you , let us know about your website......And we wish you speedy repairs!!!
Let us know if Phied Piper wants an invite here......we would love to have him link in his site and join us ......
Mudra ,hopefully, will join us soon.....she is very busy with her healing work, however she has been invited and we await her activating it.....As well as Astralwalker.....
Blessings & Light!!!

http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z299/Samarkis/Unbenannt-8.jpg (http://s192.photobucket.com/albums/z299/Samarkis/?action=view&current=Unbenannt-8.jpg)

26th March 2010, 23:38

Just want to remind everyone that the old Avalon will turn into READ ONLY by April 9th......pls let us know if you have other friends & family that would like to join Avalon 2 .......Pls send a PM or e-mail me at samarkis@yahoo.com (with "AV2 Invite" in subject) with their e-mail......an invite will be sent..........

Also, a note from Mudra:


Nexus global and synchronized meditation of saturday the 27th of March 2010 at 8 Pm Gmt

"It takes deep soul clarity to love without fear. Our unconscious is spotted with childhood and past life sadness. However, when we allow ourselves to FEEL, our hearts open and know the truth. Feeling is the key. The truth is that humanity has the power to change the entire universe - a universe ACHING to free itself from fear. Each one of us has the power to heal the entire universe. Not alone - using our love, as one. The beings who architected this universe know us, feel us and wait for us to choose. They have known for millennia that this time is coming - the choosing to love. Let's be ready!"

- Alicia Power

One with You through the Heart

Love Always

Jan Rodrigo
27th March 2010, 14:44
Hi there iv seen to have organized a group meditation the same day and time as yours weird ,any way next time we should maybe communicate times .I wise you all the best take care all my love Jan Rodrigo

27th March 2010, 16:33
Blessings Jan Rodrigo!!!!!!!!
We are synchronized at anyrate!! : )

Nexus 2012 has been meditating these times for over a year and a half...........: )
We are happy to welcome your group to join us every wednesday and/or saturday when ever you can!!
Happy to have any other groups join us as well...........: )

Blessings thru the heart!!!

28th March 2010, 20:40
As Spring comes and bestows her gifts upon Earth & all within......I bid all of you to reach into your hearts & search out the Inner Child that is You............Nurture your Inner Child so that you strengthen that which you are...........

Blessings in Light!!!



29th March 2010, 02:58
Sending Much Love & Light to all!!!!


29th March 2010, 12:46
Wow...it feels good to be here... and to know that we will continue to be healing as "one." Thank you so much Samarkis for your active role in all of this, you are greatly appreciated. Also I would love to thank Mudra and Astralwalker for all their guidance and love for us/humanity. Without them I feel that I would be much more lost in this lifetime. Thank you all again. Let our thoughts be one and do what is naturally a part us --> Love.

Much Love,

29th March 2010, 14:46
4everEvolving..........I thank you for your kind words.........And we send our love to Mudra & Astralwalker.........I am sure their hearts are with us and soon will rejoin this great thread.....
Life has many turns........and yet we are One..........I put a clip of Abraham Hicks........the words are timeless and my gratitude is boundless.........

31st March 2010, 05:54
Much Light to All!!

May you live in NOW.........May you BE........


31st March 2010, 11:51
Thank you Samarkis for keeping Nexus alive.
I hope this thread can grow as much as in PA1, and that all our good "old" contributors may return to this place.
Love and Respect

31st March 2010, 14:38
Thank you Gemeos!!! Many are back....more are coming!!!

We are all One and within our hearts are the pathways to the Divine............Let your hearts fill with joy..........and breath in the Source Energy to give life filled with Light...........

Pls join us tonight in our WEDNESDAY Meditation at 8 pm GMT your local times...........Your Vibrations influence ALL .....in the Universe............


31st March 2010, 20:09


3rd April 2010, 03:28

May all find peace in their hearts and may the Spring bring renewal to our souls............

Please Join us Saturday, April 3rd,2010 for our 2012 Nexus Global Meditations at 8 pm your local times GMT

There is much to work towards.............

In Light!

4th April 2010, 02:45

Wishing all to flow in the light within heart frequencies...........
Humanity is reaching for all kinds of changes and just remember if something is not within yr frequency........observe what can be learned and what can be done about it.......move towards what feels better to you within higher ethics....work on solutions or new opportunities!!! Be grounded and get rest and nourishments and learn what you can do differently to reach for relief from stress....try different stategies......above all.....have patience as you work through these things......

Much Light!

5th April 2010, 04:57
Here is a very creative meditation clip! Enjoy!!


Also, pls let us know if you are Organizing a meditation group for May 22nd,2010 Sacred Sites Meditation!!!

This year I will again be at Coral Castle and we will be adding a Dinner & Discussion on 2012 issues......

I will post more details soon!!

Alchemikey.....Can people access the sacred sites list on yr new site?? I didn't see the list I had posted last year???

I think it would help people to know where the sacred sites are all over the world....if not, I will repost the list here this week.....

In Light!

6th April 2010, 02:20

May all of you expand into a place of Light & joy within your inner self!!! And RADIATE outwards to all humanity & Earth!!!!!!!!!

Much Love & Light!!!

7th April 2010, 01:39
Blessings All!!

Pls Join us On Wednesday, April 7th,2010 for Global Nexus Meditation!!!

It starts at 8 pm YOUR local Time GMT

We are asking all to use the meditation to send Healing to Humanity & Earth...........

You are powerful Beings.......

Send your Light & Love to surround Earth & all within !!!


7th April 2010, 06:33
Harmonious & beautiful Clip!!



8th April 2010, 15:43
Here is a cute song that will give a great vibration change........Wishing all to find a way to reach a place of appreciation and to stop & smell the flowers!!! Enjoy Your Day!!

Much Light!




9th April 2010, 00:46
Blessings All........

I send out the blessings of water........may water purify, strengthen & uplift you..........sometimes an extra grace that is found in waters can be a source of solace and rebirth into a new direction, new opportunities............While in the waters, put your thoughts to the changes you wish to manifest and new directions,and new fulfillments...........as the Creator's blessings have no end.....neither do new opportunities.new hopes......new solutions......

In Light!


9th April 2010, 15:46
Blessings All!!

Here is a great clip about Kundalini........This is how I understood it and I feel it important for those on their spiritual quest........
May you reach for the doors of love & community.........
In Light!


10th April 2010, 04:48

We Welcome all to join us for the 2012 Nexus Meditation at 8 pm YOUR local Time

On Saturday April 10th,2010

With all the Love in our Hearts, May Earth & Humanity have Healing!!!

In Light!!

10th April 2010, 16:07
May all of us re-think about Gratitude and the blessings of knowing people in our lives.....We all have benefit from others....we all grow and make progress............

Life is sacred and even when we are very different from another, we can have reverence for another's path.......

Enjoy this clip as it brings this into focus!!

Much Light!


12th April 2010, 14:59
Ok Peoplle!!!

Here is such a GREAT idea!!! This was posted at one of Avalon's threads but I feel it is so practical & helpful all thru the world where people are forced off farming land into concrete projects......to make a change!!!


Here is the thread...or visit the website!!!


We have just under 6 weeks to organize the Global sites for the 2012 Nexus Meditations!!!!!! For May 22,2010 !!!

Pls contact me at Samarkis@yahoo.com if anyone is coming for Coral Castle Meditation......or needs help organizing their event!!
I will be setting up a site at Meetup.com in the USA to organize locally....all usa folk can do the same......

In Regards to July Meditation at the sites....we already have Morgauna setting up Avebury.........The July Global 2012 Nexus Meditation will be
on July 24th...........Pls start marking Calendars, contacting friends & familiies..........

Let's make this year's events even more successful than last years and reach out to more folks!!! Those that participated last year made new friends, had a great experience and have continued to be involved thru out the year!!! There is a lot of heart out there!!!!!!!!!!!

(Sara at Coral Castle for Spring Equinox)


12th April 2010, 21:31
I am posting this set of clips from "Little Grandmother".....This wise being is speaking from the heart and I want to share this wisdom......



12th April 2010, 22:12
exellent clips samarikis, thank you so very much for shareing
love to you
m x

14th April 2010, 07:08
Much Light!

Please Join us for the Nexus healing Meditation on wednesday, April 14th,2010 at 8 pm your local time GMT!

Please let us know yr progress or any questions you may have on meditation........


Also, Pls enjoy a great clip on Stargate info........: )


14th April 2010, 07:31
very nice thread,thank you. i only started meditation/telementation "seriously" about a year ago. i am always looking for more info and meetings etc. such beautiful items on this thread!peace , turtle

14th April 2010, 21:36
Blessings to All!!

We ask that all send their love & healing to The Tibetan & Chinese peoples that were affected by Earthquakes............
Our love & well wishes are with the rescuers that aid is affected quickly & safely........

A dear friend posted this earlier:
Subject: Massive 7.1 Quake In Western China

An earthquake that Chinese officials measured at magnitude 7.1 rocked a remote, mostly Tibetan-..populated county in western China early Wednesday, killing at least 300 people and injuring 8,000, according to state television reports.

The quake struck in Qinghai province about 20 miles from the county seat of Yushu, where it toppled houses, an elementary school and part of a Buddhist tower in a public park and seriously damaged the main hospital in town, officials told Chinese media.

“In a flash, the houses went down. It was a terrible earthquake,” one witness said.

Yushu is about 500 miles southwest of Qinghai’s capital, Xining, and has a mostly Tibetan population of 100,000 people, many of them herdsmen in the mountainous, rural area.

Numerous houses made of mud and logs in the traditional manner collapsed during the quake and its aftershocks.

“The death toll may rise further as lots of houses collapsed,” army commander Wu Yong told the state-run China Daily. “Roads leading to the airport have been damaged, hampering the rescue effort.”

In Jiegu, a township near the epicenter, more than 85% of the houses had collapsed, said Zhuo Huaxia, a local Tibetan official.

“Many are buried in the collapsed houses,” he told the official New China News Agency. “There are still lots of others who are injured and being treated at local hospitals.”

With phone lines down, rescuers also were hindered by telecommunicati..ons problems slowing attempts at coordination. State TV showed footage of paramilitary police using shovels to dig around a house with a collapsed wooden roof. A local military official, Shi Huajie, told state broadcaster CCTV that rescuers were working with limited equipment.

“We don’t have any excavators. Many of the people have been buried, and our soldiers are trying to pull them out,” Shi said. “It is very difficult to save people with our bare hands.”

Five thousand tents and 100,000 thick, cotton coats and blankets were being sent to help survivors cope with strong winds and temperatures of about 43 degrees Fahrenheit, the Qinghai provincial government said.


Dear Morgauna & Turtlepace72.......Thank you ! There are many clips of the original thread, as well as pdf's of the first pages..........Pls see first post here for link & I will repost that link again.....Pls go to www.healingexperiment.com (http://www.healingexperiment.com) for free download of 50 minute solfeggio meditation music....We are all connected........

17th April 2010, 00:22
Much Light !

Please Join us for the Nexus Meditation on Saturday, April 17th,2010 at 8 pm your local time GMT

We send Love To all Earth & Humanity! Let our focus be to nurture all beings here!


18th April 2010, 08:32


when meditating tonight folks, dont forget your wings.......samasati

divine love to all

18th April 2010, 17:13
hey samarkis...i am still waiting on getting a new computer so i won't be able to upgrade the site with that sacred sites list until that happens


19th April 2010, 00:32
Blessings All !!

Thank You Morgauna for the beautiful clip!
And Alchemikey...Thx for letting me know....Wishes on a new computer soon! Meanwhile, I will repost the list here in the next couple of days...: )

Anybody organizing a group for the Global Meditation at sacred sites on May 22nd,2010 please post it here!

Much light!! Even if a path looks dark....look for the light..........
We are usually only aware of part of the "whole picture"....so look for opportunities & goodness.........


20th April 2010, 15:44
Hello everyone! I just wanted to basically say "Hi," and that I love coming to this forum. I always feel better knowing that we as "one" and as "individuals," are doing something great with our love and knowledge. I also like the feeling of being helpful/useful with others who work towards the same goal of healing this Earth. Thank you Samarkis for always posting new things on the page; it is always useful and beautiful to see, and a blessing that a caring individual like yourself does what you do. Thank you.

Much love to all,

21st April 2010, 02:33
Blessings in Light!

Thank you 4EverEvolving1 !! Very kind words...: )

Please post often & much everyone!! We all enjoy the postings!

Here is a great clip on the different uses of meditation......


PLEASE join us for our weekly Wednesday, April 21,2012- Healing Meditation for Nexus at 8 pm your local time GMT..........

Pls visit www.healingexperiment.com to download free solfeggio meditation that is @ 50 minutes long...: )

Here is a mini-guided meditation....beautiful........


And pls enjoy this wondrous clip.........


21st April 2010, 07:49

sending lots of love to all

22nd April 2010, 02:50

Thx Morguana!! Beautiful picture!

Here is a clip I found today........pls enjoy!


22nd April 2010, 03:17

23rd April 2010, 15:26
Much Light!

Wishing you all a day filled with Spring energies.......new beginnings......new possibilities......new opportunities.........new adventures....new creativity....new loves....new perspectives......

Please Join us for Nexus Meditation on Saturday, April 24th,2010 at 8pm yr local time GMT

************************************************** *************

25th April 2010, 15:21


26th April 2010, 03:07
Blessings All!

Thank you Alchemikey.........that is an awesome clip!

Here is a great lecture that helps understand how to use one's mind that can use more of our abilities.....Enjoy!


26th April 2010, 05:08
Great thread Samarkis. :thumb: I thought you might enjoy this one also. :)


26th April 2010, 10:12
hehe this made me giggle and i thought to share it


love and peace to all
m x

27th April 2010, 19:10
Blessings All!

Thank you Alchemikey.........that is an awesome clip!

Here is a great lecture that helps understand how to use one's mind that can use more of our abilities.....Enjoy!


I love Matthieu Richard, great guy! Great post and a great thread!

Thank you,




28th April 2010, 01:13
Blessings All!

May the New Moon usher in great blessings to all of us as we head into Spring!!! May many be comforted, Many be healed, & may much love & unity be reached!

Pls Join us for Nexus Healing Meditation at 8 pm YOUR local time GMT on April 28,2010 , Wednesday


Many thanks to Truthseekerdan,Morguana, & Kriya for your posts!! Pls all that feel to post, it really is to all our advantage that others also put great posts of inspiration, enlightenment and hope!!!

In Light!

28th April 2010, 15:23
In Light!
Here is a great solfeggio to help repair DNA........


29th April 2010, 21:54
Thank you everyone for posting the videos, they are great information. I've read about that frequency(528Hz) being important but never heard it before. Also that Monk that did a presentation for the company "Google," that was definitely an interesting video. It was interesting to see the difference in "Hz" for the monks who were in a deep meditative state relative to someone with not much meditative experience trying to meditate on the same thing.

Much love to all,

30th April 2010, 02:39
Thank you 4everEvolving1 !!!
Kind words!

Here is a great clip of quotes........enjoy!


30th April 2010, 23:03

i welcome everyone who is a part of nexus to join this network as well:



1st May 2010, 04:37
Thank you Alchemikey! Good to hear from you!


Please join us for the Nexus Meditation on Saturday, May 1st, for global meditation at 8 pm YOUR local time GMT.
Every positive vibe, every peaceful thought, every hope & dream is precious at this time!


3rd May 2010, 05:54
Blessings to all!!

I wanted to explain a bit more about how your bodies are centers of energy and how important it is to keep frequencies high so as we send out meditation energies.....those frequencies of love.....we will help raise the frequencies of all earth.
By doing so it also heals you & your body.....as well as all things around you....as we are all interconnected!!



3rd May 2010, 06:09
A dear friend posted this tonite.....I had to include!!!


3rd May 2010, 06:47
Please join us for the Nexus Meditation on Saturday, May 1st, for global meditation at 8 pm YOUR local time GMT.

Sometimes my brain may be TOO logical, but wouldn't it be EITHER 8pm local time OR 8pm GMT? I can't seem to resolve both!

Contribution to global meditation is possibly less effective for people who are at the worst position in terms of sidereal time.

Lunar Meditation Cycles (http://www.worldservicegroup.com/lunarmedcycle.html)

3rd May 2010, 07:55
Thank you perfectresonance.......I do believe you can choose one or the other....the point is to meditate!

: )

And in regards to sidereal, that is why it helps on a global scale......it isn't just an individual's energy alone......

There are many layers to the "body" and therefore we are not only involving 3D bodies but other layers of the ethereal body......: )

3rd May 2010, 08:18
So to state the possibly obvious, the objective is to have a 24 hour period of meditation as opposed to having people around the world meditate at the same time?

3rd May 2010, 17:51
Yes Perfectresonance........for the sake of making it easy to follow twice a week, we have asked that all do meditations at their local times........as you know ,Time is relative..so in actuality....you could meditate at ANY time of yr choice with the intention that the energies line up with the group's energies......: )

You are new to this thread so it may help to go to the first post and read thru until the present thread.......(The 1st post has a link at the 1st post here that link's Astralwalker's starting the thread.......)here is the link again here.......http://projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=8441

There is also pdf's of the thread from the beginning available as you read thru it!! There is much to learn and much wisdom....just take it step by step.....It is a HUGE read and much research quoted all thru out!

In much Light!

3rd May 2010, 18:01

Have faith in the light & divine creator that orchestrates all the cosmos.....good will be done.....May it be!

5th May 2010, 01:44

Blessings !!

Please join us on Wednesday, May 5th, at 8 pm either your local time or GMT for sending healing to all Earth and all sentient beings!!

Much Light!

5th May 2010, 02:07
Glad I found this thread - I'm with you all on this. I too would love to know where you all find such amazing pics? Anyone please. Thanks.

5th May 2010, 02:26
Oh and Samarkis - me too - BIG fan of ENYA - I Post her everywhere - she is an angel with an angels voice - her words to her songs are deep and meaningful - she has a great insight. Her music is also written perfectly to attune us all - my skin tingles everytime I listen to her - which is usually for a big part of the day. thanks.

6th May 2010, 01:23


Sending Love, Light, Healing & protection..................

6th May 2010, 04:04

6th May 2010, 08:23

love to all
m x

Vidya Moksha
6th May 2010, 09:21

6th May 2010, 18:33
Thank You debzqld,truthseekerdan,morguana,vidya mosha for your posts!!!!!

I am again placing an announcement of the 2012 Nexus Global Meditation for May 22nd,2010!
I am hosting a meet up at Coral Castle ,in Homestead,Florida and here is a site for those wanting to rsvp for that event!


Here are some clips about Coral Castle & why I chose the site.......



Looking forward to hearing whom else is hosting an event!

In Light!

8th May 2010, 18:23
Blessings & Light!

Please join us for Nexus Global Meditation tonight, Saturday May 8th,2010 at 8 pm your local time OR GMT...........

We call in all Heavenly hosts of the cosmos to aid Humanity at this time to ensure the freedom of the Human Soul and to ensure the path of light and opening of Divine Feminine .............We ask for light as Humanity fulfills it's mission of joining the Galactic Community............


8th May 2010, 21:06
the crop circle makers are back at it :)



9th May 2010, 21:39
Thx Alchemikey!!

The crop circle design resembles the Plejarren peace symbol to me.......It has the two circles and instead of 7 circles it has 7 plumes and also has rays at the sides....

Very interesting! : )

10th May 2010, 18:01
Many traditions and many religions of the world refer to the mysterious "Book of Life".

Some say it is a type of Universal memory, or a collection of vibrational registries, which has inscribed in it everything that is related to the Creation.

Consequently, every human being has his own registry, a compendium of pictorial records, or "memories", of all events, actions, thoughts and feelings.

More than just a reservoir of events, the Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of our Universe. The records of the "Book of Life" are impressed on a subtle substance called akasha, or soniferous ether.

The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every soul since the Dawn of Creation, and also the records that connect each one of us to one another.

Memory is the diary that we all carry with us.
~ Oscar Wilde

but rejoice that your names are recorded in Heaven.
~ Luke 10:20


10th May 2010, 18:28
the crop circle makers are back at it :)



You and I are sychronising, I just posted the May crop circles in the spiritual diary thread, without seeing yours!

Great spinning crop circle :thumb:



11th May 2010, 12:24
Truthseekerdan! Kriya! Thank you for the beautiful posts!

Blessings to All!
I am calling on the powers of this special day of grace of mine for World peace,Abundance,Compassion,Tolerance,& Unity!
I ask Divine Creator to make it so ! I ask it in the name of love of the Human Spirit which rises far above the mundane when it so desires
and reaches where the soul resides!




12th May 2010, 21:32
In Light! Please Join us in a Healing Meditation tonight, May 12th, 2010 at 8 pm your local time or GMT

We send healing out to all sentient beings on Earth and let the warmth of light enter the souls on Earth at this time to heal them in highest good and in the most perfect way for each.......


14th May 2010, 01:16

Here is a great meditation clip from Abraham Hicks..........Enjoy!

In Much Light & Love!

15th May 2010, 18:45

Please join us for Global Meditation tonight, May 15th,2010 at 8 pm your local time or GMT........We send love & Light to blanket the Earth in warm glows of light and Love! May all sentient beings on earth feel our energies and find healing,comfort,strength,joy!!!

In Much Light!


Life is full of them.............
Appreciate what you have,
Appreciate what you have lost........
Reflect on what you would like in your world.....

And CREATE!!!!!!
If it's in your heart.........It will come to be.........

16th May 2010, 20:42


18th May 2010, 03:02
Thank You Alchemikey! The link is amazing!

Much Light to all!


19th May 2010, 01:05
Saturday, May 22nd Nexus Global Meditation!!!

Please let us know about yr groups! I will be hosting Coral Castle in Florida.......we are starting at 4 pm local time thru 5 pm and will meet & greet after.......

And please feel free to join us from where you are! We all care about Earth & Humanity! Let your Hearts Sing!

Please join us Wednesday,May 19th,2010 at 8 pm your local time or GMT to meditate on Healing......We send healing to all Humanity & all Earth!

In Much Light!!


20th May 2010, 03:37
Blessings All!!

Enjoy this thoughtful clip!.......Many things to ponder on our path..........: )


20th May 2010, 14:41

21st May 2010, 19:54
Blessings to all!!

We ask all to join us thru the heart for tomorrow's, May 22nd Meditation at Sacred Sites!! For those that wish to, pls set yr cell phone alarms to 4 pm yr local times and send love to Earth & all sentient Beings!

In Much Light!!


23rd May 2010, 02:14
I just want to thank all those that joined in the Global Meditation today!

We had an awesome group come today to Coral Castle.......Some even drove 4 hours each way to be there! Much Love & Light to all of you.....we certainly surrounded the Globe in love........we sent love to all sentient beings in all dimensions.....we sent love to Mother Earth so that she will heal ........and you could feel our energies merging into the Ley lines!

Much Love & Light to all!


24th May 2010, 01:44
Human Energy Fields..................


24th May 2010, 02:23
Om Bhur Bhuvah Mantra..................


24th May 2010, 02:59
Glad to be on board. Enjoy the Saturday meditation. Thankyou Samarkis for starting the thread up again.

24th May 2010, 14:33
Blessings! And welcome back Mauree!!`

I also want to promote the Convergence Meditation for the Mayan Calendar:


This convergence meditation is from wherever you are.......

The pdf has charts of the Days & Nights and what are significant dates.......


24th May 2010, 20:22
A movie about awakening humanity and hence the collective consciousness to a blissful state of simply BEing LOVE.


24th May 2010, 22:03
A great Clip on Lightbody:


And thx truthseekerdan! Great clip!

25th May 2010, 03:46
Great video indeed, Samarkis :thumb: I will post it on the oasis forum as well. BTW, you are cordially invited to participate there also. :)

Adyashanti: It's All the Same Substance

<object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/jASkkyIZMDw&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/jASkkyIZMDw&hl=en_US&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="385"></embed></object>

26th May 2010, 04:05
Please join us on Wednesday, May 26th,2010 for Nexus Global Meditation at 8 pm yr local time or GMT.......

We send out much Love & healing to all sentient beings and to Mother Earth.........

May we fill our hearts with gratitude for all the kindnesses Mother Earth has given, even in the face of so many damages.........

In Light !


27th May 2010, 02:16
Pls enjoy this heavenly clip.............

In Love & Light!


27th May 2010, 14:54

Love to all..

Oneness calls the matrix falls


28th May 2010, 12:13
May your hearts soar!

In love and healing!

May the Full moon bestow her blessings on Earth & Mankind alike.........

Please join us for Saturday,May 29th, 2010 Global Healing Meditation at 8 pm yr local time or GMT

Thanking you for all that you do at Nexus!


28th May 2010, 17:44
Divine Beings of Light...............You Are............


30th May 2010, 15:47
Enjoy this peaceful clip!
In Light!


31st May 2010, 01:48
Pineal gland awareness + awakening third eye


31st May 2010, 18:36
Have you EVER let yourself down????
Probably not...........

The main reason, is yr higher self is watching over you!

Have you ever had a dream of yourself? and you saw yourself in the dream???
Then who is "watching" ?....The higher self!

Your higher self guides you in many things in life.....the more you contemplate & think on your inner strengths, the more those higher self decisions come out......
If they help you, if they make you and your heart feel lighter & happier.....it is good to honor those actions...........

One can contemplate well at the start & ends of each day........be in your thoughts and find a thought to strengthen you for the day or through the nite.................

In Light!



1st June 2010, 20:23

Please join us on Wednesday, June 2nd,2010 for Nexus Global Healing Meditation at 8 pm your local time or GMT.........

Please send love and light from your hearts to surround Earth & all sentient beings here...........

In Much Light!

2nd June 2010, 00:59
Miracles in Life!

Great clip!! By Burt Harding:


4th June 2010, 18:58
Ok all!!!!! I am being reminded truly what can ONE person accomplish in this world!!

Against all odds and even when the world throws wrenches in ones plans,things that trip the toes and issues that rip the heart.........

One MUST keep moving forward as this world is only a corridor....a path.......a journey...........Have you done things that help yourself or others to move forward???? Have you caused a smile, a hug??? Have you protected someone from a slight,a hurt???? Have you nurtured a seed? a pet? a Child? a Human that needed empowering???
Have you aligned yourself with a practical cause that will add to the beauty,advancement,enhancement of Earth & it's sentience??

It is not enough to just "know"........it is what you do with your knowledge, what you do with your heart that really matters here.........
If you have no riches or prestige, no circle of influence........

Have you at least used your imagination to picture beauty,tolerance & health on Earth???
Even 5 minutes of your time a day along with 6 billion others will collectively add up to huge positive changes...........

Pls join us on Saturday, June 5th,2010 for our Nexus Meditation at 8 pm yr local time or GMT..........
Pls use even 5 minutes to say a mantra of Beauty & love on Earth.............
and slowly add more time,week or month at a time..........
write petitions of such & place near your computors or bathroom mirrors so as you see it....those thoughts are released into our collective reality..............Thoughts do matter!!!!!!!!!!


5th June 2010, 16:06
Where the Abundance comes from..........

Abraham Hicks:


7th June 2010, 01:02




9th June 2010, 04:41
Please join us for Nexus Global Healing as we send our love over the waters of our planet and together may we change space & time & matter to create the solutions we need as Mother Earth also works to clean the oil spills............Please join us at 8 pm your local time or GMT on wednesday, June 9th,2010..................


Alchemikey..........thank you for the stunning graphic of the crop circle!

In Light!

9th June 2010, 04:46
Beautiful pic Sam, I love it!

11th June 2010, 08:45
Please join us for Nexus Global Meditation for Healing Earth & sentient beings..................Saturday, June 12,2010 at 8 pm your local time or GMT....

All kind, loving thoughts needed!!!

In Light!


Thank you for the compliment yaya551 : )

11th June 2010, 20:38
I'm very interested in this. How long should the meditation last?

12th June 2010, 02:58
Thank you for asking Moemers!! And welcome here!

I personally suggest that one meditate as long as it's comfortable..........here are some ideas & suggested levels & ways.......Meditation actually comes in many ways and types..........

For Beginners..........(suggestions only)

Light a candle,incense or put scented oils .........
one can sit,lie down,float,wherever it is comfortable.........one can put a music or solfeggio frequencies to help relax the mind............
I would suggest 10 minute meditations to begin with, but one may go longer if one is relaxing.........: )

For intermediate...........

I would suggest 15-20 minutes,or longer if one is relaxing............: )

For advanced or those used to meditating, we suggest 1 hour..........: )

Now, for those that just cannot sit..........one can do dance meditations as well..............

For Nexus, we are more using intentions of sending our energies (life-force or aura energies ) to help heal Earth & sentient beings here.........

There are other types of meditation such as awakening ones Kundalini.........theses are for those that have done regular meditation and know how to fluctuate their personal aura energies.............

There are meditations to go into astral traveling as well, however, it is also for those that meditate regularly and truly devote to developing these skills....................if one lives in a busy household, this will be hard to attain.................These last two meditations are usually ,even for experts ,in very short spurts ,not usually longer than 1/2 an hour at a time...........

I hope this is helpful and pls choose each of you what is comfortable and what is enjoyable..........all beginners can work up to longer times........be easy with it and enjoy the restfulness it gives one............: )

In Light!


12th June 2010, 05:17
Fantastic. Thank you for the warm welcome and great information! Will be joining in these :D

12th June 2010, 17:56

13th June 2010, 01:13

15th June 2010, 00:58
Very peaceful music clip.........enjoy!


15th June 2010, 14:13
Please join us on Wednesday, June 16th,2010 at 8 pm your local time or GMT to meditate in unison for healing of Earth, The Waters, and all Sentient Beings................Please send out your love on the winds and let it spread to all on this Earth...........Any damage we do....we do to ourselves...........and good that we do...........we do to ourselves..........

Your help in this meditation is most appreciated as the strength of energy generated can exponentially help others.............

In Light!


15th June 2010, 17:00
count me in :) ......... I just mentioned on another thread that it would be a good idea to organise a meditation..... to ask our evolved family for help with the problem in the gulf . What do you think ?


15th June 2010, 17:08


15th June 2010, 17:08
count me in :) ......... I just mentioned on another thread that it would be a good idea to organise a meditation..... to ask our evolved family for help with the problem in the gulf . What do you think ?


Absolutely excellent... anything and everything we can do is needed at this point!

15th June 2010, 17:11
Please join us on Wednesday, June 16th,2010 at 8 pm your local time or GMT to meditate in unison for healing of Earth, The Waters, and all Sentient Beings................

Count me in, 8pm GMT.

15th June 2010, 19:42
Welcome to Nexus Wood.....: )

15th June 2010, 21:41
Count me in, 8pm GMT.

same here :)

16th June 2010, 03:41
Good to hear Moemers!!! : )

17th June 2010, 04:41
Started 3 minutes late but I got there.

I have to say, I really enjoy this. Thank you Samarkis. This really is wonderful.

18th June 2010, 04:26
Just wanting to thank everyone that is joining us! The energy has been great!

Pls remember this Saturday is Summer Equinox and pls put yr energies towards healing Earth,Waters & all Sentient Beings!! We are being given a blessed boost of energy at this time & well we need it to seal the Gulf Floor & clean the waters before end of August!!! Join us thru one heart! And Make it so!!!!!!!!

In Much Love & Light!!!


19th June 2010, 05:02
Pls join us on Saturday, June 10th(should read 19th),2010 at 8 pm your local time or gmt for Nexus Global Meditation in healing the Earth,her waters,the air,and all sentient beings!!!! May the added energies of Summer Solstice merge with our heart energies and emit healing light!!! (Summer Solstice officially June 21st) Pls make a difference!! Set yr cell phone alarms......make a proactive step that can change our Reality to the beauty & pristine Earth that will be able to nourish and give abundance to all!!!!


19th June 2010, 21:05
10th or the 19th?

20th June 2010, 06:40
Hehe! Thx Moemers....it was the 19th! I felt the energies so I know many joined in!! : ) I do aplogize for the error in typo!!

In Light!



20th June 2010, 09:39
Iwill be joining you all with this meditation and have since it began.

20th June 2010, 15:54
Blessings & welcome Mauree!!
Thank you!


20th June 2010, 19:31
GMT is Greenwich Mean Time?

21st June 2010, 06:54
GMT is Greenwich Mean Time?

yes :)

happy solstice avalonians


love m

22nd June 2010, 03:59
Thank You Morgauna! I was a bit busy today enjoying the sun!! And yes GMT is Greenich Mean Time......although that may still feel confusing!! : )
Here is a link to calculate yr times:


Now, there are two groups that try to do the Nexus......one is the 8 pm local times....for convenience of schedule and being easy to be regular (I subscribe to this as I have family obligations) and the other follows the 8 pm GMT wherever they may be (sometimes this falls out mid way thru wee morning hours, however,all that are in that group are meditating at the same hour thru out the world)

We ask for all to meditate /pray/intend/send energy for healing Earth & all sentient beings......however you feel comfortable to do.....the most important is that it comes from yr heart to add to the good here on Earth.....: )

Happy Solstice to All!!

23rd June 2010, 00:48
Been doing it at 8 my time...which happens to be mountain time (MT) which for some reason I thought was General Mountain Time (GMT)


Joining in the real GMT one now.

Thanks again for this! It's awesome!

23rd June 2010, 03:21
Please Join us in Global Nexus Meditation for Healing of Earth & all sentient beings! On Wednesday, June 23 rd,2010
at 8 pm your local time or GMT !!!

With much love in our hearts for all the sanctity of life and in co-creating the beauty and sustainabilty of our Planet Earth.......pls add your soul's song to the global wave of Light!!!

Moemers!!! All good!! : )
Thank you for adding to the energy!!



24th June 2010, 16:30

25th June 2010, 16:55
Blessings in Light!

Pls join us for the Nexus Global Meditation on Saturday, June 26th,2010 at 8 pm your local time or GMT !

May the energies of Full Moon & the Lunar Eclipse catypult our united energies to do the good we seek! May it bring the changes we need to make the new breakthru's of new technologies and allow informations that can bring about Global Abundance,Global Sustainability & Global Unity for all sentient beings at this time! Please use this window of opportunity to increase our abilities in growth and Harmony!

Much Love & Light!


25th June 2010, 18:05

(Reposted from Yiolas's post-Thx! : )

25th June 2010, 18:30

28th June 2010, 16:56
This clip is EXACTLY as I have felt about the Gulf issue!!!
May we all come together in the highest good to allow the best solutions and to bring on the new technologies to help Earth & all her sentient Beings!


29th June 2010, 03:38
New Crop Circle!
: )


29th June 2010, 04:03
Hahaha, that guy kinda freaked me out there for a moment.... but.. his words speak the truth.

29th June 2010, 04:45
Hello Bauzer & welcome!
I am supposing you are meaning Bashar?? He is a Channeler so, yes,if you haven't seen channeling it can appear different....: )
When one focuses on higher energies....it takes a lot of focus......: )

In Light!

Hahaha, that guy kinda freaked me out there for a moment.... but.. his words speak the truth.

29th June 2010, 11:27
I think bashar is great :) Ive liked everything ive heard him say so far .


29th June 2010, 15:23



30th June 2010, 03:06
In Blessings!

We invite you to join us in Global Nexus Meditation, Wednesday,June 30th,2010 at 8 pm your local time or GMT......We come together in our thoughts and hearts for the healing of Earth and put our intentions to heal what needs healing within our world,within our journey here at this time.....We send Blessings to all we pass,and in doing so, we bless ourselves.........

Much Thanks to Alchemikey for the spinning crop circle! And thank you John D. for joining us here......

In Much Light & Abundance to all !!!


30th June 2010, 14:33
Here is a great clip in understanding how inner growth is different from our identities in 3D.......
We are more than our physical identities.....and when you seperate the views of your own identity with all the possibilities that exist.....you come to know and are aware of much more......limitations fall away & true inner worth begins to shine outwards in your actions......


30th June 2010, 20:19
Wow. I had a very powerful experience during this one, and am thinking that being there at the right time with everyone is going to be very beneficial.

Thank you everyone :)

1st July 2010, 01:06
Enjoy this clip!!!!!!!! : )


1st July 2010, 15:41

1st July 2010, 17:52
My ardent Well Wishes & Blessings to Jane Bergermeister & all that are helping her!!!

Pls forward the below info and pls send energy her way to open the truth............

Jane has been placed under a shady house arrest order.............


Pls see the below interview:


1st July 2010, 20:15
Contrast is yr friend if you use it properly!
On ANY issue!!!


1st July 2010, 23:06
In Light!

Sent from my MB200 using Tapatalk

1st July 2010, 23:56

3rd July 2010, 01:22
Please join us for Global Nexus Meditation on Saturday, July 3rd,2010 at 8 pm your local time or GMT......

We are all joining together by our hearts for the collective good of Earth and all sentient beings here...........Pls add your heart energies with us to help raise frequency for healing of many levels.........

In Light!




4th July 2010, 01:03

4th July 2010, 01:41

4th July 2010, 04:33
In Much Light!

In regards to some people that have been upset with many international events......I am posting a few links for people , if they so choose, to get involved and make a difference.......


These are well known organizations that promote Human Rights......demand answers and work thru diplomatic channels.......

The mark of higher Humanity is to make peaceful change.........and to demand it from the higher road.......

When darkness overwhelms your thoughts or your hearts........Reach for Light!

[ Reach for Light = look for good.....good hearts....good deeds....hope.....]


4th July 2010, 16:37

6th July 2010, 03:33

6th July 2010, 15:32
I would like to join others that do this but I am wondering:

How are these scheduled? When is the next one?

6th July 2010, 21:51
Pls join us for Nexus global meditation on Wednesday, July 7,2010 at 8 pm your local time ( or 8 pm GMT-Greenich Mean Time).........

Pls send your intentions,prayers,thoughts,hopes & wishes for a Sustainable,Healthy Earth and all Sentient beings within.........

In Light!


Thank you for joining us Neomc2 ! We have twice weekly group meditations from where ever you are to join us in an hour of meditation.....If you are new to meditation, it is good to begin with 10 or 15 minutes & build up to it.....: ) We have Wednesdays & Saturdays.........Also, we have twice a year at Sacred sites &/or ley lines in May & the next one is Saturday, July 24th.......Times & places will be announced......So far for July we have two groups - One in Avebury with Mogs and one at Coral Castle with me.....others are joining from where ever they may be......: )

8th July 2010, 02:04
Om Mani Padmi Hom


9th July 2010, 03:04
Here is a link to the latest crop circle....: )


Here is a great clip I came across today: Enjoy!


9th July 2010, 17:05

9th July 2010, 17:17
Please Join us in Nexus Global Meditation on Saturday, July 10,2010 at 8 pm yr local time ( or 8 pm GMT-Greenich Mean Time) to join our Hearts in One Song!!! Let us come together in Love and Unity for the Sustainability and Health of our Earth and Cosmos...........Let us rise up as our Souls soar on the Light!

In Great Blessings!!!!!!!


11th July 2010, 13:38
New Crop Circle:


11th July 2010, 16:23
Blessed are the "crazy ones" !! They are usually the ones that change the world! : )


13th July 2010, 03:13
Just to keep our hearts in the right place.......


13th July 2010, 15:47
Pls join us for the Global Nexus Meditation on Wednesday,July 14th,2010 at 8 pm yr local time ( or 8 pm GMT-Greenich Mean Time).........
Let us put our hearts together to heal Mother Earth and the Hearts of Humanity....................

In Light!


13th July 2010, 16:58
New Crop Circle...........


14th July 2010, 01:57
Beautiful Clip!!


16th July 2010, 00:00
Follow yr Heart strings............: )


16th July 2010, 13:03

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.


16th July 2010, 13:27
Here's a beautiful clip.....


Thx Mogs! So sweet of you to post......Can you also post yr wolf story here?

16th July 2010, 13:44

16th July 2010, 15:34

17th July 2010, 03:28
Pls Join us for Nexus Global Meditation on Saturday, July 17th at 8 pm your local time ( or GMT 8 pm-Greenich Mean Time).........Let's put our hearts together.........let us join in Healing Earth & all her sentient Beings........Let Humanity Heal......Let Humanity reach High Potentials......May Abundance,just as creativity is un-ending,present highest good for all............


17th July 2010, 23:56
a reminder about the conscious convergence:




18th July 2010, 06:30
Wonderful article of Carl Calleman's!! Thank you Alchemikey!.....I have posted this in several places...........
What people have to realize how connected they are to each other and how we can interact with higher good for eachother!!

Many Kudos!!!


19th July 2010, 15:23
Let's all keep this in mind as we go thru our day......


21st July 2010, 14:34
Please join us for Nexus Global Meditation tonite, Wednesday, July 21,2010 for a Healing intention for Mother Earth & all Sentient Beings.....8 pm your local time or 8 pm GMT (greenich Mean Time)

In Light!!!!!!!


23rd July 2010, 03:03
We will be having a Sacred Site Nexus Global Meditation this Saturday ! Pls post yr groups and pics as we'd love to share!

Morgauna is hosting the Avebury group and I will be hosting the Coral Castle group.......

We thank all that join in every week and Pls, Pls know that all is greatly appreciated.....all for the good of Earth & all within.....



Side note on Avebury clip .......I personally feel that it had nothing to do with blood sport as the narrator suggests.in my feeling, it had to do with harnessing Earth resonance to do healings etc. using the resonance of the people's heart energies....and this structure magnified those energies.....

25th July 2010, 15:01
Blessings all!!

We had a great group at the Coral Castle Nexus Meditation! The energy was so amazing & very strongly felt (It was also with full moon!)
I want to personally thank all those that join in from their hearts......metaphysically, we can accomplish much! I just want to remind all of us,including myself, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience....and we must use all our gifts & abilities to improve our 3D physical plane....we are the stewards of this amazing planet.....It is our time to do our work in the physical......here is a great clip to remind us of what our paths are here while on earth!
Namaste in great Light!


27th July 2010, 18:11
Enjoy the wisdom & humor of these words!


28th July 2010, 02:48
You are invited to join us for the Nexus Global Healing Meditation! July 28th,2010 at 8 pm yr local time OR 8 pm GMT (Greenich Mean Time)

We send Love and Healing energy to Earth & all sentient beings!

With much gratitude to those that join in!

In Light!


28th July 2010, 15:30
Plant Aura's............


29th July 2010, 03:16
A wonderful clip!
If one is following what makes their heart sing.....they will be following their life path!

In Light!


29th July 2010, 13:55
Where you are going....if you want it!


30th July 2010, 02:34
How does your frequency guide you?


30th July 2010, 20:55
Please Join us for Global Nexus Meditation on Saturday, July 31st,2010 at 8 pm yr local time or 8 pm GMT (Greenich Mean Time)

With so many hearts looking for the Healing of Earth & here sentient beings.....how otherwise could it become? For in the seeking...we become......

Much,much Light!


31st July 2010, 16:10
This shows how the rainbow bridge works in relation to our chakras and how we tie into the earth grid and how the energies connect.........


1st August 2010, 15:25
Whether you only believe in the material reality of our world or in a multi-dimensional Universe.....This lecture is very interesting and revealing on the expansion & development of Humanity......In Light!


2nd August 2010, 21:03
Please join us for Nexus Global Healing Meditation from where you are on Wednesday, August 4th,2010 at 8 pm yr local time OR 8 pm GMT (Greenich Mean Time)......

Please reflect on what peace and healing mean to you....please send out yr feelings of love & compassion for Earth & her sentient beings! All are deserving of love & compassion & healing.......

In Light!


=[Post Update]=

Beautiful clip!


5th August 2010, 02:14
beautiful clip! Also pic gallery of the aurora boriolis:



5th August 2010, 18:38
A great meditation clip!


6th August 2010, 15:58
Please join us in the Nexus Global Healing Meditation on Saturday, Aug.7th,2010 at 8 pm yr local time OR 8 pm GMT (Greenich Mean Time)

Let us come together in great Heart Energies with all our hopes & blessings for peace and healing of Earth & her sentient beings........

In Light!


6th August 2010, 21:40
Nice Clip! How can anyone question the complexity of the Universe?


7th August 2010, 14:39
Solfeggio........: )


11th August 2010, 06:24
All are welcome to join us for the Nexus Global Healing Meditation on Wednesday, Aug. 11th,2010 at 8 pm yr local time OR 8 pm GMT ( Greenich Mean Time)...............

Pls use yr heart energies filled with love for all the good and Light that is here....may Light increase, May all higher good have it's messengers protected & strengthened......The light & energy will expand thru out the world....to raise the frequency of healing Earth & all within!


frank samuel
12th August 2010, 16:00
I wanted to give a special thanks to Samarkis, for her beautiful contribution through the Nexus meditation thread.

Since you love sea horses, this one is for you.

12th August 2010, 16:56
Thank You Frank.........

Here is a clip I meant to post here yesterday......Magical!


12th August 2010, 17:06

13th August 2010, 16:15
I am making a special request for sending much light for strength & protection for those that need it in service to light............



14th August 2010, 05:04
Pls join us for Nexus Global Meditation on Saturday, Aug. 14th,2010 at 8 pm yr local time or 8 pm GMT (Greenich Mean Time).........

May the desires of our hearts flow ever outward to all those we care about,our Mother Earth, our world..........may all rise to the occasion of Light!

In Blessings!


16th August 2010, 09:33
Walk in compassion.........even when others are not!
Walk in love.........even when others are not!
Walk in tolerance.......even when others do not!
Walk in softness.........even when others do not!
Let yourself be a vessel of light and kindness, even when there is trials......Be whom you are proud to be from your inner soul.......outward!

17th August 2010, 14:14
Pls join us for Nexus Global Healing Meditation on Wednesday, August 18,2010 at 8 pm yr local time or 8 pm GMT (Greenich Mean Time)

Let us warm the Lights in our hearts and raise our Love to create strength & healing for those that are helping Humanity & Earth at this time.......
For "All Creatures Great & Small.....all things Bright & Beautiful"

Much Strength to Jane Burgermeister as she steps up to help others..........



21st August 2010, 14:51
Pls join us for Nexus Global Meditation on Saturday, August 21st,2010 at 8 pm your local time or 8 pm GMT (Greenich Mean Time) !!

Pls focus your hearts on all the good people that have helped Humanity,all those that stand for healing Mother Earth! May it be!

Much Light!!


22nd August 2010, 20:36
Here is one of the many ways to stay in yr positive flow of energy........There are many, however, gratitude is one that realizes the creator's ways and therefore creates more positive energy to flow within one's mind & heart...........

Much Light!


25th August 2010, 14:29
There is Much Beauty in the World!!!!!!!
Pls join us for Nexus Global Healing Meditation on Wednesday, August 25th,2010 at 8 pm your local time OR 8 pm GMT (Greenich Mean Time)!

Pls join thru yr hearts! Feel love & forgiveness for those that still need to open their hearts...............Send them love ..........
Seek your joy! Seek your gratitude for the good that is here!
In Light!


25th August 2010, 23:46
" Feel love & forgiveness for those that still need to open their hearts...............Send them love .......... "

Always do, always will.

It is important to live what we speak.

26th August 2010, 15:10
Here is a beautiful solfeggio.........Enjoy!


Thank you Celine!

Much Light!

frank samuel
26th August 2010, 15:19
Ahh Sara you a gal after me old heart posting the Sofeggio frequencies.

Thank you and many blessings to you and your family.:grouphug::wub:

26th August 2010, 15:33

27th August 2010, 16:58
Please join us for the Nexus Global Healing Meditation on Saturday,August 28,2010 at 8 pm your local time OR 8 pm GMT (Greenich Mean Time)!

Please join yr hearts for the healing of Earth & Humanity! May all lessons be gentle ones & may the workers of Light have the success and help they need as we are in these times!


Thank you Frank !
Celine, yr picture is so beautiful! Thx for sharing here at Nexus!

In Light!

31st August 2010, 15:56
Please join the Nexus Global Healing Meditation on Wednesday, Sept. 1st,2010 at 8 pm your local time OR 8 pm GMT (Greenich Mean Time) !

Please touch your hearts and feel the love for Earth and her sentient beings! Much is to be done, within compassion & creativity!

Much Light!


2nd September 2010, 23:25
May the waters heal!!!!!!!!!!!


4th September 2010, 06:12
Please Join us for Nexus Healing Global Meditation on Saturday, September 4th, 2010 at 8 pm your local time or 8 pm GMT (Greenich Mean Time)

Find your Heart's warmth..............

Your Heart's energy from the Sun..........

And let your light burst thru many clouds.............


7th September 2010, 23:01
Please Join us on Wednesday, Sept. 8th,2010 at 8 pm your local time OR 8 pm GMT (Greenich Mean Time) for Nexus Global Healing Meditation!

Pls use your heart energies to heal Mother Earth & Humanity............let our hopes rise up and spread to all areas.........

Much Light to all !!!


11th September 2010, 03:59
How is your heart?

Please use it to join us for Humanity..........Please join us on Saturday, Sept. 11th,1020 at 8 pm your local time or 8 pm GMT (Greenich Mean Time)

Celebrate the good people that have stood up for the better side of Humanity & demand progress..........even against the odds.........

Celebrate the men,women & children that knew their intrinsic worth to stand in the face of pain,of being denegrated and told they were less than Human.......

Celebrate the many people that choose kindness & justice and being pro-active even in the face of injustice............THESE are yr true Angels.........

If this strikes a chord within yr heart.........you are one of these angels. Bless you & the light you carry!


13th September 2010, 17:53
Pls Join us for Nexus Global Healing Meditation on Wednesday , Sept. 15th,2010 at 8 pm yr local time OR 8 pm GMT (Greenich Mean Time).......

Pls join us in sending love & creative solutions to all Humanity..........we all have imagination....creativity! Pls use it to invision creative, kind solutions!
Humanity is a spiritual being having a physical experience...........let us rise up to finding new solutions to old problems................We have been given great tools to do so..........It is time to put them into play and start expanding our abilities..........

In Great Light!!!!!!!!


16th September 2010, 01:02
In Blessed Love to Earth.............


16th September 2010, 11:33
Hello my Friends!

Thank you Sara for keeping Nexus alive.
Although I haven't been around lately, I still keep joining you on saturdays!

Love to all


16th September 2010, 15:34
Thank You Gemeos

There are many that join in quietly.......I feel the energy when it is the time......we all put our heart energies to help!
Many do the meditation in their own time with intention it meet up with the group! Everyone has busy lives at this point in time!

We send love,we transmute pain ,we send healing,we transmute hate.........all for the sake of our Earth & sentient beings.....

Much Light!

16th September 2010, 16:39
I have recently learned that retroactive intentional meditation is possible and is real.

If you have missed one of the meditations on this thread or any other within your sphere, you can join any of these meditations at any time, by stating with intention that you care to join a particular meditation that took place in the past and state the date, time, group, title and meditate retroactively on a past timeline. There are several meditations on this thread that I will join now, that stem from before. :bolt:

18th September 2010, 00:14
Blessed are those that join together for good cause!
Pls join us for the Nexus Global Healing Meditation for Sept. 18th,2010 on Saturday at 8 pm yr local time or 8 pm GMT ((Greenich Mean Time)

Thank You Snowbird for adding your voice here.....

Much Light to All!


21st September 2010, 17:55
Pls join us for Nexus Global Meditation on Wednesday, Sept.22nd,2010 at 8 pm your local time or 8 pm GMT (Greenich Mean Time) !

Pls reflect on what is being Human.........using Humanity(Is it kindness & Compassion? or control & power??) in the world..........How can we add to blessings ?? Do you know someone that has pain & troubles?? Do you help empower them??? or do you just tell them they are reflecting their inner selves outward?? Do you help them reach a safe place to uncurl their inner gifts? or do you slam the door in their face???(and even worse, are you ADDING to another's pain??)

Here is a great clip that discusses such things......It is very deep for those that understand the allegory......Just remember, it is impossible to reach the divine if you don't have compassion on yr fellow humans.............

In Light!


21st September 2010, 20:56
transcendence series...very nicely done:


also i have completed the prototype for the dodecaHUdren i have been working on...

it has wonderful acoustics and is a great place to chant or drum or didge or amplify any sound...

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs315.ash2/59507_145563278818755_100000952515911_207771_25676 72_n.jpg

would be glad to build more :)


21st September 2010, 21:31
GREAT clip to hear! Get to the 2 minute 20 second mark of this clip.........you will be AMAZED!!! And Empowered!


Alchemikey..........you are awesome! Thx for sharing!

I would also Like to Thank Astral Walker for his info that has lead to so many working on themselves & helping others!

Much Light!

(and if you watched this clip.....be proud of yr 'weirdness'!!!! I am proud of my weirdness to care & share with others!!!: )

21st September 2010, 23:45

Aurora boreolis cam!