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18th April 2016, 11:52
Good afternoon avalonians, or Good Morning if you are in the USA.

I have been following the race for the Whitehouse here avidly from North Wales, as much as I can read or watch be it Alternative media or Lamestream... obviously I watch the MSM for entertainment purposes only.

Can I ask fellow Avalonians based in America what are you general opinion of the Race, and would you like Trump in the White House?

Thanks in advance for your answers :)


Kev :)

18th April 2016, 12:17
Well there have been a few threads regarding Trump.

You can get a whole lot of "answers" here:


18th April 2016, 12:29
Don't waste your time or energy. There are 27 layers above any president. Think of that for a moment. Go outside and enjoy nature, read a good book, or anything other than watching this 3 ring circus with the dog and pony show. Remember, 27 layers.

18th April 2016, 13:13
It'll be Trump vs Clinton, and I am looking forward to what he has to say about Hilary.
Of the only candidates left that I like are 1) Berney and 2) Kasich. Neither one has a chance to be nominated.

18th April 2016, 14:12
It's just entertainment for the masses. Smoke and mirrors.

Citizen No2
18th April 2016, 18:44
Ivanhoe wrote:

It's just entertainment for the masses. Smoke and mirrors.

If only......... If only the consequences were not so dire.

Am I right in thinking that Hillary would have already been charged with espionage, a-la servergate, if she were not heading for the top-job?


19th April 2016, 01:48
According to Prophesy of Baba Vanga (deceased) Bernie is going to be President for 8 years and then the economy of the US will Freeze! If that comes true, consider the prophesy for Europe 2016 that the Muslims will devastate Europe and it will be almost empty for year end. When I first read it, I thought perhaps some sort of nuclear device was used on Europe. Look up her prophesies on You-tube.com.

A Voice from the Mountains
20th April 2016, 01:39
My take on it is that a coup d'état is going on right now and the establishment leaders of the Republican party are going nuts trying to figure out how to disenfranchise all of the voters voting for Trump (who despite all of the fist-pounding of the MSM is still the front-runner by a large margin) without destroying their own party or worse.

Some group is definitely supporting and protecting Trump, but I don't think it's the same group that has been behind the Bushes, Clintons and probably just about every president all the way back to John Kennedy and maybe before that. When JFK was assassinated (and there's plenty to suggest that Bush Sr. was involved in that, in his position in the CIA at the time) that was a coup d'état that set us up for the situation that we came to be in under Bush II. What is happening now, in my opinion, is a counter-coup, probably being led by factions of our military to remove this increasingly-insane, shadowy group of people from power.

If you want to analyze what is variously called the "Bush faction" or "cabal" or "political establishment" or whatever else you want to call it, you can look at people like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, and you're instantly talking about big oil, big pharma, big financial institutions, the CIA, the MSM, international drug trafficking, the sponsorship of terrorism overseas, and God knows what else. It's a network of these kinds of people that is being challenged by a rival faction. What would happen next is anyone's guess.

I don't think Trump is a saint and I don't expect him to start taxing these mega-wealthy corporations, or several other things that really need to be done, but I do think that he will continue the Pentagon-backed policy of backing off from hostilities with Iran and Russia and leaving Assad alone. Otherwise we would be flirting with WW3, which Hillary Clinton has literally joked about in the past. That woman is a sociopath. Like I said, Trump is no saint, but I think that Hillary is literally, clinically sociopathic, and she is the current establishment's choice for continuing to try to inaugurate WW3, which would be of absolutely no benefit whatsoever to the Pentagon. To the military industrial complex corporations maybe briefly, but not for the military command structure itself. And this is reflected in all of the recent international political changes in the last couple of years, from backing off in Syria and allowing Russia to go in, to making peace with Iran, to pulling our aircraft carriers out of the Persian Gulf. It was admitted in a news article a while back that at one part during the early stage of the Syrian crisis, a Pentagon spokesperson told Obama flat-out that they were not going to obey orders to strike Assad's regime. Even after Obama interrupted prime time television for 2 days in a row to plead with Americans to support his plan to bomb Syria, he still only had 8% public support. People are tired of this crap.