View Full Version : Ideas from presence (Long, ensure cup of tea and spoonfull of patience =) )

8th December 2010, 16:33
Before all of this began, before your first encounter with the light of the world where you were forced out of the comfort of the moment, the comfort of the womb, you were something so much greater then the confinefinement in which your consciousness now takes form. The memory im sure could never have lasted after such a traumatic experience. After being forcefully evicted from the warmth of what has been your home up until that point in your life these huge hands grab you as you helplessly dangle and watch as these five or six large creatures are standing around you in a circle wearing these terrifying looking masks, and then one of them slaps you. He or She slaps you so hard that the force of your tears releases the last bit of the comfort and warmth of the womb from your lungs and make room for the harshness and coldness of the oxygen that your body will now need from now on until the day your heart stops beating. Welcome to life =)

Along the way we experience such terrible discomfort in all the forms it brings that you will undoubtadly be so shaken up by the experience that focusing on anything other then the experience itself seems too risky a chance to take. This place is too dangerous, too many things demand your attention. The world is moving so fast that all you can do with the attention at hand is try your best to fit into this chaotic flow of experience, to somehow veer safely from the sliplane of adolescance onto the great motor way of life. This, is all we have to be concerned about, its moving so fast, whooosh whooooshhh whoooooshhhh, the best we can hope for is to maintain survival so we never really get the opportunity to stop and ask that important question. Who, or more importantly what, am I? Am I these words that are forming this sentance in my mind? Am I this mortal biological body? Am I everything my parents have told me? Am I merely a chance experience of chemical interactions which eventually disolves back into the form from where it came? And if so... whats the bloody point?

I have a feeling that a lot of people are asking that question at this very moment... As apposed to the moments when we were too busy indulging in our fearfull compulsions to kill each other? No. We are still killing each other now. At a more phenominal rate then ever. Every death that happens as a result of the witholding of information, knowledge, could be seen as murder. 7.6 million people die of cancer every year. Murder. 17.5 million dead a year from cardiovascular disease. Murder. 11 million people dead from infectious disease. Murder. And now for the good news. War is down. Its not that were going "soft" we are just getting good at hiding it. Medical treatment is the 3rd leading cause of death in the united states after heart disease and cancer. If there was a 1 in 3 chance that you would not get your car back after bringing it into the mechanic to be fixed, a person who is not in the grips of madness would probably seek out a more reliable mechanic. Our medical profession is obviously extremely flawed. Its so flawed, that it is literal madness that people continue to practise it and support it. This is also murder, but not by the doctors heartfully treating the patients, but those who in positions of power and influence choose to keep knowledge hidden. Knowledge that would make all of these previous deaths a thing of the past.

So its not like we are killing each other less. We are just becoming more efficiant at doing it and exceptionally good at covering it up and calling it something else, like cancer, or AID's. But something else is happening. Something extremely important to note because it is the first time in recorded history that it is happening on such a global scale. More and more people are stopping in the tracks of life, taking a look around and asking what is this! Who am I!? Like you are dreaming and suddenly the recognition that you are in a dream comes to awareness, and the entire gravity of whatever the situation in the dream made you feel was so important suddenly fades in comparison to the truth. It is no longer possible to keep the entire focus on the content of the dream. Because, its a dream, it does not matter. What is outside of this dream is the question that suddenly starts taking over the entire focus of the persons awareness. Deep down there is an inner knowing, a deep feeling of recognition that you are something more. Something truly powerful.

This is the deep knowing, that is driving an evolution in humanity which is now available to experience on a global scale. It is so easily available at this time because so many have acted like a lighthouse for humanity leading them away from the rocks of the darkness , pilot lights all over the world making the light easier to access for those who live in the darkness. The light of consciousness. Before , there were just a few pilot lights, here and there. Where these people were concentrated were regions which developed great spiritual maturity when compared with other regions of the world. Their influence was powerful but their numbers were not great enough to effect global change. But now, due to the widely accesable realm of information and knowledge we call the internet, their numbers have exploded. The intense stress of the world also plays a major factor in shaking people into some form of cohesivness. Those people who out of intense pain and suffering achieved the realm of intense peaceful presence are now growing exponentially in number, the pain on this planet is so great. More people are abandoning their identitys which have at this point for many become meaningless and unreal. The illusion that we are defined by the collection of experiences we have indured over the course of this lifetime is now gradually dropping away. Things just dont work like they used too. The world seems to put up more resistance. Those things we once chased for the sole purpose of indulging our egoic sense of self no longer give any sense of satisfaction, in those rare moments that we do finally get it. Chasing something for the indulgance of ego is becoming increasingly impossible as the world is just no longer allowing it to happen.

Although times seem chaotic, and more difficult and challenging then ever, there is always one sanctuary that is accessible to everyone. It is like a solace that is now almost essential to keep ones life from spiralling into the depths of madness, intense emotional suffering, and the thoughts that follow. The thoughts that can only by their very nature insure ones decent even further into madness because.. they arose from madness. So the only place left then to go is back into the body. To bring the attention, the entire focus of awareness down into the body, to feel the life that flows within, to see the sights, to hear the sounds, to feel the sensations. Ahhhhh. For a moment, when we do this first, there is a brief cesation where we are entirely free from the pain that arise from the mind. Ahhhhh. If there is pain in the body, emotional turmoil, that is ok. If you have a sore foot, that is also ok. Just focusing on the beingness without judging it and without mentally analysing it is enough to give a feeling of aliveness and satisfaction, whatever form the moment takes. The emotions, the turmoil and the pain start to flow away by virtue of the light of awareness that has been shed upon them. Full acceptance of the moment. No more need to think about the past, worry about the future. This is the essence of living in the now.. the greatest spiritual practise. Be at peace =)

The world can no longer be changed through concentrated thinking, it can only now at this stage be changed, through spontanious actions which arise from moments of intense awareness. That which is our very being.