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10th May 2016, 11:46
I wanted to make a thread about this great topic. It's a good time for it, and I want to experiment with it more this year, or whenever I have the opportunity.

"Surya Yoga" or "The Yoga of the Sun" is very simple to do and can be done by anyone. It's practiced in the form of sun-gazing, sun-bathing, or meditating in the sun. Sun-gazing is particulary powerful, but should only be done after sunrise or before sunset, starting with one minute and increasing one minute every day.

Most are familiar with the beneficial and energising effects of sunlight but might not be aware that it also has a deeper effect on their being. The energies coming from the sun are very powerful and can be used for healing, purification, and enlightenment. Some form of sun-worship has been practiced by many cultures and religions, by the Egyptians, in India, Greece, and also among the early Christians.



10th May 2016, 13:43
I did sun gazing for about a year (and kept records) under the teachings of Hira Ratan Manek http://solarhealing.com

I got absolutely nothing from it except a sense of peace and relaxation which you can get with ANY form of meditation.

It's been a while now so I can't remember all the details. But I was told I would notice such and such about 3 months into the practice. When that didn't happen I wrote Hira Ratan Manek and was informed that I also needed to drink Sun Water ever day and to never stand on grass (as that's an insulator) and to do some visualization routines.

NONE of that was explained originally and I felt let down and disappointed. None the less I kept practicing. One of the things I was hoping to fix was my eye sight. For my age I have good vision but it never improved. Maybe it's a Western/cultural thing but this sun gazing never did anything for me and I wonder if any people will develop cataracts from it over time?

10th May 2016, 13:56
When I sun gaze it stimulates inspiration. I feel uplifted and joyful. The effects, though subtle, last for several hours. Sun rise and sun sets are the suggested times.

Note: I donít do it for long, a minute or so...tops.

Solar Powered Human & Sun Gazing - Shen Ji

10th May 2016, 14:06
So much nature cure, simple grounding and walks within the environment is a cleanse. Even doing garden work i feel a sense of ease and relaxation, water/hydro therapy are great too..
Thanks for your lovely post.
One principle in Naturopathic medicine is which. We use 6 and the concept of the vital force too..
Vis medicatrix naturae (literally "the healing power of nature", and also known as natura medica) is the Latin rendering of the Greek Νόσων φύσεις ἰητροί ("Nature is the physician(s) of diseases"), a phrase attributed to Hippocrates.
This is what your refering to the concept of not only yoga, but the sun (nature) would amplify the effects drastically.
Peace be with you.

10th May 2016, 14:09
I feel quite strong effects both from sun-gazing and just being in the sun. But it's more like an energy-sensation that affects your consciousness. I wouldn't say that one hour spent in the sun was wasted.

The effects on the health and hormonal system can also be very noticeable. But I don't think you can expect to see such miraculous results from it, it's more of a subtle and maybe to most unconscious effect. Sun-gazing also needs to be done right. A man who sun-gazed at noon went blind and insane from it. It should only be practiced the way it's prescribed.

Peter Deunov, who revived the Cathar tradition in Europe and re-established the practice of sun-worship, had more specific rules for it.


10th May 2016, 16:41
See the sun as a living entity. A radiant being which shines is love in brilliant beauty. Let it inform you as his dataflow resonates with your pineal as your eyes look directly into it.

It really has the power to transform once you open yourself to it, connection with it. See and feel his brilliant luminousity.

10th May 2016, 17:25
A great being, yes - the Christ.


But I think you need to be more spiritually-minded about it. If someone expects great mundane results they might be disappointed. Although if you've made yourself sensitive to subtle energies with things like meditation and yoga it should be very noticeable to you, because the sun has a much more powerful effect than that.

11th May 2016, 14:38
It is my experience that everyone who expects great results regarding spirituality is deeply disappointed. The way to enlightenment is a way of repetitive disappointed as layers of denial and ignorance peel away to reveal truth. It is a process of letting parts of yourself die, to get to a point of stillness in life where you force yourself not to move in the impulsions and repulsions of the forces which crave your attention. To let these forces die is to not react, to look them deeply in the eye, you will then discover what was already beneath it. This is not just meditation. It is a continual process which ripples throughout all life as we loosen the grip of a deep parasitic force which tricks us in identifying with it. It begs us to be dependent.

To get home is to let the superficiality die, to be completely disappointed with the illusion. To be completely fed up with lies and illusions is to gain a force which is ready for transformation and truth. It strengthens your willpower to face the truth. You can only find truth if you are completely ready to accept it, in whatever form it may arise. Be ready to face great disappointments.

From that state of pure nakedness you will find your innocence, it is with this innocence you connect with the great being called the sun. If you stand completely naked, you will find nature being completely naked, shining itís beauty without any reservation.

If you look with these eyes, you will find the sun looking directly back at you. It overflows everything with itís intelligence.

11th May 2016, 20:38
For sure. Although it's kind of like us transmitting thoughts to bacteria. But you can catch some good ideas and inspiration from it.

The problem is that most aren't interested in doing serious work for their spiritual development. The practices that give real results take work and aren't always fun. So people would rather hear entertaining stories, and that fulfills their spiritual needs. I guess that's why there's so much entertainment-spirituality around these days.

I went out to attend the sunrise last night and it was so freezing I was shivering for an hour when I got back. But you need to feel that it's worth it.

15th May 2016, 11:12
I think a lot of people are interested in the outcome of the spiritual process. Most people want to be enlightened but don't want to do the work to get there.
It is soooo hard to surrender time and time again. To surrender to what is here in the moment. To surrender to all the internal parts who pull you in all sorts of directions.

Right now I am 'in it again', as I call it myself. I am focussed on doing things in order to fill up the whole inside of me. I am in a egoic energy which parasites the material world in order to try to fill the unfillable hole of the unnourished state. It is looking for all kind of things in order to distract me from what is here now. It is trying soo hard to distract me and keep me in a state of emotional, mental and physical flux. Because with rest, with seeing, with surrendering it flees immediately. It cannot exist in consciousness, it can only exist in a state of willing denial. It manipulates my being in order to fulfill it's own agenda and sustain it's lifeforece. It is a parasite indeed.

And so it is in this moment that this ego illusionates me in a state where I choose not to choose. Where I choose not to feel. Where I choose not to see. Where I choose to be ignorant of the now. The unseen forces hack this system and keep my being in a state of willfull ignorance.

It is only trough surrendering to the now. To breathe to what is now. To look it deeply in the eye that I can regain my sense of self. It is only in the now that I can recognize my connectedness to all creation. It is only in the now that I can step out of victimhood and into creatorship. It is only now I have choice. It is only now I can excersize my willpower to be a free child of this universal play of relationship. It is only now that I can be fully nourished.

15th May 2016, 22:44
Yes. There's a lot of stuff on Youtube about it as well. This was a good show.