View Full Version : Massive bloom in sea near NZ

9th December 2010, 02:34
NASA has released a satellite picture of a massive phytoplankton bloom near the Chatham Islands which, it says, is teeming with life.

Crickey, this is almost as big as NZ........... Wonder who put that there????? Great news for the ocean


9th December 2010, 02:53
natures way of addressing a few issues , couples with the increase in fish numbers I read about somewhere , someplace

9th December 2010, 03:07
The planet being a living organism,just like a persons body it somehow finds way around its sickness to compensate for its deficiencies so its immune system can fight back to get back in shape,its a wonderful thing,we are living in times of great changes,its a wonderful time to be alive !!

9th December 2010, 03:16
maybe they forgot to put chemtrails over there?????

9th December 2010, 03:18
shhh, not so loud , they might hear you ...(missed a spot? ) ....

9th December 2010, 03:21
It's a natural occurence...Interesting yes, A strange anomaly? No.


9th December 2010, 05:33
Go Gaia !

I recently added some lines to my daily manifestation meditation

"I live in a world where the oceans are purified, pristine and teaming with healthy aquatic life"
"I live in a world where the land is purified, fertile and abundant"
"I live in a world where the air is clean and replete with life giving oxygen and prana"

Because I know it works, it will - and if you are on my timeline, you will enjoy it too.

Funny to see the outback going green in all this rain!

9th December 2010, 05:54
It's a natural occurence...Interesting yes, A strange anomaly? No.

Hey Ross, I was thinking it was amazing simply due to the size of it and its timing following the gulf disaster - not due to any weird anomoly :biggrin1: plus its a good news story!

10th December 2010, 17:20
Wonderful! I buy phytoplankton and use as a nutritional supplement. Expensive. I'd sure like to go there with a big scoop.