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9th December 2010, 06:26
Hi all

Now, I got up for work as usual, looked out the bedroom window, as usual and had to do a tripple take looking at the sky just above the roof tops...

I saw the brightest star/planet I have ever seen, I know jupiter has been pretty bright of late but this seemed huge, super bright and still there as I type.

This is sitting at about 130 degrees and on the same azimuth as my satelite dish.

Come on, what is it????



9th December 2010, 06:41
sorry, cant help Ammit - sky here is covered in storm clouds and its only 5.40 pm

9th December 2010, 06:53
i have seen this same thing for a while now it blinks at me as if its trying to speak. most brightest thing in the sky i have ever seen and as if its trying to tear through the blackness.this thing aint regular.

9th December 2010, 06:58
Ammit - Could it be Venus, or possibly Saturn?

See this info


9th December 2010, 07:27
Jupiter. It's really, really bright and cool - hey, with an amateurs star gazer equipment you may even spot a few of its moons!


John Parslow
9th December 2010, 09:28
Hello Ammit

I am sure it is jupiter which I have been watching for months it has become really bright, as where I live we have had frosty clear nights lately and it appears to becoming larger/brighter almost every day.

Best regards. JP :cool:

9th December 2010, 16:26
It must be in a closer orbit or something then because it seemed so big.

9th December 2010, 16:31
Oh, I_AM, this link you gave states in the evening, I saw it at 6.05 thismorning. :confused:

9th December 2010, 16:42
Both Venus and Jupiter are very bright these days.

This morning Venus was just astonishingly beautiful (About 6:10 am EST).

The Morning Star.

9th December 2010, 16:52
Ammit, take a look at the comments after the article I_Am posted, from the fouth one, scrolling down.

It appears that many are seeing what you see.... and it appears to be Venus. ;)

9th December 2010, 17:00
Many thanks Morningsong. It certainly was a wonderfull sight if a little shocking at first..